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shifting practice

Posted 07-23-2013 at 07:05 PM by teacher24

I have not yet begun reading the intentional teacher, but I have been thinking about how I intend to shift my practice this upcoming school year. First, by getting a handle on my own self control. Then, by making an effort to do more reflecting on y practice during the year. I plan to reference professional texts also so that my practices can improve during the school year. Also, I need to keep and hold PT closer during the year as well. But most important, I want to begin my year by purposely focusing on creating what I've been longing for; a warm classroom environment. my duty as an educator is much more than what I expected it to be. My job is to educate parents and make them aware of ways they can help their children. I thought it crazy to think that parents would not know how important talking and reading with their child really is. Just like I thought is was crazy that they wouldn't know much about healthy eating. Hell, I don't know much about healthy eating, but I am still in a better place.

My job also entails giving children tools so that they know how to socially interact. I have been assuming for the past 8 years that that is something their parents should be doing. And it is, but reality is that it's not happening at home; I could probably count on my hands the number of children I've had throughout the years who started the year positively based on the reinforcement they are receiving at home. So yes, it is now my job to teach children how to communicate. Hell, sometimes it seems like I lack those same things I need to teach. Really need to work on that self control and self confidence. I really don't give myself much credit even though I feel like I sometimes give myself too much of it.

This year I plan to shift my practice by first focusing on the domains of child development. I plan to spend the entire month of September training myself to become a more effective classroom manager by setting my tone. Training them hard, showing them how to be problem solvers the best that I can. Modeling, role playing, puppets, games, songs, etc. This is what I want to work on the first half of the school year.

Then, I will begin really honing in on those CCLS and embedding them into my teaching. The kids really don't need to know about cover pages on the first day of school. Usually I begin with academics and breeze over the other stuff, kind of assuming that they will pick it up (not really assuming, but hoping). A lot of it stems from the fact that I feel like I don't really know how to talk to children; I don't know how to engage them.

I need to wake up; I've been an early childhood teacher since I began teaching, so I need to stop my nonsense and do what I know how to do. Do what I need to do. Stop being so afraid of the unknown. I need to take more risks, put myself out there more. I need to speak up, admit when I need help and not care if others talk about me afterwards, because asking for help is showing that I want to learn and grow. I need to stop letting my principal intimidate me, stop getting so dry mouthed when she comes around, and talk with her. I need to stop being so timid and afraid of what others will think of me and my voice. I need to stop being afraid f tears and be ready to console. I need to stop talking and thinking about what' not right because truth is that most likely, it will never be right, and I need to move on. And I need to start distancing myself from the negative energies all around me and just care about my kids and how I am going to help them. There.

So this year, for 2013-2014 school year, I am going to step out and lead.
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