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Mr Sensai

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THe date from hell

Posted 08-07-2011 at 04:32 AM by Mr Sensai

I mentioned it on here a little but for those who want the full story here goes:

So I meet this girl and we had chatted online for 5 hours and hit it off. We also talked on the phone for hours and hit it off. I was excited to meet her for the date. But she chose some obscure place to meet outside the station. No problem as I call her and ask her to meet somewhere more obvious.

So we do and she asked me where we should go. I said honestly I have never been here before and you live here so you can choose and I will pick next time. She seemed upset about that. So we look and she chooses some Japanese pancake place (EEEW!) I mean Okonomiyaki. (eeewww!) I had it once and hated it but hey maybe this place is different.

We sit down and and we talk about food. I told her I don't eat much Japanese food and prefer other types. She babbled on how Japanese food is the healthiest and I must like unhealthy food (as she squeezes tons of mayo on the pancake). I try to reason with her that other countries have healthy food but nope she won't listen.

She then talks about talents and I admit I suck at music and snowboarding and I don't give a poop about high fashion. So she goes on and on how she is a Gemini and needs someone the same. I said how I like a girl who has different talents as it makes me appreciate it that much more. She said she wants someone the same (so she wants a gay guy or a male version of herself? ) I mean what guy loves high fashion?

As the dinner went on I could not finish the pancake (too gross) and she whined about that again.

We talk about past relationship and she said how she is funky girl and her last boyfriend left her cause he was not wanting to get married to her (I can see why). I talked about my past relationships and said I have dated all types and don't have a "type". She said she had a type and I kid you not pulled out a written list. By this point I was hoping for an earthquake to end the date before dinner was done.

Then we talk about culture and education. She has no education other than high school (and it showed) and she said she was cultured as she watched every episode of The Hills and Jersey Shore. I told her I lived in California and The Hills is not real but she argued that it was. *throwing hands up in the air in disgust by this point of the date*

Then the final straw... The nice server came over (she was Korean) and my date bashed on Koreans (in English) as she was serving us and said how Koreans are lazy and stupid and this is why they are servers. She then said Koreans and Chinese are less than human.

By now I had enough so I said ya know you have to work tomorrow right so I think the date is over. So I asked for separate checks and she said "Oh I guess you are cheap" I said "Nah I pay if I enjoyed the date and company and tonight I did not". We then parted ways (she went to the bathroom and I paid my half and left)

So yea top 3 worst date of all time.
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