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On Discipline

Posted 04-20-2011 at 02:46 PM by BigwigRabbit

One should never send a student to the principal's office for discipline unless it is a suspendable offense. Once one has sent the student out for disruptive or other non-violent infractions, one has sent a clear message to the student. That message is, "I can't handle you."<!--break-->

Many discipline plans call for set penalties that increase in severity, such as time-out, detention, note home, call home, go to the principal. What does one do with the student who does not care about a call home? In fact a call home to this student's parents might result in the teacher receiving a tongue lashing from said parent. What does one do if this student progresses to stage 5 before recess? The teacher sends the student to the principal, which in many cases results in "counseling" and a triumphant return to class. With a chronically misbehaved student, the office gets tired of seeing him/her and pressure comes down on the teacher.

Some may send a disruptive child to another teacher so that the class can have a rest. This is a bad idea as well. It sends the same message and does not do anything to mitigate the behavior. The key to dealing with highly disruptive, rude, mean, or otherwise difficult students is to extinguish the inappropriate behavior. Doing this is a tricky process. I'll go into the necessary steps next time.
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