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dating blog post

Posted 07-30-2011 at 11:31 PM by Mr Sensai

Ok I have been on ummm a lot of dates recently (more so than usual here). I shall recap a few as of late

Date 1.) 2nd date with nice woman whose name I forgot. We had a nice dinner and went out for beers afterwards. Nice conversation and she asked a lot of random questions. Date lasted 5 hours or so and I asked her out the following Wednesday but she said she had a work party (LIES!!) and have yet to hear back from her (it's been a week now). I rate the date a C overall

Date 2.) the next day I had a date but it was just not a good date. Not much in common and she seemed way too deep for me. The conversation was too serious and she there was zero chemistry. The date ended early and we parted ways without even a handshake. I did email her phone thanking her for the date but got no reply. That means 0% chance of talking again. A solid F

Date 3.) Ok kinda a date as this was a FWB and she threw me a curveball and said she...

Just rambling

Posted 07-26-2011 at 02:51 AM by Mr Sensai

I wonder if anyone reads this and how you access such a blog on here. Anyways I am sooo over the I have to work late or I have a work party or the other 1000 excuses women here use to cancel a date at the last minute. I care more about the last minute thing though. I also thought today is it wrong to be a trophy boyfriend? Then I said it was as she mentioned she wanted me to also buy her stuff.

Moving on though. Not much interesting going on with me. I should eat or cook tonight. Is beer and popcorn considered a meal? I should cook I guess. No need to go to the 24 hour beef bowl place again. Right?

Speaking of beer I need beer as I am low on it. It's still early but it feels later. Weird. I need a plan for vacation coming soon. I should start looking into that I think. 10 days off should get my sanity or what is left of it back to normal (whatever normal is).

Wow I want to write more but I have to pee. Don't go...

holy hell I can blog here

Posted 07-22-2011 at 09:40 PM by Mr Sensai

I never knew this till today. I can now ramble about things. Hooray!

I shall call this blog ramblings from under my hat. I might change that title though. I should really start posting tidbits for my future book.

Yea know what I am hungry! I am going to get food. I think something simple but what? Oh I dunno.

I have a date tonight too. That should be fun I hope. Then again the last date I had was a dud. I should find a great chick or more soon one of these days. Right?

Oh I want to add that I left my teacher bag in a bar on Thursday with 325000 yen in it and got it back the next night at the bar with everything still there.

Ok I should get food now thanks if you read this and I need a closing catchphrase. I was thinking of stealing that American Idols one and say Mr S-crest out but that sounds a bit odd.

Whoa they are playing Rick Astley (Rickroll) on TV as the background news...

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