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Whiner's Workout

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I'm strong today!

Posted 03-29-2010 at 02:53 PM by tia

"Are you going to be a wimp, or are you going to be strong today?"--Peter Maher, marathon runner

Enough inspiration, here comes the whine:
I don't really have any workout gear that I fit into! My back, arms, belly fat, and boobs have gotten so big, my tops don't quite cover all that they should. (The boobs were already plenty big, so them getting bigger is not a positive.) My @$$ is so huge that my workout pants are high-waters! It's too cold still to wear shorts (not that I could fit into them), thank goodness, because my gelatinous thighs would be sure to cause traffic accidents!

Today's workout:
1.3 mile run
12 crunches
12 side crunches each side
12 push ups
12 seconds wall sit
5 lunges each leg

I caught a bit of Ruby this afternoon, and her therapist asked her to change 5 habits. (She put mirrors around her house, got rid of her big old comfy chair, cut out diet soda in favor of a juicer, changed her workout routine, and started taking the stairs.) I think changing 5 things would be healthy for me, so here goes:

less soda; more water--use Crystal Lite when a sweet drink is "needed". I'd already decided to limit myself to 2 sodas a week.
change my workout. I realize that although I love to run, it's not the best activity on my knees now that I'm an old person. Since I belong to a gym, I can go swimming. I also need to do a checkup on my bike and take that out.
fewer desserts; pick up yummy less fattening things to enjoy after dinner. For example, tonight I'm planning on having banana bread with a little butter since it's been a few days since I've had a dessert, and I'm craving.
no more candy and other crap at school. I'm going to set up some yummy snacks that will give me energy and a sweet jolt when I need it at the end of the day. I'll use snack ziplocs and only allow myself 1. I'm thinking yogurt chips and almonds...and other items; yogurt covered nuts and raisins.....gotta be better than downing 10 chocolate kisses...
no more late school nights; in bed by 11:30. This will actually help with a 6th change in habit---I'd like to get up earlier so I can get in my workout before work.

What 5 healthy changes can you make?
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