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This board is for sharing those funny things that happen during the school day or for those times where you have been inspired by a student, colleague, or individual. Kids say the most surprising things! Let's spend some time uplifting and sharing laughter as we strive towards excellence in Education!

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Wild little man
by: Mo teach, 03-19-2006

I have a toddler and love to share this story with my class...
My little man says: I need a tissue...
My nose...
It's broken!
So I told the kids
to please get a tissue if they
need one for their broken noses!


Fifth grade math
by: SubElaine, 03-24-2006

I recently had to sub-teach accelerated math classes ALL morning to two DIFFERENT 5th grade classes. They brought "my students" back in the afternoon for language arts.

Math is not my strong suit. I can do it, but it takes me a minute to remember how, which is sometimes hard when you're brand new to a classroom and trying to keep the class in order and things are going haywire. The first day, at the end of recess, when they gave me the second class, the zaniness was increased because two of the "new" students had gotten into a fist fight on the playground. So Iwas meeting these two kids for the first time, sending them to the office, meeting the rest of the kids, struggling through the math lesson. I was ready to hang myself at the end of the day.

I went home and studied up on my math for two solid hours. The next day when I returned to the school, one of the "fighting boys" came up with a gift bag - Mom had given me a bottle of lavendar spray and a bottle of body wash. (I have a feeling this kid is going to turn out ok, with such a caring mother.) He said, "Here Ms. M. This is for you because I was bad." I said, "Aw, thank you! You're not bad, you're just a boy!" He replied soberly, "No, I was BAD and I am sorry." He just melted my heart!

The second nice thing that came out of all this was the second day, I was ready for the math and I jumped all over the classroom and over-acted to get all my points across. I wouldn't let a point go until EVERYONE got it. I was worn out by the end, again, but in a nice way.

And THEN! As the kids are leaving one boy comes up to me and tells me, "Ms. M. I just have to thank you. These past two days with you teaching me math....well, it's the MOST fun I ever had with math! I LIKE it now!"

I cannot tell you how touched and PROUD I was! Even a two-day sub can sometimes make a difference...


doing their nails!
by: toria, 03-16-2006

Each morning the whole school lines up outside to say the pledge together. We're not a very large school (200) so it's easy to know almost all the students. Today I'm standing in front of my class looking around to find in shock that almost all the girls are either 1. late or 2. absent. So I mumbled 'what happened to all the girls,' when one my funniest 4th graders said Ms L they are all home doing their nails. He just said it with so much seriousness in his voice that i was forced to crack a smile and agree with him. So all day when the girls did start to trickle in, he kept on asking to see their nails. sure enough 3 of 7 girls in my class did have their nails painted !!


Random Questions
by: MissO, 08-02-2007

I have a little boy (3rd grade) who always keeps me laughing with his vast imagination and wild sense of humor. Today he did not disappoint. I was just returning from a particularly difficult brush with an administrator. This boy was doing his work, like others in the room, when he very matter-of-factly asked, "Miss, do you have a sledgehammer?"
From the sound of it, he might have been asking me for a pencil. I don't even want to know why he was asking, but at least he gave me the laugh I needed.


A worthwhile day
by: dkd1173, 03-02-2006

Today we had a meeting to set up an IEP for one of my most challenging students. The poor child has had a rough home life, bounced around from school to school from kindergarten on, has a lower IQ, and has mental health/emotional issues to top it off. He has never gotten the help he so desperately needed - until now. We got everything put in place for him to get extra academic help, and he is now seeing a therapist as well. He still has a lot to overcome, but at least he will be getting some help now. I certainly wasn't the only one who made this happen, but it felt good to be a part of it - knowing that maybe I had truly helped this one student, and made a difference in his life.


K's can be so sweet
by: VA teacher, 02-27-2006

I had some stomach surgery back in December and had to take off until the second week of January. I had a sub for the first two weeks of January when we came back off of break and they did fine. When I came back my stomach was still swollen and I was in some pain. It has taken until just this past week for all my swelling to go down. I had to buy new clothes (others are now tooooo big ) and I came to school in a new outfit. I walked in the classroom and one of my girls looked at me with big eyes and said, "Ms. Y. I love the new outfit you have on....You look great!" I just wanted to hug her and take her home with me.


My Valentines
by: dld, 02-27-2006

I teach 5th grade, and this year I have had (putting it mildly) some very difficult children. It is my first year at a Title 1 school-coming from a more affluent school, and some of the issues the children deal with are heartbreaking. All but 2 of my students are free lunch, and usually do not even have the basic school supplies. Last week, on Valentine's day, I entered school tired from taking care of my daughter the night before (she had the flu). The principal immediately stopped me from entering my classroom. I felt a little impatient about the interruption because I wanted to get some things done- and I was a bit cranky from lack of sleep. After about 15 minutes, I finally told her that I needed to get busy before the first morning bell rang. I entered my classroom, and lo and behold there were my students yelling Happy Valentine's Day, Mrs. ____. They had food, drinks, handmade decorations, gifts, and giant smiles. The principal told me they had come to her 2 weeks prior with this idea. They told her how much they loved me, and that they wanted to surprise me on Valentine's day. I was further informed by the principal that the children had arrived very early in the morning- in fact, one student, who has given me more than one gray hair- showed up at 6:30 a.m. All day long I was told how much I was loved. And to prove it, they were good the entire week! No fist fighting, no insults, no talking back. I cannot put into words how much they touched my heart on Valentine's Day.


got quarter?
by: tia, 02-11-2006

i just wanted to share something nice that happened on friday.

on fridays we have cupcake day (or cookie, muffin, whatever the kids bring in) to raise money for buses for field trips. an item costs a quarter.

before i got my lunch, i ambled by the cupcake table and announced to the parent (one of my grade's) that i was just checking things out to make sure it was worth it to rummage through my desk for a quarter. she pointed out some yummy looking brownies, and i told her i'd be back.

a little gal who had just finished her transaction held out a quarter and told me i could have it. (what i find sweet about that is she wasn't one of ours, wasn't one of the grade below sucking up, and wasn't one of my siblings.) awwwww....of course i didn't take it, but thanked her profusely!


by: Miss C, 02-09-2006

Had a discussion today about epitaphs (weird discussion for 6th graders, I know!) and how we want people to remember us and how, even now, they're building a reputation for themselves. I told them to think of what one word would best convey what kind of person they were if they should die tomorrow. Again, I'm not morbid. It was curriculum related. Anyway, I let them share if they wanted to, then I chose an adjective that came to mind when I looked at each of them (they were all nice!). One of my girls said, "Oh, Miss C! Let us do you now!" So I let them. They were all really nice, but my one guy who's been a REAL problem behaviorally and academically this year; the one who's made fantastic progress in many, many ways just in the last few weeks - he said, "Inspirational!" I almost cried! Yeah! Maybe I'm reaching him!


6th grade LA
by: Judy24, 02-08-2006

I just want to thank everyone on this board. I've been having a rough start to the week so I came on the site to just spend some time. I went the busy board and wasn't too interested. I went on the Vent and just felt worse. I came to this page and now I remember why I teach. I laughed and cried. I think I'm ready to go back tomorrow and give it another shot. I do have great kids. Thanks for reminding me!


by: Miss C, 02-07-2006

Maybe it should be sad that they never grow up, but I thought this was funny. Yesterday in 6th grade science, we were talking about animal classification and some different sea creatures. We talked about the giant clam (it grows to be up to 4 feet in diameter!), and one of my girls goes, "Oh, wow! I saw that on Spongebob once, but it didn't know it was for real!" I laughed right out loud!


by: teacher4, 02-05-2006

The music teacher told my students the other day he loves to teach them. They make his job enjoyable. I agree with him I love the class I have this year, they are a pleasure to teach. They write me sweet notes, give me big hugs, laugh when I read in character, get excited about learning something new, support each other, and most of they love me just the way I am. What a class to have. By the way the parent are kind also. Yes, I am counting my blessings this school year one by one.


Kids will surprise you
by: musicbug, 02-03-2006

I've had the week from you know where. One of my pumpkins
picked up on it, and left this picture on my desk of a blue ribbon that said Keep Believing. I taped it to my pull out tray on my desk as a special reminder. She was the last kiddo I would have guessed. Boy, did I need that.


I don't want to go home...
by: pkjw, 02-03-2006

About a week and a half ago one of my sweet students from last year was returned to me (I moved up a grade this year, too.) because she was having terrible separation anxiety in the mornings (long story, issues in the home) and the guidance counselor hoped that because we had bonded last year, I would be able to help. Well, it has been slow going. But in the last three days she has made progress and today she even walked down the hall and did not cry. For me this was success enough for one day!!! But it gets we were packing up and waiting on buses to be dismssed, she came up to me and said, "I used to not want to go to school...Now, I don't want to go home." This is truly an answer to many heartfelt prayers.


Good things
by: SC, 01-29-2006

I get so bogged down in the complaints and bad things that I forget to share the good. Here are some good things that happened this year:

- One little girl came up to me, gave me a hug, and said, "I'm glad your'e my teacher."
- A little boy told me that I'm one of the best teachers he's ever had. Another drew me a picture and wrote, "Thanks for being my teacher."
- A girl in my class told me the other day that she loved writing and that it was fun. She has struggled with it in the past and is making good progress.
- One student said during a project, "We have fun in this class."
- I got a new student at the beginning of January. I called her parents to see how things are going, and they had nothing but good things to say. The girl loves coming to school, she has fun, and she enjoys class.


Making Progress
by: maj, 01-29-2006

I teach most of my students for two years, so I really get to know their strengths and weaknesses. There are definitely times when I wonder if my co-teacher and I are getting through. Today, though, I read some essays that my students wrote (the kids that in their second year with me), and I was amazed.....they HAVE been learning, after all! Their writing has improved so much, I was stunned. I think I spend so much of my time obsessing over the kids that are struggling, I sometimes forget to admire the progress that the other students are making. I'm really pleased and happy for them; I will be sure to let them know that they have reason to be proud of themselves. And I resolve to try to focus more on the many positive things that happen each day, and to spend more time on the kids that are doing well.....I'll still try hard to get through to the students that aren't yet putting forth their true effort, but I'm also going to enjoy the hard workers more than I have been. They make this job so incredibly fulfilling!


I'll hold your hand
by: vateacher, 01-20-2006

Today we lost power for about 3 hours at school. One of my little ones came up and in a trembling voice said, " don't worry... Ms. ______ I'll hold your hand if you're scared!" Don't you just love them?


IL teachers
by: Mrs.B, 01-14-2006

I use hw passes for rewards and they keep asking, "Can I use my I Pass?" That always makes me smile


by: CO teach, 01-10-2006

After teaching another lesson on fractions today, I pointed out to my fourth graders how much they have learned about fractions since we started. They were pretty excited and agreed that they have learned a lot.

As the class was going back to their seats, one little girl walked up to me and said "Actually, I have to thank you." Puzzled, I asked her why. She said, "Because I really understand fractions now and I didn't before."

She THANKED me for teaching her about fractions!!!! I was overwhelmed and so appreciative of her comments. It made me remember why I love my job.


dreams do come true
by: vateacher, 01-10-2006

First Grader: Guesswhat! I had this dream last night and it was about this stuff and this man had a gun but then it was chocolate.

Me: Koby sweetheart do you know what my dream is?

Koby: no, what?

Me: My dream is for you to actually finish your first center today so you can do your Osbert the penguin puppet and not have to sit out of recess.

Koby: (Later, while showing me his work) Ms (insert my last name here) ! Look!! I made your dreams come true!

and he certainly did.


"musical" presents
by: Juli, 01-18-2006

I have a combination of 4th & 5th LD/MR students. For a fun activity, I went to a local $ store and bought a variety of $1 toys, puzzles, games, etc and wrapped them in brown paper lunch bags. I put the students' chairs in a circle and passed out a bag to each of them with the instructions NOT to open them. I instructed them that they would pass the presents clock-wise when I started a music CD (upbeat Christmas of course!). When the music stopped, they had to decide if they would keep the present they had & stand to the side (still couldn't open presents) and those that wanted to stay in circle could continue with the music. When we got down to 2 that couldn't give it up - I said on the last round that they would have to keep what they had. Then everyone got to open their presents. I think all liked their prizes but got just as much out of the game itself!


Merry Christmas From Heaven
by: Juli, 12-25-2006

from our church bulletin - this poem gave me some peace for Christmas after losing my dad this past July - I wanted to share it with others that may need some comfort as well:

Merry Christmas From Heaven

I still hear the songs, I still see the lights
I still feel the love, on cold wintry nights

I still share your hopes, and all of your cares
I'll even remind you, to please say your prayers

I just want to tell you, you still make me proud
You stand head and shoulders, above all the crowd

Keep trying each moment, to stay in His grace
I came here before you, to help set your place

You don't have to be perfect all of the time
He forgives you the slip, if you continue the climb

To my family and friends, please be thankful today
I'm still close beside you, in a new special way

I love you all dearly, now don't shed a tear
Cause I'm spending my Christmas with Jesus this year

**copyright 1990 John Wm. Mooney Jr.


Stories Like......
by: TeriOfTexas, 12-09-2005

Olive and Fish are the reasons why I work full time and go to school full time to become a teacher, I can't wait to have and experience times like those. To the future and having stories of my own some day!

Thanks for all you do!
Have a blessed day!


Olive - the other reindeer
by: ogteacher, 12-11-2005

Today the children were rehearsing their holiday concert, and working on memorizing:

"You know Dasher, and Dancer, and

Prancer, and Vixen,

Comet, and Cupid, and

Donner and Blitzen

But do you recall

The most famous reindeer of all..."

Just about the time we all got it right, a 1st grade child jumped up and asked,

"Why don't they mention Olive?"

Okay, as in Olive the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names.

Made my day!


by: ulis, 12-07-2005

'You know, Ms X, I have 2 goldfish at home. And you know what?( awed voice) They swim all day long!'

What do you say to that?


Virginia Beach
by: vateacher, 11-30-2005

My class has been cracking me up all week. They're first graders and when I asked them the other day what the capital of VA was, I had about 6 or 7 of them shout out "V!!!" They were so excited I had to try really hard not to laugh though it was cute. I told them that yes, the capital LETTER in Virginia was V but that the capital city was Richmond. Then another child kept answering Virginia Beach for everything. He told me the Capital of VA was Virginia Beach. That Columbus sailed to Virginia Beach from Spain and that We lived in Virginia Beach (we don't but he used to). It was too cute.


Why do we do this?
by: bamateach, 11-28-2005

I just came from eating with my family at a local restaurant. I have a great class this year, I was kind of moping around about how we have to go back to school tomorrow after the holiday. I was telling my husband that I am looking forward to Christmas Break. After I went to pay I returned to the table and heard someone call my name. I looked over and saw someone that I didn't recognize. As with all teachers when this happens I look directly to the kids to see if I recognize them. They were probably in the 7th grade or so (I teach 2nd), but nope they didn't look familiar either. As I approached her table she let me off the hook. I know you don't recognize me, but you have my niece B. After some ohs she proceded to tell me exactly WHY I do this! She thanked me for making this year great for her niece. She said she has the greatest respect for teachers, but B has had 2 rough years (she is repeating and I was already aware of her previous experience with her teachers). "B. acutally loves coming to school this year." Her husband chimed in to say that she used to go to school with her head down and now she is actually excited about school. She is making good grades and really progressing. Anyhow, we don't want to bother you we just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful difference in B. Bother me? Please bother me anytime! They made my week. I am ready to head back to school tomorrow now for sure!


My favourite memory
by: 111, 11-26-2005

During my first year teaching I had a boy in my class who was very active! We would often talk about "appropriate" behaviour etc. I used to commute 100 Km. to work and 100Km. home. The school was in a very poor area without much parent support of any kind. During the winter the roads were very scary and I would often be on edge in the morning. One morning I was a little late after driving 50 Km. per hour the whole way in fog and blizzard conditions. I arrived in my class and the little boy came right up to me. My instant reaction was to tell him to sit down and get on task! He pulled a beaded rosery out of his pocket and handed it to me. I asked him what it was for. He told me him and his grandma blessed it the night before. He wanted me to have it to keep me safe on the way to school each morning. It was so touching to me!


Are you happy with me?
by: Nina306, 11-20-2005

Earlier in the fall, I was working at my desk at 8:30. Students don't come in the building until 9. I heard a little knock at my door, and opened it to see my shortest first grade boy standing there. He is adorable, but is always getting "reminded" of the rules, because he OFTEN forgets them. I sighed and said "You know you can't come in yet, you need to be outside." He just grinned at me and from behind his back, produced a whole handful of picked flowers for me. I hugged him and thanked him, and felt incredibly guilty for immediately chastising him. Still grinning, he said "Are you happy with me today?" Talk about making my heart melt! Of course I was happy with him, and am now reminded to tell him every day that I'm happy with him!


Can I do another one?
by: Sue W., 11-15-2005

"Can I do another one?" Boy, was that music to my ears! I work with remedial first grade readers. If you know what Fontas and Pinnell level A readers are, you have the idea. Today we read a book called "Feet". Then I helped the kids trace around one of their feet on paper and they made a shape book, using the words, "My feet can...", for each page they recopied the sentence starter and chose a word to complete the same sentence. I had hoped that the repeated practice with the high frequency words "my" and "can" might help them sink in. They had four pages to complete, which I figured would be about right for the time and attention span. One of my little guys is an ELL student who has been academically struggling to the point where he is being considered for special education testing, yet he was so proud of this project that he could see was successful that he repeatedly asked, "Can I do another one?" The tears came to my eyes as I added one and then another and another page to his little book. "Can I do more tomorrow?" he asked as our time ran out. Yep, he sure can!
I have never seen him so proud of his work and so excited about continuing. It was one of those moments that makes it all worthwhile!


by: SC, 11-15-2005

I posted before about how my kids always compare me to last year's teacher. They LOVED her, but she had to move away. This whole year I've been doubting whether or not I'll ever be able to get them to love my class like they loved hers. Today one kid came to me and said, "I'm glad you're my teacher." Later in the day another kid said (while working on a project), "You're the best teacher ever. We have fun in here." The other's piped up with, "Yeah." I told them how much I appreciate their kindness.


understanding class
by: Indiana Jen, 11-24-2005

This week I've been fighting a horrible cold. Today I finally lost my voice. My class has been so understanding and will listen to the other students when I ask them to relay a message. They've done alot of quiet review work today but right now my class is working quietly and everyone appears to be on task! While I'm not too happy about losing my voice, I'm so pleased with my class today!


The nice things they do
by: speeder1, 11-15-2005

When I was 21 I lost vision in my left eye. It has not stopped me in any way, but you can tell that it does not move like my right eye does. My students asked me about it and are curious as to how I see and how I lost it. I only tell them that I had an accident and I lost it. Well today one of my MR students drew a picture of me. I had things sticking out all over me and I had two big eyes. He told me I was nice to him and he wanted to do something nice for me, give me two big working eyes.

That is a picture I will keep for ever.


An angel in a classroom...Thank you!
by: istoleahalo, 11-19-2005

My little sister is a senior in High School this year. In one of her government classes they were discussing various (controvercial) topics. One girl was saying how stressed it was in her family because her father was out of a job and they were living solely on her mother's income and how hard it was for her to get homework done and study with all the stress. From what i was told, my sister blurted out, "Thats ALL the stress you have?? We were hit by a drunk, uninsured, driver leaving BOTH my mother and father disabled and unable to work, my little brother (14) has cancer and is in and out of the hopsipal all the time, my other brother (15) had a medical condition also and has to be watched carefully for at least the next 2 years. I'm the only one working and bringing home a paycheck and I make a whopping $65 a week after school but I still have a 3.75 GPA!" Needless to say the teacher changed the subject.

However, after a discussion with a family friend who works at that school to verify my sister's outburst, the teacher called my sister into his office and has offered to pay for her senior year, cap and gown, invitations, prom dress, tickets, all the things seniors do.

When it was time to purchase cap and gowns and invitations the teacher gave my sister a blank check and told her to go get what she needed. She went to the cafeteria where it was all laid out and the cheapest she could find was a $75 package. She brought the check back and told him thank you but no, it was too much money. He had her sit in his office while he went back down and bought her a $350 package including cap and gown, invitation, extra tassles, 2 tee-shirts, a class of 2006 bag, parent thank yous, and thank you notes. Handed it to her and told her next time to get what she wants and not to argue.

This man and his family have gone out of their way to help my family and specifically my sister have a great senior year. I am so thankful that there are people out there like this. I don't even know the teacher's name...I started crying 1/2 way through my mom telling but if you are reading this and know who you are...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


My favorite memory
by: Tylana, 11-02-2005

My favorite memory teaching so far has been when I taught first grade. I have very bad fall allergies and tend to sneeze a lot. One day I had just gotten through a real bout(sp?) of sneezing and said to my class, "Boy, Mrs. Miller sure has a bad case of the sneezes today."

Later that day, one of my boys sneezed about three times and I proceeded to say Bless You to him after each sneeze. When he gained his composure he said to me, "Boy, I sure do have a case of the Bless You's don't I?" How cute is that?

These are the days you never forget.


first timer
by: sharmon, 11-01-2005

This is my first time visiting this board and I just had to share. My fifth grade class has been doing group projects on Native Americans. At the beginning I suggested they choose a facilitator (not boss) to keep the group organized and on task. Several days into the project I heard one group talking about fertilizer. When I asked what fertilizer had to do with their project they replied "You know the kid in charge!" It was hard to keep a straight face while I corrected the misunderstanding.


by: teach4fun, 10-27-2005

I made it through another year of end of first quarter conferences. Yes there were the few that made me teary when the parent left because they just dont get it and then those that brought me a gift or a drink or a nice hug knowing i was there all day and late in the evening. I just am glad they are done and can go back to teaching the kids and my principal can relax.


my kids are so sweet!
by: Miss C, 11-30-2005

I was observed AGAIN by the principal this morning and felt like I totally crashed and burned. We're doing some geometry and it's hard stuff and my teacher's guide wasn't ANY help at all. Anyway, I was feeling pretty stupid. Then at lunch my kids started talking about why I'm their favorite teacher ever. It was so sweet! I love my 6th graders!


The Googleheim
by: ogteacher, 10-24-2005

A first grade child came back to school after a visit to NYC with her mother. At Morning Meeting she reported that she and her mom went to an art exhibit at the Googleheim but she couldn't take pictures because her exposable camera didn't work. I loved both parts of that one! The Googleheim is, well, a search engine for art. Isn't it....?



My Country Tis' of Thee
by: REB, 10-24-2005

Hi, everyone...regular poster here. I wanted to share a story about my *wonderful, wonderful* students!!! I was teaching kindergarten on Thursday, and I taught them "My Country 'Tis of Thee", and as we were practicing the song, I heard a little girl saying something I sang a line, and then had them sing a line back to me, etc, etc...when we got ready to sing the whole song, I heard it again!!! She was singing.."My country 'tis of tree...sweet land of misery of tree I sing....Land where my father's where the pilgrims ride...from every mountainside...let freedom ring..."

At the end...I could hardly control myself I wanted to laugh so hard, but it was simply SO cute!!!

So, after teaching the students the correct way to sing the song, and tap the steady beat with rhythm sticks, it was time for them to go back to their class.



Bad day getting better!
by: MusicTeach, 10-21-2005

I started out my day just fine, my high school band was great, my junior high band, not so great. I left that class feeling like I haven't accomplished anything this whole year. I was mad at my students, mad at my job, mad at myself.... I started checking my e-mail and heard a knock on my door. One of my 2nd grade students made me a gift. It is a red piece of clay with a boy playing a saxaphone in the middle and little music notes around the outsides. She said that she loved music and loved coming to my class and decided to make me a gift. It made me feel so much better! Why can't junior high students still be sweet?? Anyways, just thought I would share my 'day lifting' story with everyone! Take Care!


New idea
by: teacher ken, 10-17-2005

I have discovered a new technique this year purely by accident. I guess teachers are good at coming up with a good idea on the spur of the moment. One day I saw a stress ball in my desk. Ummmm I said, how could use this in my calssroom in a fun but educational way. Then an idea came to me I could use the ball because it is soft and easy to catch to ask the students questions. One day in my social studies class I tried it and it was a hit. I ask a question and the students raise their hands. Then I throw the ball to one of the students and they must catch the ball to answer the question. My students absolutely love it. If they miss the catch they throw it back and I throw it to another student. This is great way to review for a test.


Warm fuzzy
by: Miss C, 10-15-2005

Hi y'all~
I find it sad that this board isn't nearly as active as The Vent, so I decided to post a recent inspiration. I teach 6th grade and had P/T conferences after progress reports, and one mother told me that her daughter has wanted to be a lawyer for about four years now, and has had all planned out how she's going to accomplish her goal. This child is very driven and on-task, so that didn't surprise me. The other day, though, at the dinner table, Rebekah said, "Mom, would you be mad if I didn't become a lawyer?" Of course, her mom said she wouldn't. Rebekah said, "Good. Because I think I want to be a 6th grade teacher." YEAH! Of course, she'll change her mind a dozen times between now and two weeks from now, but it was a happy moment for me!


Nice to hear
by: CO teach, 10-14-2005

I have a student who has had some big anger issues in the past. He is going through some big changes in his life and has had a very hard week. As we were walking to art today he was telling me that he worked with his Grandfather on his farm last summer. He told me how much weight he lost, so I jokingly said "So, I should quit my job to become a farmer?" He looked at me, very seriously, and said, "NO, we like you as our teacher!" I just smiled a huge smile and gave him a hug!


Sweet kid
by: LisaM, 10-19-2005

The other day my kindergarten class was doing a sorting activity. One of my boys was sorting those little plastic bears by color. He had a pile of red, a pile of blue, a pile of purple, etc. Then he had just one green bear. I watched as he carefully placed it with the red pile. I asked him why he put the green bear with the red bears and he said, "Because this guy is homeless and he needs a family."



We've Come "Full Circle"
by: Elizabeth A., 10-17-2005

Yesterday I attended an amazing in-service presentation by Dylan Wiliam. He asked each teacher in the room to think of the one person/teacher that made school worth coming to for them. At the break, two of my former students(now teachers themselves), came over to tell me that I had been that teacher for them.I was moved beyond words. The rewards can be so great! God bless each and every person who chooses this profession!


What keeps us coming back!
by: MaryMac, 10-19-2005

I'll try to keep this short! On Friday my class was out for recess with two other 5th grades, one fourth grade class, and two 2nd grade calsses. One second grade teacher pointed out that one of her kids was playing kickball with our 5th graders and could we pick him out, we couldn't. Georgie is as tall as the fifth graders but a special education student, and very clumsy. There he was waiting in line for his turn to kick. We asked about Georgie and his teacher said that he has actually been regressing this year and is really having a difficult time, socially the kids in her room just ignore him. We looked back at the kickball game and there he was on the pitchers mound with a fifth grader very patiently teaching him how to roll the ball, he was their new pitcher. We were so proud of our fifth grader and we sat silently and watched for a few minutes. His "team" got the final out and it was their turn to kick. Georgie ran to home plate and just stood there, he had decided it was his turn to kick. He kicked a good one and started to run to first, with the ball over by third base, the kids yelled, "Run Georgie, run!" and he ran to second, then as we watched we realized the kids were intentionally fumbling with the ball, over throwing it, and letting him get a homerun! He crossed home plate with his fists raised over his head in jubilation. We were sooooo proud of our kids and we made sure to tell them that when we came back in. Kids are great!



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