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Run, Princess, Run

"The road to happily ever after begins with you!"

You'll find this quote on the Disney's Princess Half Marathon Website. I love this! I've had a difficult year and my goal is to make this next year a great one. So I am starting with me! I'll know I've done it when I make it to Disney next year and run the race. I can't wait to celebrate.

My plan is to pick up some great life lessons along the way. I'll blog every day about my struggles and success. Also being that I am a teacher, be prepared for 'teachery' thoughts to appear along the way. Join me and we'll grow together!

"Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it." – Oprah Winfrey


Posted 05-22-2010 at 04:40 AM by Carolynn

I am horrible at posting! I am also horrible at keeping a running schedule. I've run a couple of times, here and there since the last time I posted. This morning I went out, ran and felt great. I could feel the stress leaving my body with every step. My mind was clear and I really enjoyed myself. I got to see my neighborhood waking up. There were two different people out with golf clubs ready to go hit the links. Another out working on his car and another out for a walk. I did notice that every one of these people were men. It was 6 am and no women anywhere. Where were they? I'm guessing any that are awake at that hour are taking care of children. But what about the others? I've never been a big advocate of women's rights and such. However, lately I've started to take notice. I've really thought about how being a woman has effected me. You might ask, "What started this?" I don't have an answer I just know that the thoughts are swirling...

Day 4 and 5

Posted 04-07-2010 at 06:34 PM by Carolynn

Okay I am taking a temporary leave of absence! It was pouring rain for the last two days! I do mean pouring!! It may seem like a cop out but believe me it isn't. There's no way I can run out there...I'd drown! Stay tuned for tomorrow and keep your fingers crossed that it stays dry!

Day 3: Listening

Posted 04-07-2010 at 06:32 PM by Carolynn

You must listen to your body. Run through annoyance but not through pain– George Sheehan

Today I had to decide whether to listen to my body or my mind. My mind was telling me I had to run. I've set a goal to run for 30 days so I need to do it. My body though was saying that I needed rest. My legs hurt horribly. So what should I do? I decided to listen to my body and take a day off. I went for a long walk but I didn't run.

Although my body felt relieved my mind certainly didn't. My mind felt heavy. It really made me realize how much the mind controls your body. I should have felt good for walking but I didn't. I couldn't because my mind wouldn't let me. It wouldn't let me find joy in it. It made me think about how the students in my class that have physical needs of hunger, safety, etc. are experiencing this same conflict. Their minds may be saying...go for that goal, reach the stars, but their bodies are looking for other needs. They decide to listen

Day 2: Potential

Posted 04-04-2010 at 04:00 AM by Carolynn

“No matter what your level of ability, you have more potential than you can ever develop in a lifetime.” James T. McKay

We all have potential. Great potential. I'm sure of it. I see it in my classroom each day. Kids with plenty of potential. But how do I get them to see it? How do I get them to utilize it? On my run today I was thinking about the potential that I have. I know from when I attempted to run before that even though I am at low ability for running I do have potential. Running day after day, I slowly but surely became a better runner. At first I was running for 1 minute then walking for 1 minute. Weeks later I was running a full 30 minutes. Then I stopped logging minutes and turned to miles. First 3 miles, 4, then 5, 6 and at last 8 miles. I remember the day I ran 8 miles. It was unbelievable to me. Me, the girl who couldn't run to the end of her driveway running 8 miles! Maybe that's what I need to do for my kids at school. Help them to break...

All about Purpose

Posted 04-03-2010 at 04:10 AM by Carolynn

I went out running for the first time since last summer. It was tough. Really tough. I have never found running easy. In fact it's always been the opposite. Six years ago I started becoming interested in running. I think because I noticed that the people I saw running every day seemed to know something that I didn't. They seemed obnoxiously happy. I was amazed at how they could get out there everyday and put one foot in front of the other. So I tried it. I soon discovered it was hard. Very, very hard. I started on a run, walk program though and I was able to run my first 5k. I was slow and at the very back of the pack but I did it! I thought that was it. I was a runner. However, since then I have started and stopped numerous times for numerous reasons. I was even part of a running group for awhile. I often regret having stopped going to that group. Yes, not everyone got along and yes, it sometimes used up more of my time than I wanted to give but I realize...

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