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Shopping at the Teacher Store

Posted 04-09-2010 at 02:14 PM by tangerine

I ventured in to the local teacher store today. It's something I rarely do because it's dangerous in there! There's always something I see that I want for my classroom. Spending $20 soon turns into $40 and then $50 and so on. Dangerous, I tell you!

But my DH had given me a gift certificate for the store back at Christmas. I have been a good girl and saved it. Today the boychild was gone for the day and the DH was at work and I had time to myself. Perfect time for the teacher's store!

I love roaming isle to isle and checking out everything. I saw some cool new games out there and picked up an "I Have...Who Has?" about place value. The kids will love that. I also replenished my supply of little things that I go through a lot of during the year - either at the beginning or throughout - like stickers for the behavior calendars and nameplates and labels and border and such. I got what I need to make a new batch of word books, too. Rather than buying the prefab word dictionaries, I make my own. The kids love them and we use them all year long - adding in our vocab and sight words and any other words the kids use for their reading. I got the idea from a workshop years ago and have been making my own ever since. The kids love when they find our school name, my name, the principal's name, the name of local places, etc. in there. I had also wanted some more dice-in-dice for math games, but they were out. Maybe next time.

So that was a productive visit for me, and I feel like I picked up some things for the coming year. There's nothing worse than scrambling around at the last minute searching for something you need when you're preparing for a new crop of kids. Teachers can be ruthless when it's close to the beginning of the year, too. Sometimes those shelves are bare in August! lol

I also stopped by the local office supply warehouse to find new polyvinyl pockets for home reading, but the only kind they had were the string closure kind and zipper kind. I want snaps or velcro, so I'll keep looking. The strings are a pain and the zipper kind always break for my kiddos. I know I can find what I want in some speciality teacher supply catalogs, but they cost so much more there. That will be a last resort for me. A couple of year ago I found them at Walmart really cheap, but since then I haven't seen them. Last year it was Target.

Tonight the DH and I are heading out for a bit. I'm excited to go somewhere sans kids for an evening.

Oh - yesterday I met a couple of coworkers at the school. I mostly did cleaning - dusting and putting things away. I am not the most organized teacher. Some people put everything back as they use it. I tend to make a pile and then later need to go put it all back. I had a lot of those piles going. I also located my Spring acrostic poem materials and got things ready for my parent volunteer this week. It'll feel good to walk in Monday ready to go and organized.

I know I'm one of those "works too many hours" teachers, but I honestly don't know how people who leave early and come in right before reporting time can do it. They do, obviously, so kudos to them. I think I must just work too slowly or something. There's no way I could walk in 10 minutes before the bell and make my copies for the day and feel anywhere near prepared. I'm much more the tortoise than the hare. lol

Slow and steady wins the race!

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