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Special note to Future Teachers
Special note to Future Teachers

We're so excited you're here! You are truly the future of the teaching profession! You bring fresh new ideas that can inspire us. You observe the most experienced professionals among us in action. You have so much to offer! In return, we have years of experience to share with you!

Please note: College students (elementary education majors) are welcome to post on our Future Teachers, Student Teachers, and Educational Issues boards, but we ask you to wait until you actually begin your student teaching experiences before posting on other boards. Then, we'd like you to post questions directly related to those classroom experiences. And please share ideas and be helpful whenever YOU can; don't be shy :)

In the interests of the teachers who visit ProTeacher, we remove student questions about college assignments, etc. We must do this in order to keep our focus on classroom teaching. Keeping our boards reserved for teachers makes them more interesting places for teachers to visit. If we didn't have this policy, our boards would quickly fill with questions from parents, students, and others. That would be overwhelming and would discourage teachers from visiting. Hope you understand!

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