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Fear & Loathing in Special Education

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Art Imitates Blog

Posted 07-02-2010 at 03:47 AM by Speced9
Updated 07-04-2010 at 02:30 PM by Speced9

I've heard others say that, "Creativity is infectious." Well, I'd like to take that one step further and say that for me, creativity is addictive as well.<!--break-->

Sometimes when I get an idea, it leads to another and another and another. That's just how I roll- it's all, or nothing. So, when something comes to mind for me, it's a good bet that I'll end up going on some kind of [I][B]creativity bender[/B][/I]. On the surface, it looks the same as an alcohol, or drug bender. I spend my day(s) unshaven, unshowered and unresponsive. I slur my words. I have periods of missing time. There's a glazed look in my eyes, and the dog seems to avoid me. The difference though, is that I end up with something useful, funny or thought provoking in the end.

Such is how it went after my last blog post, "[URL=""]To a Tee[/URL]". After creating some [I]I-wish-I-had-the-guts-to-wear-them[/I] shirts for Casual Fridays, I began to think about some legitimate ideas. Camped on the couch (the left side is mine, the right my wife's just like our bedtime routine interestingly enough) I churned out idea after idea. Before I knew it, two days had passed and I found myself with half a dozen t-shirt designs.

This is where [URL=""][/URL] comes in. You may have seen the ads popping up on this site from time to time. Zazzle is an Internet t-shirt shop. They have a lot of licensed designs, but the majority of their business comes from Joe Smoes like me. When you create a design, you have a choice- you can get it made and leave it at that, or you can make your shirt [I]public[/I] for others to purchase. Now, the hardcore zazzler (which I am not) can start up a business and charge for their designs by putting a markup on any shirt they design. Zazzle charges their base price, then you can add a percentage on to that to make money. Personally, I'm not into that. I'm a sharer by nature. What I do take advantage of is the fact that if I make my design public, then I can order it at a discounted price. That helps me continue my Casual Friday t-shirt addiction at a lower price.

So, like I said, after my creativity bender of two days, I had about a half dozen t-shirt design ideas, but the process didn't end there. It was just the beginning. After that, the time came to fuel my other addiction- making graphics. I had to create the graphics to use for the t-shirt designs. This involves a lot of techy mumbo jumbo, so I won't bore you with it here, but that is the part of the bender where time really seems to fly.

When the actual creation is over, the rest of the process is relatively simple. I uploaded my designs to Zazzle, made the shirt settings so that people could put it on any kind or color of shirt, then published it. Then, true to any addiction, I had to order some the shirts I created, so the end results were:

[B]Number of shirts created: 6[/B]
[COLOR="Magenta"][B]Number of shirts I ordered: 4[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]Days of sitting on the couch w/ my laptop: 2[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"][B]Number of times my wife had the urge to divorce me: 27[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"][B]Cost of fueling my t-shirt addiction: $68.51[/B][/COLOR]
[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"][B]Feeling of satisfaction and pride: priceless[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

So, here's a quick run down of what I came up with:


[COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="3"][B]1. The Super Hero T-Shirt[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
This is an expansion on another shirt I saw on Zazzle and Cafe Press, the [B]SUPER TEACHER [/B]shirt. I decided that each grade/subject should have it's own shirt and super power (i.e. The kindergarten super teacher has the power of patience while the 5th grade super teacher has the power to dull the senses which comes in handy during the hot months of the school year when 5th graders are smelling their worst)


[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Magenta"][B]2. Peace, Love, Teach[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
or as I like to read it, "Teach Peace and Love!"
This too is a rehash of another design I saw. True, there are entirely too many of these Peace, Love shirts going around, but I wanted one and I didn't like the other designs I saw out there. I'm thinking about making another one that says, "Peace, Love, Rinse and Repeat" for people who like to wash their hair.


[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"][B]3. WWDD?[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
I don't expect this one to appeal to anyone but myself. I think it's a very localized idea. I have to have one though. So, bottom line is that I'm paying $20 to give my colleagues a good laugh at the first data meeting next year.


[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Purple"][B]4. Live/Die By the Bell[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Whether we know it, or not, we're all trained like [URL=""]Pavlov's dog[/URL].


[SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]5. When Good Kids Go Bad[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Now that I think of it, this may very well be possible in today's society, but I think they'd probably throw a Wii game system into their demands to boot. The great thing about this scenario is that the perpetrators are too young to blame their actions on a bad childhood. I should also mention that I NEVER intend to wear this one to school. This is definitely a "home" shirt.


[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Gray"][B]6. Teacher Look[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
If you don't have one yet, you better get one QUICK! That's my favorite thing to bug student teachers about.

[COLOR="Red"][B]Me:[/B][/COLOR] "Hey, do you have your teacher look yet?"
[COLOR="Blue"][B]Student Teacher:[/B][/COLOR] "What?"
[COLOR="Red"][B]Me:[/B][/COLOR] "Your teacher look. You know, your [B][U]TEACHER LOOK[/U][/B]! You better get one! Every teacher needs a teacher look. It saves time you know. Do you really want to have to walk across the room to tell Billy to stop messing around? No... you don't. You save time by shooting him a teacher look."

[COLOR="Blue"][B][URL=""]Click here to take a teacher look.[/URL][/B][/COLOR] :)
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  1. Old Comment
    Angie's Avatar
    I love your shirts!!! I also love reading your blog. You crack me up! By the end of the year, I am usually wishing I had a shirt that says, "like I care..." Not that I would ever wear it school...
    Posted 07-03-2010 at 03:38 PM by Angie Angie is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Speced9's Avatar
    I can do that for you!
    Posted 07-03-2010 at 04:14 PM by Speced9 Speced9 is offline

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