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Hanging In the Primary Wing

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Chalkboards, seating plans and meal worms

Posted 10-04-2011 at 02:34 PM by musicbug

I know moving into new digs is always an adjustment( hence why this is my first entry since school started), but boy oh boy, did I get some fun surprises.
Many of the faithful readers might remember that my classrooms are usually haunted by a ghost named Bob. Somehow, Bob is still MIA. Unless he is the one swelling the door on its hinges. Bob, bud, if that is you, second graders aren't as strong as the big kids. When they need to go...they NEED to go. Ease up on the door.
I am also mourning the passing of my white board. My classroom only has a chalkboard that has seen better days. I was told the former teacher brought in her own board, I just might have to do the same.

I just moved furniture again. I haven't quite found the arrangement I like. I'm back to the horse shoe with middle people desks again. Note to self, watch out for falling desk chairs when moving desks after the kids leave. 5ths will move desks for you and have a mini house warming for the new design.( I'm not sure which I like better). I also have to update the seating charts.

Just when I thought my head was above water( ha, ha), one of my dear team mates brought me a lovely surprise. The science kits have arrived and we've got...wait for it....meal worms!!!!!! ( and I thought the microscopic critters were bad.) She then tells me more live critters are to come. She penned the wiggly little critters and fed them apples and oatmeal, With a quick tutorial on the care and feeding of meal worms, she was off to spread joy elsewhere. I know second graders learn about insects and such, but I had no clue I'd be the critter keeper.
Oh, I'm learning to love the joys of second grade.
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  1. Old Comment

    risk of moving furniture

    I hear you about moving furniture and finding the perfect arrangements. A word of caution be careful moving furniture in sandals. I was playing with my room this summer and an oak student chair fell of a desk onto my toe...ouch! Bled like crazy and needed 3 stitches.

    At our old building we got pieces of 4x8 shower board and used as whiteboard...for less than $20.00.
    Works best with new whiteboard markers.
    Posted 10-04-2011 at 03:39 PM by mhugs mhugs is online now
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    Hideeho's Avatar

    Just curious

    What grade did you teach before?

    I really am impressed that you are blogging in October after moving and settling in. I think that's great progress!

    Hope you have a wonderful year!

    Posted 10-04-2011 at 04:32 PM by Hideeho Hideeho is offline
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    musicbug's Avatar


    I taught fifth before. Thanks to everyone for the good vibes.
    Posted 10-05-2011 at 01:05 AM by musicbug musicbug is offline
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    the_windian's Avatar


    I've taught the mealworms science unit, and although taking care of little critters is sometimes annoying the kids LOVE it. I have to admit seeing them turn into beetles is pretty cool. We won't get our insect unit until March. Have lots of buggy fun!
    Posted 10-10-2011 at 07:02 PM by the_windian the_windian is offline

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