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I Survived a Class Field Trip

Posted 05-20-2010 at 06:54 PM by tangerine

"I Survived A Class Field Trip"

I need that made into a button or a bumper sticker or something.

The field trip really did go off without a hitch, but as always I went home exhausted. I am still not fully recovered a day later. The kids had a wonderful time, though. We did writing about the field trip today and it was a rousing success with enthusiastic stories about big tractors and picking berries and feeding goats. For the most part, I was pleased with the writing, too. I don't generally give topics, preferring instead that the kids write about what they choose to write about, but we have been discussing main idea and so my direction was to write something about the trip and to stick to one main idea with supporting sentences. Other than a couple of my students who are developmentally not as far along with their writing, I got interesting stories and lots of supporting sentences for their "big idea" as we put it.

I proudly hung their pieces in the hall. That meant removing our cool butterfly acrostics as well as our Earth Day writing and water color projects, but those had been up for awhile anyway.

One of my students moved over the weekend apparently. I didn't find out until yesterday that she is gone for good. We didn't get to say goodbye or anything. I hate that. I had the sad job of packing up her stuff. I guess her mom will stop for it next week. The class made her some cards today to say goodbye, so those will go with her stuff, too. I nearly cried as I read some of them.. from "You're my best friend. I miss you" to "I'm sorry I didn't get to finish teaching you how to jump rope." I wrote her a little note in a copy of Chicken Soup With Rice. We use the monthly poems all year long for concept of word and fluency activities, so it makes a great end-of-year gift.

I don't understand just picking up and moving at the last moment, but every year there are one or two students who come to me that way and one or two that leave me that way. I placed a call to her new teacher this afternoon. I want to at least let her know what we had in the works testing wise and get a copy of her report card over to her.

Time for me to get to bed. 6 a.m. will come a lot sooner than I want it to!

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