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Hanging In the Primary Wing

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My last old blog entry

Posted 03-29-2010 at 12:25 PM by musicbug
Updated 03-30-2010 at 04:20 PM by musicbug

I posted this this morning in the old blog spot. Sorry .

The Near Future Of Education**** by: musicbug, 03-29-2010

Setting: Principal's Office. Principal is on the phone with Superintendent.

Principal: "..... I'm telling you, no one but a newbee will touch this class. Yes, reallly low. I know Mrs K is awesome with them, but she won"t take them unless we promise her no pay cut and protect her certification. I know we're supposed to get our best teachers on this job to bring the test scores up...pops blood pressure pill. Transfer teachers....rolls eyes.... you know no one transfers anymore. Yes ,yes gives us stability and control...more eye rolls and makes evil face. What do you suggest???? High GPA, Ivy League , if possible.. yes see what I can do.... " hangs up phone.

......Site-based control my fanny. Everybody knows that new teachers get left overs and fired with in three years. High seniority teachers take the best and leave the rest. I haven't had a special educator or inclusion teacher last more than the grace window.... Well..picks up resumes... Hummm it's lighter than last year. Oh .. I know this one.. she's trying again. She failed with that inclusion class 6 years ago. What is she thinking, I can't hire her. takes next resume...Oh I remember this one. The "Union " tried to save him back that first year. It's nice he's trying again, wish I could hire him ,but tests proved him ineffective. I've got to find some one to take these kids and make them succeed or else it's my job this year........

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