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Research Topics

Posted 04-21-2011 at 05:34 AM by BigwigRabbit
Updated 08-10-2013 at 04:14 PM by BigwigRabbit

Here's the rest of the research topics that I had written down. Just in case anyone ever comes by to look- that cares.

[LIST][*][SIZE=2][B]Stercorarius Job/Night Soil Man[/B]
[/SIZE][*][SIZE=2][B]Louis Keesberg[/B] (Content Warning)
[/SIZE][*][B][SIZE=2]Mühlviertler Hasenjagd[/SIZE][/B][*][SIZE=2][B]Jerusalem Bus 19[/B] (Content Warning)
[/SIZE][*][SIZE=2][B]Pyroclastic flow/Laha[/B]r[/SIZE][*][B][SIZE=2]Kali/Esckrima/Arnis[/SIZE][/B][*][SIZE=2][B]Sailing Stones [/B] [/SIZE][*][B][SIZE=2]Scaphism [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]([U]Strong[/U] Contnent Warning)
[/SIZE][*][B][SIZE=2]Seiche[/SIZE][/B][*][B][SIZE=2]Skeleton Lake[/SIZE][/B][*][B][SIZE=2]Toba Supereruption[/SIZE][/B][*][SIZE=2][B]Foxfire[/B] [/SIZE][*][B][SIZE=2]Well to Hell Hoax[/SIZE][/B][*][B][SIZE=2]Moeraki Boulders [/SIZE][/B][*][SIZE=2][B]Penitentes[/B] [/SIZE][*][SIZE=2][B]Columnar Basalt[/B] [/SIZE][*][SIZE=2][B]Catatumbo Lightning[/B][/SIZE][*][SIZE=2][B]
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