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more nonsense

Posted 01-28-2012 at 02:50 AM by Mr Sensai

Well I am off in a few hour to rock it out and sing karaoke. I HAD a date lined up tonight (before late night karaoke) but as expected she postponed and as going out with another guy.

Yes the excuse was her daughter got sick and then I was told a few hours ago that she is taking her to the doctors so don't call her till she gets back.

I admit I was a bit of an ass when she was trying to reschedule but I am not going to be wimpy and say let's meet tomorrow or during the week. I also plan to send her a pic of karaoke via phone email with another woman very close to me. Yes I detest such games but sadly such is life.

Other than that looks like I am stuck here in Japan longer than I wanted as no decent jobs are opening up. Though I said barring something great occurring here I am leaving when the visa expires.

My date on Sunday well the one that also canceled last weekend has yet to get back to me so I figure as usual...

I am lazy

Posted 12-13-2011 at 06:19 AM by Mr Sensai

Wow I don't post much despite having some dates. I got tired of posting overall. Oh my last date broke down in tears as it was quite clear she was not over her ex.

Hmmm I should write about something witty but I am just cooking ramen with pork. Not witty and not interesting.

I did see two old men (late 60's) fighting outside the train station. Now this is usually rare to see in the morning. I see it often at night on the last train home (when they are drunk) or when the train is packed and they shout about who bumped into who.

I detest the packed trains but when it is the last train home you see people in a panic and there is always room for one more to be shoved in by the man with the white gloves. Hell of a job getting paid to push people into a train.

Ok my ramen is about done so I guess this blog post is over.

update of sorts

Posted 09-24-2011 at 01:48 AM by Mr Sensai

Ok I never posted about the date in the last post for a while. It was forgettable as the friend was a dud but I felt it was my job to keep her entertained so my friend could have fun. I really wish I could write more about the date but again it was not interesting at all.

Fast forward to date #2 with the girl from the last post. Went Ok. Spent 5 hours together. Yea she was 35 minutes late. But it was more of a friendly date I guess. Have not seen her since but we do talk. I stopped emailing her and she now is interested in seeing me again. Typical female behavior.

Also had a date today with an American chick. Shockingly it went better than expected and her picture she sent did NOT do her justice. Had a fun time with no plans and just walked around and it was real nice to be able to hang out with someone who can be herself and HONEST and not your typical shy oh my god what will others think Japanese woman. Best date I had in a while.

date update

Posted 09-09-2011 at 03:38 AM by Mr Sensai

Had a date this week. Went Ok though as I implied in my post asking what to do on the date we had hooked up first and then had a date. Yes I know I am doing it wrong!!

Anyways she is older than me and a little chubby but is nice and fun and witty. The first date went good (4 hours) over dinner. Mostly small talk and getting know each other. I wish I could expand more but it honestly was just a normal date with lots of talking. No craziness. We shall meet again this weekend.

I also have another double date this weekend but no wingman this time as the girl my friend met has a friend who wants to go out on a date too. I shall see how this goes.

So yea a 2 date weekend I guess. Hope it goes well.


Posted 09-02-2011 at 07:09 PM by Mr Sensai

If I was not still hoping/waiting for the job overseas I'd be going on more dates as I turned down/postponed 2 of them recently.

So I guess last night was a date but a friend needed a wingman as some girl he liked asked him on a dinner date and was going to bring her friend so he needed a wingman. I said free dinner (he would reimburse me for my dinner) sign me up!!

I built up my friend and how great he was and I was my usual charming witty self, but not THAT charming as the point is to make the friend look good.

The other girl was average. I mean she was nice and attempted to be funny (she wasn't but hey at least she tried). Her skin was awful though. Would I see her again? Maybe. Though I am pleased my friend was able to connect better with his date.

Tonight is my monthly karaoke party and pre-karaoke dance party with friends. All nighter as usual and again a crapshoot if I find my...

no word yet

Posted 08-18-2011 at 07:41 PM by Mr Sensai

on the potential job though I should have an idea soon.

After doing lot of thinking I would leave in a heartbeat if I got this job. I am in need of a change and after making a list of things I will miss in Japan vs things I wont miss I realize I should move given the chance.

I also got my work visa renewed so worst case scenario I can return back to Japan and get work again.

I am slightly bummed I have no date lined up for tonight and my two friends have dates. Well I should be the one going but I backed out to let my friend have some fun and a date since he never gets any. Too lazy to post the link to the thread I made about it

What do people do on a Friday night if they have no date or plans? I am going to be sooo lost and confused tonight being alone at home.

Am I moving on?

Posted 08-16-2011 at 12:46 AM by Mr Sensai

Well back from a nice restful vacation and dreading the return back to school in 6 days. Just rested today and the big news is I got a job offer from a school in Russia.

Ok not an offer (yet) as they emailed me and asked if I was still interested in the job and please resend my resume. So I did. It would be teaching grade 4. (perfect!).

I have a few babes there. Despite Grace and Love-Teach opinion she is not 15 and just looks young.

I am quite familiar with the culture and life there so that is no issue just the corruption but I grew up with it and prefer a bribe to grease the wheels than deal with red tape.

The pay is a concern but my girlfriend there says it should be about 40 to 45 USD an hour. I am concerned about rent though as it is not cheap.

Yes I will miss a lot about Japan and the grass is not much greener in Russia as far as quality of life goes but such is life


another day another date

Posted 08-10-2011 at 01:57 AM by Mr Sensai

Well another day another date.

So she is 15 minutes late and emails my phone saying she is sorry but her makeup is a mess and her hair is a mess too.

When she arrived she had the faint smell of sex on her as well. You know the kind of smell the sheets or room has after having sex.

I mean to me it was 95% obvious she had just finished a date or was with a guy at a love hotel. I had to laugh I asked her where she was coming from to be in that much of disarray. She thought for a moment and said the park. The park I asked? She said I mean the gym near the park. Oh which one? Ummm ahhh Jexter.

Yea she was not at the gym I think....

Needless to say I was not impressed with her and we had tea for 25 minutes and I said I had to get going.

Update on date from yesterday:

We were to meet this Sunday night but I get an email from her saying...

2 more dates today

Posted 08-09-2011 at 07:27 AM by Mr Sensai

1.) Dated her before but things went good and no complaints. Things are moving forward and in the right direction. No great details to speak of though just good conversation and good food and a good time.

Who the hell is emailing my phone at 12:30am? Let's find out.

Ok it was just a drunken friend of mine rambling. Nothing that interesting just asking me if I was awake. Back to the blog now.

2.) Just a casual go out and have some beers and snacks date. Cool girl but more of the drinking buddy with benefits type which I have no complaints about. Average looks but her love and knowledge of alcohol makes up for that. Will meet again I think after work to drink.

I might pass her off to a friend of mine though as I think he might be her type. Dunno off to bed as it's late.

THe date from hell

Posted 08-07-2011 at 04:32 AM by Mr Sensai

I mentioned it on here a little but for those who want the full story here goes:

So I meet this girl and we had chatted online for 5 hours and hit it off. We also talked on the phone for hours and hit it off. I was excited to meet her for the date. But she chose some obscure place to meet outside the station. No problem as I call her and ask her to meet somewhere more obvious.

So we do and she asked me where we should go. I said honestly I have never been here before and you live here so you can choose and I will pick next time. She seemed upset about that. So we look and she chooses some Japanese pancake place (EEEW!) I mean Okonomiyaki. (eeewww!) I had it once and hated it but hey maybe this place is different.

We sit down and and we talk about food. I told her I don't eat much Japanese food and prefer other types. She babbled on how Japanese food is the healthiest and I must like unhealthy food (as she squeezes tons...

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