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The Touch of Morton Part 1

Posted 05-31-2010 at 11:10 AM by BigwigRabbit
Updated 05-31-2010 at 11:55 PM by BigwigRabbit (For got the "To be continued," part TBOME (TM))

Due to popular demand (well one person asked), here is the first part of the next story. The weird type and the lack of paragraphs is due to the fact that these are copied and pasted from a Word Document. Sorry 'bout that, but I'm too lazy to go through and fix it.<!--break-->

[SIZE=4][U]The Touch of Morton[/U][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]Morton always sat in the middle between Vern and Griselda. He had to sit there because his was a much more placid character and his lack of aggressiveness caused him to lose the position jostle every time. The driver, Mrs. Felderton, was on the phone for most of the ride every day. She talked too loud and smoked too much and watched too little. Vern and Griselda were her own children. Morton was not.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4] Vern and Griselda behaved as one would expect the children of a parent like Mrs. Felderton to act. They were loud, inconsiderate, and oblivious of everything that did not concern them. They were certainly not nice children, and they thought nothing of tormenting Morton if they were bored with their other obnoxious activities. If Morton complained loud enough, Mrs. Felderton would give a superficial admonishment, which would make the abuse pause for a moment or two.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] The main issue started when Vern scraped the side of his foot, shoed with a waffle-stomper boot, down the outside of Morton’s shin as he got into the car. The pain was bad, but Morton had learned quite a while ago that he must choose his battles, as a defeat (such as being ignored by Mrs. Felderton in this case) would result in intensified cruelty. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] It might have been better if he had tried though, because Vern followed up the foot-trick with an elbow dig to the ribs. As he buckled his seatbelt, he allowed his thumbnail, a talon he cultivated like a botanist, to scrape down the part of Morton’s belly that was unprotected by jacket and arm. Morton’s anger rose above his mild personality just long enough for him to poke Vern sharply in return.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] Vern screeched and recoiled as if he’d been stung by a wasp. Mrs. Felderton yelled, “Shut up!” and went back to talking on the phone. Vern pinched an inch of flesh on Morton’s arm. Morton grabbed Vern’s hand to remove it. Vern screamed, this time in obviously excruciating pain.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] “What are you doing to me?” Vern shrieked.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] “What?” Morton was mystified.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] “You shocked me, you vomit bucket! How’d you do that?!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] “Huh? Whatayou mean?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] “You shocked me, monkey-butt!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] “I did?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] “Yeah, you snot-crust!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] On impulse, Morton reached out and touched Vern on the shoulder. This time Vern appeared to freeze, a compressed squeak issuing from deep in his throat. He convulsed twice and passed out. Morton was at once astounded and mortified. It appeared that his touch could produce an electric-type shock with increasing intensity. Where did it come from? Since when could he do this? Most intriguing, how strong could the shock get?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4] Vern came to and wiped sweat from his forehead and neck. He rubbed his shoulder, deep confusion thickening his mind. He squashed himself against the car door for the rest of the ride. He said nothing and had a look of abject terror on his face. Morton couldn’t decide if he felt triumph or guilt.

To be continued...
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