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Mr Sensai

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Just rambling

Posted 07-26-2011 at 02:51 AM by Mr Sensai

I wonder if anyone reads this and how you access such a blog on here. Anyways I am sooo over the I have to work late or I have a work party or the other 1000 excuses women here use to cancel a date at the last minute. I care more about the last minute thing though. I also thought today is it wrong to be a trophy boyfriend? Then I said it was as she mentioned she wanted me to also buy her stuff.

Moving on though. Not much interesting going on with me. I should eat or cook tonight. Is beer and popcorn considered a meal? I should cook I guess. No need to go to the 24 hour beef bowl place again. Right?

Speaking of beer I need beer as I am low on it. It's still early but it feels later. Weird. I need a plan for vacation coming soon. I should start looking into that I think. 10 days off should get my sanity or what is left of it back to normal (whatever normal is).

Wow I want to write more but I have to pee. Don't go anywhere.... Ok I am back. I wish it was not as humid here at night. Do not want to run the AC due to low power. UGH! Why does my "e" key refuse to work 25% of the time?

I don't use "e" that often. Oh wait maybe I do.

Wow this blog post is not as entertaining as I thought it would be. I would say I would refund the money but this blog is free to view. So you would just get nothing back. Ok maybe the time you invested (AH DAMN "E" KEY!) in reading this is gone and you might want your 3 minutes of your life back (or more if you are a slow reader).

I guess I should nd this rambling (UGH notice the missing "e" in the word "end" I rfuse to go back and fix it and the word refuse as well)

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