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We( Cosmic Klutz, Sarge, Bob, and I ) have landed i n the second grade. Let the fun begin!!!!!!!

Okay.....I think........

Posted 08-10-2011 at 03:27 PM by musicbug

I did want a change of pace, since I was displaced anyway, I decided to try a new grade level. A couple of years out of the loop gave me an itchy trigger finger. I took the first position that caught my eye a second grade....
I left home so excited to be teaching again, so I left the house without Sarge, and only had Cosmic Klutz and Super Teacher with me. I figured that we'd make out okay. Sarge hasn't been hanging around much so we'd let her know when we got back. Little did I know that was exactly what ST had in mind.

When I browsed the jobs, I was thinking fourth or maybe third, a little change. I was talking to the powers that be and they suggested a school that had a second and third open. Oh I don't think I can teach second without early childhood cert. I said. They said you've got elementary that's all you need. Okay I said. The excitement to be going back to the classroom was so great it took a walk in the cool parking lot instead of the steamy building before...

Teacher Demonstration Time

Posted 04-12-2011 at 02:41 AM by musicbug

( With apologies to the Beach Boys. Thanks )

It started with the mass firings of CF teachers
Later on Wisconsin Bargaining woes
Educator frustrations fanned into flame
Teacher demonstration sparked
From California to New Jersey teachers felt so harassed
We marched on every State House Lawn in the land.

Well there are marches going on
There are marches going on
There are marches going on
Teacher demonstration time

Teacher bashing headed viral all across the land
Papers, TV and the 'net just no escape on hand
No one really cared about it
It felt really great to roar, at those who taught us
And to settle up the score

Well there are marches going on
There are marches going on
There are marches going on
Teacher demonstration time

America wasn't shocked by the bad economy
Balance it on the backs of the teachers
They have...

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