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Fear & Loathing in Special Education

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Please Keep Off the Lower Class

Posted 11-17-2011 at 06:57 PM by Speced9

Everyone has an ASSERTIVE PARENT don't they?
As a special educator, I'm all for it. I've always said that "the children who need the most, deserve the best we can give them." I forgot one thing though. What do you do when the child is just.....oh, I almost hate to say it.......wwwhat if th-th-th-the child is jjjjjust average?

I know, I know, it's a terrible word. I can barely say it myself. My kid is just....average. Unfortunately, some parents can't handle that. Some can't be grateful for that. Some parents think that a family line of honor roll students and big money equals a guaranteed prodigy. That's when a parent stops being assertive and becomes ASSERTIVE AGGRESSIVE.

Case in point- Little Billy is new to the school. Little Billy has been over-examined by every specialist in the city by his ASSERTIVE AGGRESSIVE MOMMY (AAM). She has asked for and received five (count 'em FIVE) meetings with our student review team since the beginning of the year. During these meetings we've been force fed medical reports of this child's ADHD, receptive/expressive language difficulties, etc., etc., etc. We have been drowning in reports and endless babbling by AAM since day one of the school year.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Speced9! What's wrong with you! This mother is concerned about her boy! He has a host of problems! She's just looking out for him!" Yeah, I get it, but there's one problem......


Ah, but AAM counters with, "He has all these problems, I'm getting him help NOW before he starts to fail! I'm not going to let you, let him fail!"

We counter with, "But Mrs. AAM, please understand. Does Billy need a few extra cues to follow directions? Yes. Does Billy take a little longer to complete things? Yes. Does Billy score a rubric of 3 on a majority of skills listed on his report card? YES! Listen carefully....He's doing okay. He isn't even on our radar!"


What we really want to ask is, "Does he score a 4 on a majority of skills (like his big brother)? No. Do the reports you've so graciously jammed down our throats say that he has a genius intellect? No. Is it possible that despite his attentional/language problems that he is working up to his ability and maybe even a little beyond?


This isn't good enough for AAM though. She has to keep pushing, and with this endless pushing, she's really beginning to rub me the wrong way. Not because she's totally out there. I've seen that many, many times before. Nope. She's rubbing me the wrong way because while she's being the AAM she is, she's slowly trampling the children that I service in order to push her son into territory he is more than likely never to visit. As terrible as it seems to her, he isn't going to be a Rubric 4 student.

Let me put it a different way. Every time we've had to meet with AAM, it's time away from my students. Since the beginning of the year, I'm guessing that's about 6-8 hours and that's a kind estimate. That's 6-8 hours of instructional time she has stolen from my students. As she pushes for us to put her boy in intervention groups that he doesn't even qualify for, she's preventing a child with much less ability from being in that group. All of this because the Jones family has been the top-notch, honor roll, Ivy League, Wizard of Wall Street family for generations, and Little Billy is going to carry that tradition on no matter what the cost.

Well, AAM, that cost is way to high for me.

Trampling over children who don't have a bountiful life, parents who give a crap or a guaranteed future that doesn't include food stamps or living in a crime-ridden neighborhood just happens to make my blood boil.

Hey! Here's a thought! Why don't you take all that money you're using to bully medical specialists into writing reports of Little Billy's shortcomings, and use it to enroll him in a


Oh...that's right. The public school system IS easier to manipulate. Sorry, I forgot. Never mind!

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