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Sizzle Part 1

Posted 01-28-2011 at 07:33 AM by BigwigRabbit

Since nobody is looking, I think I'll post another story. It'll take a couple of installments because it's kinda long:

By Bigwig Rabbit
[LEFT] [SIZE=2]I thought that rock moved. It is hot. My lips are maybe twice their normal size, cracked, and bleeding. I havenít had a drink since top-sun. It is now Lower-Quarter (about 5:00 P.M., summer time). I going back to the spring at Sun-Down, when Iíll have time to get from my meager shelter here in this rock outcropping to the spring and back by full dark. I cannot risk going to the spring in full sun, Ďcause I probably wonít make it there, much less back.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2] That rock moved again. My situation was much simpler at first. One moment I was driving in air-conditioned luxury. The next, I was rolling off the side of the road, head bouncing off the window and airbag. I have no recollection of how the accident happened. All I know is that it happened in the worst possible place. I was on a side road (as opposed to a major highway) trying to take a short cut to my beloved Las Vegas. <!--break-->[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2] That rock looks like it has a mouth thatís trying to talk to me. I got out of the car eventually, and from there immediately began to seek shelter. I knew that without water I would not last 2 hours out here in the direct sun. My car thermometer had read 105ļ F. outside temperature a while before I crashed. I found the first outcropping within 20 minutes, but Iím from the coast. I couldnít handle this heat. I had a bottle of water that I drank right away. The first few hours werenít bad, really after I became accustomed to the high temperature.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2] I must have injured my shoulder in the crash because it really hurts. It was especially hard to get comfortable in that outcropping. The ground was insanely hot, sloping and sharp. I didnít get seriously thirsty for about two hours. Then I began to focus on my thirst and how it was growing. It quickly began to get uncomfortable. My throat got dry, my lips dried out, and a headache started. It got scary when I began to feel weak and dizzy. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I decided to go out and look for water at the beginning of Lower-Quarter that day: much too early. The searing sun hit my head like a sack of concrete. I stumbled several times trying to make it to the bottom of the slope where the outcropping was. Every time I move, my shoulder hurts worse. When I fell, it felt as if a red-hot iron were pressed against it. I almost passed out from the pain a few times.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2] I think I heard the rock say something. I canít understand what it said. I stumbled around for a while until I found this place. Itís a lot better. The ground is pretty flat, thereíre not so many rocks, and itís far cooler. Itís not cool, just cooler. At the end of Lower-Quarter that evening, I walked around and found a small spring some distance from here. Now, I go out early while itís still cool, late when the sun goes down, and at night when the moon comes up. I fill my water bottle and spend the day in here.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2] At night, when I have the strength, I look for food. I found some cactus apples once. By the way, I think Iíve been here for six days. Iíve heard a person can live for two weeks without food, as long as he has water. It used to scare me. Strangely, Iíve lost my appetite. Iíve heard that near the end, a person gets desperate for food. Well, Iím not there yet.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2] You know, Iíve got this tattoo on my arm. I donít remember ever getting a tattoo. Funny thing is, it looks a little different every time I see it. Itís just a blob. Odd. Why would I get a blob tattooed to my arm? The rock is speaking again. Maybe Iíll listen. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ďGo look for food.Ē [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ďI donít think that would be a good idea Ďtill the sun goes down.Ē I didnít say that intentionally. In fact, I donít remember feeling my mouth move. Shouldnít I be worried that a rock is talking to me? My arm tingles a little where the tattoo is. ďWatch out for that rock. He doesnít have your best interests at heart.Ē The tattoo said that. O.K. I must be having hallucinations. I have to remember that these voices and things are a result of my mind playing tricks on me due to my weakened condition.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ďYou need food, Buckaroo,Ē the rock intones.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ďIím not going now,Ē my tattoo responds.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ďYou will die, Gonzo.Ē[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ďMy name is neither Buckaroo nor Gonzo.Ē[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ďThereís lots of food out there, Mac.Ē[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ďNo, there isnít.Ē[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ďHow do the snakes eat then, Guvíner?Ē[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ďI canít get anything now. Itís too hot.Ē[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ďYouíll not get anything later, Hoss, Ďcause youíll be dead.Ē[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Arrrrgh! I wish they would both shut up. The rock has a point though. Jeez, listen to me. Iím taking advice from a rock. Iíll poke my head out and see if I can handle it. Accch! Itís hot. I am having a lot of trouble seeing. The sun is so bright and my eyes hurt like crazy. I am trying to walk (but stumbling mostly) out into the rocks and heat. I donít want to fall because the ground is so very hot and I think Iíd have a great deal of trouble getting up, especially with this bum shoulder. Hey! Thereís a patch of green up ahead. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Iíve been walking towards the patch of green for a long time. It hasnít gotten any bigger or closer. Thereís a buzzing noise in my ears that sounds like an airplane, but I canít see anything in the sky but the sun. I hope this patch of green isnít a mirage. Now there are blades of grass occasionally poking up through the sand. Odd, this place doesnít seem to get any more water than the surrounding area and the soil is rocky and dry. Still, the grass seems to be increasing. Yes, the air is cooling as well. Iím thinking in the back of my mind that this is not real because it makes no sense. Iíd better be careful here. Anyway, the grass is quite thick now, and soft. Itís definitely cooler here. Iím going to lay down here and rest; Iíll just close my eyes for a few minutes.[/SIZE]
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