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I Really Am a Teacher. Really.

Posted 06-25-2010 at 04:36 AM by Hideeho

I just completed my second year as a non-homeroom teacher. I am beginning to better understand the term "displaced".

For 16 years, I was the captain of the ship and had a great time doing so. Even though I worked with other teachers to help educate "my" kids, I was the Big Cheese.

I "did" inclusion before it became the catch-phrase that it seems to be today. As a first grade teacher, my room was an inclusion room mostly by default. The district just didn't believe in identifying students with disabilities much before second grade.

Toward the end of those 16 years, students were identified more often. Our building also became the home base for our multiple handicapped students plus the students with behavior problems. Several of my kids in the last 3-4 years had many letters that went along with them -- LD, ED, MH.

Even though I worked with many other teachers, i.e. Title I/Reading Recovery, speech, and sped, I was the leader of the band and got to name that tune for my kids.

Now...now, I don't. I am an intervention teacher. At my school this means I teach regular ed kids who are having difficulty in (mostly) math or language arts. Last year for 3 periods a day, I was also an inclusion teacher -- of sorts. Sometimes I was in my own classroom for intervention. Sometimes I served in another teacher's classroom for inclusion.

I really do not believe that I am meant to be an intervention teacher. At least the way I understand it now.

I am always reading new professional books. We all know how much we learn from each other on PT! Have you ever stopped to think of how much of this does not apply to intervention teachers?

I have looked into several of the groups on PT, i.e. the Interventionists, the Inclusion one, etc. Geesh, I don't fit in those either. My school doesn't really strictly follow RtI in the way I have read that it should go. And I'm not the leader of any classroom, so I don't fit in the Inclusion group, either.

I read. I learn. I have ideas. I have no where to go.

I am displaced.
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