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Friend or Foe? from "Not Miss Brooks"

Posted 09-10-2010 at 09:58 AM by Sarah111

Ah, back to school. Crisp, brand new notebooks, the scent of crayons, and the
possibilities of a new year that lie before you. SooooÖam I excited??!!


Hell to the no.

More and more Iím coming to the distressing fact that I feel Iím doing more harm than good for children.

Most people who have spent overnight in a hospital can tell you that you donít get well in a hospital. (Trust me, this relates). Since people are sick there, itís a germ dense area. Itís impossible to get any kind of rest there. Nurses and doctors come in to perform any number of tasks on you or a person that youíre rooming with, regardless of what time it is or if youíre trying to sleep.

Similarly, Iím coming to the distressing conclusion that you donít learn in school. Sure, just like at the hospital you are revived if you are unconscious, or receive other life saving treatments and medications. However, after that, itís not a place for...

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