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Where Have I Been?

Posted 05-12-2010 at 01:12 PM by Suzanne

Oh, my! It's been such a long time since I've blogged. So long, in fact, that I don't know where to begin.

Thankfully, nothing tragic has taken place in my life since my last blog. Maybe it's because really there hasn't been much to blog about (and there still isn't, so beware, ).

I'm still trying to adjust to a new principal this year. Well, I'm not really adjusting, I'm just avoiding him. I can't help but wonder if this guy is the best possible principal our district can find. I doubt it. I have an endless supply of stories I could tell about his poor leadership, but it would just depress me to tell them.

I'm on my way this evening to investigate yet another attempt at weight loss. I have 30 pounds I could lose. I joined a gym three weeks ago and they did a quick health/fitness screening. The good news is that I am still alive, but there is quite a bit of bad news. They said I had high blood pressure. I've noticed that it's been creeping up on me over the years, and now I need to get working on it. So I've been getting up at 4:45 am and going to a 24 hour gym to work out for an hour each morning. I love getting it done and over with early, but it does make me tired at the end of the day.

So this evening I'm going to learn about a weight loss program that has worked wonders on many people I know. It's a doctor supervised program involving protein meals and some supplements. I've already been drinking some of the protein shakes, and eating some of the protein bars, but I have been washing them down with Cheetohs and doughnuts. I'm ready to commit 100%.

I'm going to try not to tell anyone I'm doing this, but it will difficult, especially with some upcoming events. I have to stop thinking about every get-together as an opportunity to put the feed-bag on.

I can do this, though. I want to feel better about myself. I was just watching Oprah who was talking about emotional eating. It really hit home. I love to talk and express my opinion, but I don't enjoy talking about what upsets me, disappoints me, or makes me sad.

Speaking of sad, I visited my parents' gravesite for the first time since my mom died two years ago. It was wickedly sad, but I'm glad I did it. I miss her, even with the frustrations she sometime caused me.

To end on a positive note, I just love my class. I've been away from them for two days because I've been scoring state tests, but I do miss them, and always worry about them. I'm actually looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.

I want to come back more often. I miss my friends here!!!

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