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Just Another Day in Kindergarten

I teach full-day kindergarten and love every minute of it!

And We're Off!!

Posted 08-25-2010 at 04:27 PM by KTeach_IN

School has been in session for 11 days now and boy am I tired. Every year I forget how little and needy my incoming new kinders will be. I remember the good times of May when my kids knew how to walk in a line, sit on the carpet, type in their lunch numbers, log on to the computers, and all those little things I take for granted now in August! I have to say I have a pretty good group of kids this year! One little one that has been having some rough days, but nothing this K teacher can't handle in a few weeks time!

On the first day of school when I got out my camera to take some pictures, one of my little girls said, "You look like the paparazzi!" I had to laugh! Where do these kids that stuff? Does she watch TMZ like me?? Oh no! Not at five years old!

Ahh, now after 11 days, I think we are all getting the hang of school. We can walk semi-quietly down the hallway and get to our destination with all 26 of us in tow. That's a starting pint isn't it? Be...

Almost Ready...

Posted 07-30-2010 at 04:32 AM by KTeach_IN

I live about two miles from my school. So, it is a wonderful commute of about five minutes....maybe seven if I catch the light. I have been coming to my room this week for about two or three hours at a time. I love it! I get so much done in that time and when I start to wander around and think of what to do next, I just go home and come back another day. My room is almost finished. The big stuff is done -- BB, furniture, decorations.... Now I am finishing up my items for my back to school night next Thursday. We hold ours the Thursday before school starts so we can get information to all of the Kindergarten parents.

I am like a kid at Christmas. Every year, no matter how many years I teach, I still get excited! This year will be year number 11. Where has the time gone? The new notebooks and crayons. The promise of a fresh start and to be able to do things better! Off to get more done in my second home!

Another summer coming to an end...

Posted 07-13-2010 at 12:06 PM by KTeach_IN

I have officially had 9 weeks of summer break. Where did the time go? At the pool? Having lunch with friends? Reading great books? Hanging out with my niece?

I am so proud of myself for taking time for me!!! I have done very little that is related to school this year. I'm the type to work on school things all summer.

Now, with my back to school night 3 weeks away, I am beginning to get back in school gear. My carpets were cleaned today. I have to add that I have the best custodian at my school! The carpet cleaners were behind schedule, so he has been emailing each day what rooms were done. That way if we are wanting to go in, we will know if our room is done!! How nice! I could go on and on about our entire custodial staff, but that would take pages!!!

Oh, the excitement of a new school year! I am working hard to get all of my things ready to implement the Daily 5 this year. I'm a little nervous about it with my kindergarteners, but everyone...

Student Teacher

Posted 04-10-2010 at 07:43 AM by KTeach_IN

I currently have a student teacher. She is wonderful! She has jumped right in and done a fantastic job! She only has two more weeks left with me. She will be teaching this next week and then the following week I will transition back into teaching. It has been a good learning time for me. She began teaching and doing many things as I had done. I could see from the outside what worked well, and what needed to be changed. She has slowly come in to her own style. I think kindergarten is a hard grade to student teach if you have not had many experiences in a kindergarten classroom. Just getting all of the million things you are responsible for each day and then trying to get classroom management with 5 year olds under control is a little bit of a shocker. She has learned so much and it has been my pleaseure to help her along the way!! Back when I student taught, I had a wonderful mentor teacher in my kindergarten classroom. I cannot thank her enough for all she taught me!! Thanks Mrs. B!! ...

My first blog!

Posted 04-04-2010 at 04:14 PM by KTeach_IN

Woo hoo!! My very own blog! I've always wanted to have a blog! Even if nobody reads it, it will be a great place to write about my daily goings on in my classroom and a way to reflect on my teaching.

I think I have the best job in the world!! It's just all of the higher up stuff and school politics that I could do without.

So, this is the beginning of my blogging journey. I will be sharing my successes, struggles, funny moments, and the moments you just have to laugh or you cry!

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