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Mr Sensai

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dating blog post

Posted 07-30-2011 at 11:31 PM by Mr Sensai

Ok I have been on ummm a lot of dates recently (more so than usual here). I shall recap a few as of late

Date 1.) 2nd date with nice woman whose name I forgot. We had a nice dinner and went out for beers afterwards. Nice conversation and she asked a lot of random questions. Date lasted 5 hours or so and I asked her out the following Wednesday but she said she had a work party (LIES!!) and have yet to hear back from her (it's been a week now). I rate the date a C overall

Date 2.) the next day I had a date but it was just not a good date. Not much in common and she seemed way too deep for me. The conversation was too serious and she there was zero chemistry. The date ended early and we parted ways without even a handshake. I did email her phone thanking her for the date but got no reply. That means 0% chance of talking again. A solid F

Date 3.) Ok kinda a date as this was a FWB and she threw me a curveball and said she wanted to be taken out on a date first. I think this was due to me going on two dates in back to back days. We had a grand time on the date and she got tipsy and it seemed like she wanted to ask me out but then she said it would never work out and we talked more and ended up at a love hotel as usual but we actually talked and also had fun that night. 3 dates in 3 nights I rate it a B+

Date 4.) Friday I did not go out. But was emailed on my phone Saturday morning by a chick I met online and she said her plans were canceled so lets go out tonight. Never one to turn down a date I said yes. Despite her tardieness and leaving early it was fun (by far the hottest of the bunch so far) but again 1st dates mean nothing here and she said she wants to meet again but again it might be a way to not lose face. A B -

Date 5.) Today. Lunch date and it was awkward. We had nothing in common other than traveling. She was dull and boring and not my type. It was a weird 2 hours and we did not even walk back to the station together. A solid F.

I am sure I am well over 100 dates here in Japan.
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