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Sour Lake Part 2

Posted 07-01-2010 at 04:10 PM by BigwigRabbit

There was one week left of camp. Danae and I talked honestly about how we felt. Neither of us felt any different. As the week raced by we were horrified to realize that that old lady was a liar. The day we went home was the saddest of my life, or so I thought that day. <!--break-->
Life continued just as I had pictured it. We wrote long letters back and forth. We talked extensively on the phone. I waited for the end to begin. To my surprise Danae called one afternoon. She had great news. She was moving to my town. I immediately thought of the old lady. Maybe she had told the truth. Maybe the lake water had taken this long to take effect. The day Danae moved in was the happiest day of my life, or so I thought that day.
She arrived during Christmas Vacation. We spent a lot of time together sledding, ice-skating, and playing pinball at the bowling alley. Then school started back up again. I helped Danae find her classes, meet people, and get settled. Everybody told me how nice she was and how lucky I was. Some guys who were not part of my inner circle of friends commented to me how pretty they thought she was. I began to find that Danae was less available.
I’d call at the appropriate time, yet she would not be home. She’d apologize about being late, but would not be available on Saturday for an outing. She joined a skating team. I had always just skated on my own before. My friends would ask me to go out, but I had to call Danae, so I wouldn’t go. Then she wouldn’t be home. I found myself waiting, worrying, and wondering. That is until she told me.
She said it was time for us to “break it off.” I couldn’t believe my ears. “But what about the lake? What about the water?” “I don’t know Kevin. I still like you, but I have so many other, you know, interests.”
“You mean guys?”
“Well, yes. I’m sorry.”
“Then that old lady was a liar!” I screamed, holding back tears.
“No, Kevin. She wasn’t. She told the truth. We just misunderstood what she meant.”
“She said our life and love would be stronger!”
“No Kevin. She didn’t say [I]our[/I] love.”
I turned and ran. I was devastated. I cried. I yelled. I couldn’t eat.
I watched Danae talking to all the guys. I tortured myself going to the dances and watching her dance with everybody. I tried to talk to her again but I knew it was futile. She was never mean to me. The last two months of school lasted forever. Finally the summer came and I was sent off to camp again. I grasped at the glimmer of false hope that she’d be there at camp again, and we’d make everything all right. She wasn’t there of course.
The first thing I did when I got settled at camp was to go back to that sour lake. I meant to have a word with that lying old crone.
What I felt when I saw Kevin drink from that lake cannot be explained. He drank without hesitation and he drank for me. I really liked him. He was handsome, a gentleman. He was tall and strong. He exercised vigorously and had tight muscles. After 6 weeks at camp, he was tan, lean, and attractive. I was completely enthralled by him. When he drank that noxious water I wanted to join him, and I did. It tasted absolutely terrible. I figured, like medicine, it tasted terrible because it worked.
He was obviously disappointed that it hadn’t worked right away. I secretly thought that it had worked, and in the back of my mind I knew immediately that it just hadn’t worked as we expected. I still had hope, but it was like eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil: the deed was done, there was no going back, and the consequence was severe. Kevin’s love for me grew each day. I could see it in his face. I could tell by his actions.
I didn’t like him any less than before. My love for him just didn’t grow. It grew for everybody else, however. I first noticed it when I talked to Mark. I noticed that he was cute too. He was nice and handsome and a gentleman. I figured that would go away when camp ended. My suspicion that something went wrong with the water increased even after I went home.
School started and I found myself talking with all the boys. The year before I had rarely, if ever noticed them. They began to call, and my parents began to get annoyed. My dad came home one day and said that we’d be moving in December. The phone rang while he was telling us and he said in a fury that it was just in time ‘cause he was getting sick of that phone continuously ringing. When I heard that we were moving to Kevin’s town I thought that perhaps I’d been wrong about the water after all. It was too coincidental. I really looked forward to the move, even though I was very sad to leave the boys I knew.
The first three weeks after we moved were great. I was seeing Kevin again and we had a great time. I was a little uneasy sometimes about him insisting that we meet by a certain time every day, or call at a certain time, but we had so much fun, and I really liked him. Then school started. There were so many guys. Kevin seemed to grow possessive, even obsessive. I got busy. I couldn’t help it. I knew it was going to hurt Kevin, but there was just too much pressure.
I’d see him at the dance, and I’d want everything to be as it had been, but the water was powerful. The music was loud and the boys gathered ‘round. Kevin tried to talk to me a few times, but the current pulled me away and I danced with the boys. I knew I hurt him when I broke up. What I didn’t realize was how much I hurt myself. At night I’d find out. I’d remember those times in the meadows, and that day at the lake. I would cry for hours at the loss.
Then the summer came and Kevin went away to camp. My parents didn’t send me to camp that year. They put me into sports in town. I cursed the crone and the lake.
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