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Who created the district calendar?

Posted 04-02-2011 at 07:38 AM by imalith

Surely anyone in eduction would not have the last day of spring break be on April Fools Day. It was hard enough to contain the Tsunami of energy of middle schoolers without throwing that into the mix. I had to untape the bottom of my mouse 3 times. Yes, that is "hilarious" I say in a sarcastic voice.

Regardless, I had a great week with my students. I merged my newly learned GLAD strategies with teaching Latin Roots. The cooperative group straties were fantastic and coupled with the individual accountability, made the lessons go well. It was fun to see the kids work with each other's strengths and weaknesses. One boy who struggles with transferring his ideas into writing did a great job with his group as they helped him with his portion. He still had to write, but they encouraged him to be successful.

After spring break we will conquer Greek Roots. I haven't decided whether or not to do the same lesson or to alter it to include a prediction section. I think the prediction portion would give me a quick early assessment, so I'll probably go that route.

Here is a quick breakdown of the lesson.

Goal: Students learn definitions of Latin roots and are able to apply them to determine a word meaning.

1. Students take notes of roots and meaning. Created in 3 columns. Last box "examples" left blank.

2. Students create a "key" for names in groups and color of marker they are using.

3. Groups are assigned one root (8 groups, therefore 8 different Latin roots). They work as a team to create flashcards for that root, only.

4. Groups use their assigned root and create a poster of a tree. At the root is the root word and the definition. In the branches are at least 8 different words that contain the root. Students were able to use dictionaries. During our silent reading they added words in an orange marker to the posters as they discovered words that contained those roots. Shared with class after reading.

5. Tree posters were left on the table pods and all students completed their notes by writing at least 2 example words in their notes.

6. Next day: Students looked up definitions of one example word for each word. They created a new chart with 3 columns. word, dictionary definition, quick sketch.

7. Next day: Group project. create a big chart with the root, word containing the root and then how the word/dictionary definition is related to the meaning of the root. They presented to class by sharing 2 of their ideas.

8. Last day was the test. AM class 28/30 100%. PM class 20/30 100% 5 more passed with C. Yea...that class is a challenge.

Happy Spring Break!
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