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This board is for sharing those funny things that happen during the school day or for those times where you have been inspired by a student, colleague, or individual. Kids say the most surprising things! Let's spend some time uplifting and sharing laughter as we strive towards excellence in Education!

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09-17-2022 host (Staff)
Be kind - Be nice
by: momteach310, 03-24-2021

At the end of every day I have 1 student who always makes it a point to say "Good bye Mrs. momteach, have a nice day". Today was the last day of school for a while and he left without saying it. I must admit I was disappointed and a bit sad. I turned to walk back to get my things and he came racing back "Hey Mrs. momteach - have a nice break!". Made my heart sing.
Remember - be kind, be nice - you never know how much it means to someone.


by: Vet3Teacher, 08-29-2019

It's not necessarily under classroom management, but I have to say, I got pulled from my normal position to sub in a gen ed classroom. I haven't been in the classroom for 2 years. I feel like I'm back in my element and that I'm doing something worth while! I hope I get back to a normal classroom next year.


EIF Presents: XQ Super School Live
by: KatrynG, 12-25-2017

I am watching a cable show about reinventing American High Schools tonight. It's being aired simultaneously on ABC NBC and CBS!

It's very colorful and thought provoking... why hasn't American High Schools changed in 100 years?


1 Attachment(s) Kids are forever amazing
by: Zia, 03-03-2017

I'm trying to teach my Kindergartners the difference between fiction and non-fiction. When I asked my Urdu-speaking kiddo to define the difference, this was his response. I really do have the best job!

I think he means a painting or drawing would have texture, whereas a photograph would be smooth.


there's hope :)
by: Violets2, 09-21-2017

After a pretty down afternoon yesterday spent looking at date, I was reflecting on one little one who did not successfully complete his opinion writing paper due to no real reasons for his opinion. So I worked with him today 1-1 after yesterday him just giving me the same reason 3 different ways. I related the topic to him and what he would do in that situation. I was happy to hear him give me 2 very valid reasons for his opinion! Success....made my day

Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps......sometimes I wish I could work with all of them 1-1 so they can feel success.


Melted my heart.
by: SpeedLimit62, 07-03-2020

Today one of my kiddos helped another one (who has major issues) tuck his shirt in, button his pants, and fasten his belt. I literally wanted to cry. They are in K... and the other little one (who got the help!) was so happy. He was literally walking like he was on top of the world. Strutting around.

If all I ever had to deal with were my kids, no parents, or admin.. I'd teach until the day I died.


A parent made me cry today
by: annalilbit, 09-18-2017

I am a Title 1 teacher. Last year a parent (mom) showed up for conferences for the first time. She was told by the HR teacher to come see me bc the child was doing poorly in reading. Yes, I told her, the daughter was, thanked her for stopping by and got to the nitty gritty. Mom cried and was heartbroken of the news. Ummm what happened to the reports I sent home, the notes of extra summer help, etc. Told her that was the past, now let's get working on the present. I needed everyone on board. Mom, Dad, (they are divorced) classroom teacher and the student. Read read read read. be there for her to read , etc.

Fast forward to this year. The girl has made great strides this year. She benchmarked way below in DIBELS. (Lots of catching up to do)Progress monitor she gains 26 words, Tuesday progress monitor she gains 30 words. OMG share news with teacher, she shares with MOM and MOM calls me today!!!! She just had to call because she is so happy. She cried happy tears, I cried with her. I confessed to her I cried when I heard the girl read to me. This MOM made my teaching career!!! I begged her don't let her slide over Christmas, she promises she won't.

This is teaching!


email from a parent
by: aly7123, 02-21-2017

Today I received an email from a parent of a student I had last year. Here's what it said (with names and places removed of course!):

Hope you are doing well! We miss you!!!
I had to email you to let you know what an awesome job you are doing with the kids. We had our first Parent Teacher Conference at BM Elementary last night and P's Kindergarten teacher told me that he and E (they ended up in the same class!) know the most sight words in the class and are overall doing extremely well. P is doing so well that he is one of only a few kids that she is going to start assigning homework to because he can handle it.
Mrs. K asked me where P went to pre-school, I said SA and she said that they are certainly doing an excellent job there.
I am sure you don't hear it enough so I wanted to say thank you so much for all you did for P.
Have a great day!!

It feels so good to get a positive email like this and know that I am making a difference for these kids! When I read it, I couldn't help but smile. So many parents complain about things at schools so it's always nice when someone says something on a positive note!


Student "funny"
by: EllaKate, 10-11-2015

So one of my students was absent yesterday....not a big deal. I usually ask my students why they were absent (just curious). He said he missed the bus and his dad didn't know where the school was so he stayed home. What??

BTW, he's new to our school/district but still....


Best informal eval ever!!!
by: mrsd5, 10-20-2014

Today the asst. prince came in, sat down, got out his chrome book, and began typing. I just sat at my desk doing lesson plans. My clinical student stood at the front and went through beginning of class routine. Then she turned on the video clip to introduce the lesson. I walked over to turn off the lights, and the asst. prince looked at me with a puzzled look. At the end of the 5 minute clip, I walked over and turned the lights back on. As I headed to my desk, HIS lightbulb went on. He stated, "She's teaching the class, right?" and then got up and left. I sure hope he erased the stuff he was typing about me sitting at my desk.


Third day of school funny
by: jady_marie, 10-30-2014

I teach middle school and have one difficult boy who has been having a little trouble getting into the classroom routines. He has been the usual rowdy boy that we sometimes meet that first week of school until they get used to the "what-what" of your classroom. He has been the constant interrupter (please raise your hand),the slow to start worker (everyone should be busy right now) and the noise making tapper (please come get your reflection sheet- that is not allowed in here).

I was walking around checking on everyone and once again he was sitting doing nothing. I reminded him, "In this classroom right now all pencils are moving or your hand is in the air with the question." He replied really loud for everyone to hear, "You are a witch!" This grumble was all for the laugh he thought he would get from the class. I turned and said, " Please get that pencil moving. I will be flying back here on my broom in about 5 minutes and I better see some work on that paper!" We all had a laugh including him.

It was just one of those funny moments that you have to share!


Dear Kindergarten teacher..
by: Tawaki, 08-24-2016

I know the new year is upon you, and as you make the little special things for the children and parents, you wonder do they even care? Does it matter?

As I was cleaning out the hoard, I found my art portfolio. Opened it up, instead of art was all the cute things you made. The Welcome to Kindergarten binder. The laminated Valentine with yours and my DD's picture. There was about a dozen things you did. A few of the cool homework sheets the kids drew pictures for.

I was really ill at the time, and my husband was a hot mess too. Kindergarten was a blur and we were in survival mode that whole year. It was fun having my now 10 year old daughter remembering this and that, and telling me how much she loved your class.

I know you moved out of state a while ago. I wish I could thank you in person, all that caring and doing the extra wasn't a waste.

Thank you,

A grateful Tawaki..


How cute is this?
by: linda2671, 08-03-2014

We went to the mailbox to get the mail, and inside was a tiny note. It was a tiny little happy face on one side, and on the back was a little boy's name. It's the little boy across the street. He's going to be in my first grade class this year, and was just sending me a happy note.


Tears of happiness
by: zxm123, 06-18-2014

This year I was thrust into a 6th grade position one month after school began. I didn't want 6th because I was tired of it. I taught it for 4 years in MS and when I moves to elem. I was hoping for younger students. Well, all year long I had a handful of behavior kids. One boy in particular was the most difficult and I would leave school so frustrated and worn out just from supervising him. Throughout the year I would call his mother whenever an incident happened. He was a kid that often fought and would easily lose his temper. The mom was supportive and disciplined him at home. One day his father, who didn't live with him, came and spent the day in class with him. He was so good and we actually learned that day without distractions and conflicts. By culmination time, I was so exhausted of this kid. He had perfect attendance! After the ceremony, his mother approached me and with tears in her eyes, she hugged me and said " Thank you for helping him to make it to this." I was almost in tears. It was so gratifying to hear this from the mother of the student that kept me up many nights, stressing. I nearly quit twice because of him. I walked into the bathroom once and cried my eyes out with anger and frustration because of him. But when I think about it I also drew closer to God because of him, praying for him. I think teaching is more than giving instruction to students. It's allowing ourselves as teachers to grow in love for the unlovely. By the end of the year I had learned to accept this kid and to do what I could to work with him and I couldn't have done it without God's help!


Wonderful children
by: subteacher01, 06-17-2014

I was recently at the track and field day of a school I sub at. I was there only as a guest, having been invited by a parent of a student/friend. We were with her child's class (3rd grade boys) and they were doing head to head races. I watched as one boy I'd taught in special ed was up. Well he's known for quitting when he doesn't want to do something so about a quarter way through his run he started walking. A few feet later he dropped to the ground. No worries, he was fine...just had no desire to do the race. All of a sudden 3 boys who had already run their races jumped up, ran out onto the field, helped him up and ran with him across the finish line, then walked back with him. My heart melted!! I've known these kids for years and I've always heard other teachers complaining about the group as a whole. I've never had any major trouble with them and have always known they were great kids, and that day they proved it. I'm still so, so, so proud of them.


Awesome notes from students in yearbook
by: Unpredictable, 05-26-2014

I bought a yearbook this year and asked my students to sign it. They wrote the nicest things

If you haven't done this before, than you really need to do it next year. It totally made my summer!


Good News from Former Students
by: TraddStLovely, 05-15-2014

This has been a week that has made me so proud to be a teacher - and made me feel a little bit old!

First, I received a graduation announcement from a former student. He has earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard! There was a picture enclosed, and he looked so mature. I'm not sure I would have recognized him.

Then, I learned that a classmate of his has a second interview for a job with the Boy Scouts of America. He was a lifelong scout and made it all the way to Eagle, so this job is perfect for him.

Finally, I found out that a girl whom I taught in third grade (many, many years) ago just completed her PhD in Immunology!

I love hearing about the successes of my students. I love the fact that they want to tell me their news. It makes me feel so proud of my profession.


Precious Student Story!
by: aeiouteach, 05-14-2014

When grading practice spelling tests, I noticed that one of my second graders wrote Jesus for word # 7, instead of the word store. I asked her why she wrote that instead of the spelling word. Her response was priceless:

"Well. I learned at church that if you can't think of an answer then turn to Jesus for the answer cause he's always right!"


Wake up call
by: Luvetc3, 05-11-2014

My most challenging fifth grade boy this year has been a challenge in so many areas. I have found it very difficult to respond to him professionally and respectfully, but I try very hard. Within the last month, he's turned around and started using the suggestions and techniques I've been recommending and making gains academically and behaviorally.

After school today, I found a note in my desk. In huge colored letters, it read I LOVE YOU. It was signed by my challenging boy. I am humbled and inspired. ( and teary eyed)


This week's funny
by: Aderynbach, 03-08-2014

We were reading The True Story of The Three Little Pigs and at one point, the narrator says "Who in their right mind would build a house out of straw?" One of my students quickly raises his hand.
Student: I know who would build a house of straw.
Me: Oh, who?
Student: Vegetarians. They always do that. I know because my parents were going to be vegetarians but they didn't think a straw house was a good idea.

I had to "cough" to cover up my laughter! So funny! First graders crack me up!


my entry for student funny...
by: Queenie Peavy, 03-07-2014

Let me preface by saying I live in a very rural county... I spent 30 minutes teaching about the stock market and the stock market crash as I began my unit on the Great Depression. On of my sixth graders raised his hand and was looking very perplexed. When I called on him he said, "Mrs. Peavy, are you talking about cows?"

It hadn't dawned on me until that moment that my students' would equate the stock market with the local stock pen where locals go to buy and sell livestock....


Today's student funny
by: Daphne333, 03-05-2014

Student: Ms. Daphne, you know we're going to war with Russia?
Me: You mean, a Cold War may be starting with Russia.
Student: What's that? Do they just throw snow at each other?

I died laughing. The mental picture of grown men in full uniforms throwing snowballs was quite the image. .

Oh to be 10 years old...


The REAL meaning of Christmas
by: TishFish, 09-03-2016

I teach in a small Catholic school. We had a student join our class a couple days before Thanksgiving. She is Christian (although not active in any church), but not Catholic. We have many non-Catholic students because we are in an urban area and people choose us as an alternative to the public schools.

Anyways...This morning, my 3rd graders were tracing their hands onto green paper and cutting them out in order to make an Advent Wreath. I was playing Christmas music and they were discussing what they were going to do for the holiday.

The new student then says, "I want an X-Box One for Christmas."

No one else had been talking about what they wanted, but instead about going to see Santa at the mall or what they were going to eat for Christmas dinner, etc.

Another student says, "That's not what Christmas is for."

Then a few others chimed in with comments like, "Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' birthday." "Christmas is for going to Church and celebrating Jesus." "Jesus came into our hearts on Christmas."

None of this was said to the girl in an unkind way. Instead, all of the other students wanted to ensure that she understood what was REALLY going on during this special time.

She just said, "Oh, I thought it was about getting presents." and started to laugh. Some of the other students laughed too, but they continued to patiently explain to her how Advent works and what we're celebrating on Christmas.

It was so touching to hear the inspired words that my students shared. It was certainly better than I could have explained it myself.

As you go through these next two weeks before Christmas, try to remember why we celebrate the holiday. Even if you are not Christian, try to make this time of year a time of peace, love and happiness for your students and families.


Who Inspired YOU to be a Teacher?
by: linds10488, 06-04-2015

I am in my final year of studying to become a teacher. Like all other teachers, one teacher in particular inspired me to become a teacher. For me, that is my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Pellegrini. I completed 2 years of Kindergarten under suggestion from Mrs. Pellegrini. I was younger than all of the other students, I never paid attention, and I thought it was "play time" instead of "carpet time" 99% of the time. Well, my second year of Kindergarten, Mrs. Pellegrini made it a habit to pull my aside to help me read so I can be on a track with my peers who moved onto 1st grade. The first book she taught me to read was Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. I just remember getting the feeling of accomplishment and thankfulness towards Mrs. Pellegrini. She made me feel special and that was something I wanted to be able to do when "I grow up." Ever since then, I played school every chance I got.

Who inspired you to become a teacher?


So sweet...
by: Queenie Peavy, 10-07-2013

A former student is now an anchor person for a news station in Tennessee. They were recently doing a segment on teachers that have impacted lives. As part of the segment, she mentioned me and another teacher as impacting her life positively! I was floored!!!! It was so sweet of her and it meant so very, very much to me. I felt validated and loved! It was a fantastic gesture and the fact that it came during such a difficult school year made it all the better!


Something positive
by: rachelmpd, 09-13-2013

In a toxic school, something good happened today. A student that I had in 3rd grade, my very first year of teaching, came back to visit. He is now a senior at the high school. He said he was starting to think of college essays and then something about people who influenced you/ shaped who you are. He said that I along with a couple other of his teachers did that. He thanked me for it.

This kid was incredible. He had just arrived in the U.S. from Hong Kong. I would tell him to just do a little of the homework. He would insist on doing it all. He spent a lot of time on it.

This is the second time in my ten years this has happened. It helps to remind me that despite all the B.S., that is the reason I went into teaching.


A Sign
by: girly3221, 09-06-2013

I had a rough day at the start of the year. One of my best students brought in a letter from her mom complaining about a situation from the day before. I was stressed and questioning everything. On the way home from work that same day, I got stuck in traffic (about 20 minutes from school) and looked over to see a former student wildly waving at me. I rolled down my window and briefly spoke with him. It was incredibly reassuring to see a student from years past so excited about seeing me. I truly believe it was a sign that the struggles are worth the rewards.


Great first weeks
by: Ms. Katie, 08-30-2013

Just finished the second week back, and I'm still smiling! My 9th grade students are coming in to class quietly, starting their bellwork, laughing, reading, writing, and completing their work!

These have been the best two weeks of teaching I've experienced in 4 years as an educator! I have spend a lot of time on the vent board the last couple of years, and I am just so glad to be on this board instead! I just had to share


Cute response from former student
by: kathy, 08-19-2013

Our eighth graders were helping new students find their classrooms. One of my former 3rd graders, who I loved, came to my room with a newbie. He and his friend walked out into the hall and he returned. He said, "Have you lost weight?" (I have- 54 lbs) and I said, "Yes, thanks for noticing." He said, "I thought look better."

I thought it was so sweet for him to even ask the question. Still love that kid.


Too funny
by: beachPatty, 08-17-2013

I just discovered this board. I keep a journal of my subbing stories - this was the most recent, so I thought I'd share.
3rd grade boy: I didn't think you would be as nice as you are.
Me: Really?
Boy: Yeah.
Me: Why not?
Boy: Because old people are usually mean.


My heart still feels warm
by: TLC, 09-21-2013

At a graduation party I ran into a student who was mine in second grade. He is now this handsome, giant of a marine. The graduate said, "Hey, you remember Mrs. C don't you?"
He hugged me, grinned, and said, "You NEVER forget someone who read you wonderful books every single day after recess!"


Love the Hair
by: LUVMY2, 04-18-2018

I was bending down to tie one of my student's shoes when i felt her touching my hair. I asked her what she was doing and she replied, "I just love your 'multi-colored' hair. It's like my grandma's."


Dear to my heart
by: Keltikmom, 07-29-2013

Was dreading teaching today's math lesson. Halfway through it, the lowest kid jumped out of his seat and announced he finally understood multiplication and division and proceeded to explain it succinctly to the class. I LOVE him!


Something you don't hear in a classroom everyday...
by: 2liltexans, 04-30-2013

But if you are in MY prek class you just might!

Student: "Mrs. 2liltexans, I can't find the name cards."

Me: "Oh! There they are on top of the cockroaches."

We are learning about insects this week and I have brought in several hissing cockroaches for them to observe. It's SO great to have science teacher friends!!!!

Funny story to go along with the hissing cockroaches. We were sitting in circle and I had JUST gotten them out to show the kids how they hissed. JUST as I touched it, we had a fire drill. Talk about 'perfect' timing!


Teacher Appreciation
by: TeachNut, 04-26-2013

Well, at our school teacher appreciation day was turned in to staff appreciation day because we can't leave out everyone else. Frustrating because the office staff was just treated to a 2 hour off campus luncheon for admin appreciation day ~ hmmm, I felt left out!

I digress to the positive. . . I just received an e-mail from a mom whose son has been less than easy this year! Mom has lost her job due to company closing but she's wondering what would make my teacher appreciation day special How nice that she's noticed the struggles I've had with her child and wants to encourage and thank me even through her own financial hard times. Some parents can really make you feel good ~ and it's not about anything she may get me, it's about the thought she wants to do something for me!


He remembered singing...
by: bonnybelle, 04-17-2013

Just now, happenstance reunited me with one of my favorite former students in the middle of the Giants Dugout store. Lupe is a handsome former US Marine, and married father of two. He told me he remembered doing mental math tasks and singing "You Are My Sunshine" at the end of each day. Little do we know such rituals are so meaningful.

Have a cuppa coffee with me and tell about such encounters you recall.


by: Savvy, 04-01-2013

I finally started using the poetry journals today...That only took since November, but hey it is started.


Continent Song
by: Aderynbach, 03-21-2013

I am teaching my firsties about continents and oceans and have taught them the same song to remember continents that my second grader teacher taught me. I told the kids this and they became very serious about learning the song. Some said, "If Miss ___ learned it SOOO long ago and still remembers it, we can too!" I even heard some of my girls practicing it at recess. Love it!


What a way to start my day. . .
by: TeachNut, 04-01-2013

Typical morning of students entering and getting about their business of turning in their homework and starting their morning warm-up. I look up as I'm about to take attendance and lunch count and see a mom coming in. I'm not too worried as this mom has been great all year long! She's here to drop off her child's book which he forgot at home (normally she'd let it go; but, with the week they've had she thought she'd be nice.) As we are chatting about the book I point out where her son is reading and how well he's doing and really talking him up. Next thing you know, I'm being told how great I am! How I've brought out this love of reading in him and I've pushed him exactly where and how he needed it. And now, instead of me boiling eggs for my class, she's going to do it! She's going to supply the kids our craft project needs for Friday and I don't have too ~ I tell her she's done so much and her response is that it's the least she can do because from these hours I'm her child's parent and she needs to support me so I can be there for all my children and be a dad to my kids after school is done!

I love this parent!!!


Teacher Appreciation Week
by: mwdouet, 03-06-2013

Teacher Appreciation week is fast approaching and I am wondering what other schools do to show their appreciation for you. We have a different "theme" for dress up days. Do any of you? If so, what are the themes? Lunch and breakfast are provided on two separate days for the faculty. We would like to have a different "activities/games" during the week for teachers. One thing we did last year was a baby photo contest. We are thinking about doing a scavenger hunt for teachers with wacky items. Does anyone do that at their school? Any suggestions or ideas would be great, thank you in advance.


What a great last day!
by: Dutchie's Mom, 12-22-2012

My students were so much fun today. They started singing Christmas Carols when they heard Santa was in the building. They sang Santa is coming to town over and over again until he arrived at our classroom. It was the best. I have never in my 26 years of teaching had a class do that!

Had one of my best weeks with them this week! But so happy to have a nice break!


happy dance
by: filehead, 12-15-2012

Yesterday my students got to see my "happy dance" (wild arms flapping, side stepping nmber) because this is the 1st time this year they all scored 100% on their spelling test! So happy, so proud! I little girl has been working so hard to memorize the words and she finally got it! Though I would share something positive on such a sad event weekend.


8 & 9 year olds are great
by: SCS89, 11-16-2012

This week they invented a new word, "fweckle". They can't tell me exactly what it means. Yesterday they asked me if I could order some fweckle for them. I humored them and told them, "sure". Today they asked about it again. I said, "Yes, I asked about it. They said they are out of fweckle until next summer."

Oh...did I mention we read "Pippi Longstocking" this fall? There's a chapter where she creates a new word and tries to find out what it means...

I'm thinking of finding my copy of "Frindle". I think they'll like that book, too.


oh sixth graders...
by: love2learn, 11-11-2012

One of my sixth graders looked up at me the other day and said "Mrs. L, you're like the teacher I've never had"


I want to learn how to read when I grow up
by: Ms.Gabriella, 09-25-2012

Today I was reading to some of the students in my class and one of they boys said that he wanted to learn how to read one day because I was reading to him. So cute!


by: bluebeetle, 09-17-2012

It's the first week of school and Mrs. Smith is walking her kindergarten class back from a special. Half of the line is stopped, looking around and not following the rest of the class. Another teacher stops and says "boys and girls, you have to follow Mrs. Smith". One of the kinders says "Who's Mrs. Smith?" So funny! Gotta love kindergarten!


Great first week!
by: Coopsgrammy, 08-23-2012

I have such a sweet First Grade class this year! It is a small class (22) of very happy kids who are excited to be at school. Today, one boy came back from the rest room, and excitedly asked "Did I miss anything?" Love it!


Dream job!
by: TeachChicago, 08-16-2012

This week was my first full week of school and I am in a new district. I absolutely LOVE it! Everyone has been super nice to me. There is so much support. I have a non classroom position, and even the kids have been friendly. They say hi and good morning to me in the hallway. I have a traveling position, and my "home" school has the best principal in comparison to the others- she is laid back and approachable. My mentor is also wonderful. She always has time for me and answers every question I have. I still can't believe that I got my dream job. I am so happy!


first day was fabulous despite everything
by: missenglish, 08-11-2012

All of our teachers were scared to start this year with common core, value added, new observations, new this, new that, but every teacher I talked to (including me) had a great first day. The kids generally seemed interested and ready to go. I know on the first day that many kids are scared and are only behaving because they don't know you yet, but I am getting good vibes this year. In the past, I could pin point my potentially problematic classes on day 1, but this year all my classes were so good the first day. (this was Friday, btw)

I hope the honeymoon continues! Morale has been low at our school with all the changes - our PD days were filled with dread, but everyone seems more hopeful now.


Bless their hearts
by: fish2, 08-29-2012

Today we did our annual "stroll" - instead of having an open house at school to meet our students we go to THEIR house to meet them. We have a 90%ish free/reduced rate. It's an eye-opener to see where some of them live. Every one of them is READY to come back to school. Just bless their hearts.


What are some things you have done for others that you didn't get anything in return?
by: OK4NOW, 10-07-2012

What are some things you have done for others where you didn't get anything in return?

I am really struggling with letting go of the need to want to do this for others and looking for some inspiration! Knowing that are people out there who still things for others and wanting nothing in return would be inspirational.



Waiting for the Big moments
by: OK4NOW, 08-28-2012

As a little girl, I loved playing with my friends-we would play dolls, barbies, stuffed animals, school plays, recess, dress up, go swimming in swimming pools, kitchen, watch cartoons & movies, have slumber parties, ride bikes, skating parties, play games such as hide in seek and kick ball...and dream of our big girl lives

Then I couldn't wait for that first dance, first kiss, first date, first boyfriend,

Got to go to trips to Washington D.C., St. Louis, Cincy, ball games, family vacations, amusement parks, fairs, concerts, church trips to Florida, etc..

Couldn't wait for middle school, turn 16, get to drive, high school, senior ring, ring dance, prom, graduation, college, college graduation that 1st job, that 1st house, marriage,

Couldn't wait to take a nice vacation

Had fun being in friends weddings, going to baby showers, etc...

Then one day I discovered life is about those little moments.

Got to remember those little moments...I think I will be okay for now on.


Personal Inspiration
by: trasie, 09-28-2016

I opened the newspaper this morning and saw two lovely faces from my not-too-distant past. Two former students just graduated from medical school and will be beginning their internships. One will be interning in surgery, the other in anesthesiology. I taught them science and health in both fifth and sixth grades. Maybe, just maybe, I had a small part in their success. I've been feeling so low about education and my job lately. Motivation and affirmation came just when I needed it.

Cute thing is...they're married... to each other! Congratulations Ryan and Megan!


My much-needed "Aha!" moment for the end of this school year...
by: Squirl, 06-18-2012

Yesterday, I went to the water park on post with the fam. While I was there, a girl walked up to me. She was in my class last year, and was in fourth grade the year before that as well. She failed her first year in fourth (obviously), and she managed Ds and Fs in my class as well. It was a struggle to get her help, and she was struggling in class with all of the help that I could provide alone. Finally, I was able to get her the Sp.Ed. help that she needed. (Just to put it into perspective, getting a kid into Sp.Ed. in my district is like trying to rob the Federal Reserve...)

She came up to me yesterday, soaking wet (water park, remember), and wanted to hug me because she was so proud of what she has been doing in 5th grade this year. Straight As!!! And part of all kinds of extracurricular activities (band and 4-H are the ones that she was most excited about)!!! Before I let her hug me (despite the fact that I was dry and had intended to stay that way haha... I was there so my niece and nephew could play, not me. Lol) and then sent her off to play, she said "Ms. Dawley, I don't think I could have done it without you. Thank you." Her mom thanked me as well, even though she HATED me last year because I "wouldn't do anything for [insert girl's name here]" and "refused to help" her child. Now, she apparently sees what I did do, and I'm glad. Even though she hated me last year. However, she accepted my outlook when I told her yesterday that I don't do it for the parents and I don't care how many parents hate me. I do it for the kids. I will fight for my kids until I can't anymore, even if the parents (and/or administration, for that matter) get mad.

Anyway. With all of that said... I suppose what they say is true. Through all of the B.S., through the times that you think you just want to change careers, through the moments that you wonder why on Earth you chose to do something that doesn't bring in the 'big bucks'... It really only takes one. One moment that matters. One child that makes the difference. I don't teach because it's going to make my signature famous one day. I don't do it because I'll change the world. I teach because I can change one (maybe thirty, if I'm lucky) child's world forever. She'll appreciate my signature in her yearbook. That's all that matters.


what is a teepee? this is cute!
by: Memsy49, 07-28-2012

In our third grade reading center, we were reading about Native Americans. We were discussing special dress, dances, tools, and "housing". I reminded the students that we have Native American culture days here at the vocational school out on the highway. I said that when they drive by they can see the teepees from the highway. The students looked slightly confused and had a "blank" face, so I said, "You know what a teepee is, don't you?" Finally one student raised her hand and declared, " I don't know what a t.p. is but mom always has it on her grocery list!"


Finally made a breakthrough
by: ESDTeacher98, 05-11-2012

I finally made a breakthrough with a student I've been working with all year. He has finally come around and made friends, and been trying in his work and started talking with me. I saw him smile!!
I'm sad that it is so close to the end, but I'm glad I finally have helped him and that he's finally let me help! What a great day.


is this New York
by: agolfer, 03-29-2012

Went on a field trip today. Drove from a rural school, along the beach to our destination about 30 miles away, still on the beach. Kids started asking, "Is this New York City?" Is that the White House?" (casinos and beach homes)


DD is engaged!
by: twinsister, 06-29-2012

We are very excited and happy that our DD will be getting married next year. She wants a traditional wedding. All of us want a nice wedding but are becoming overwhelmed with the potential costs. We have no idea of the normal costs and are wondering what others have done to make their day special without going overboard. She is helping with expenses too.


Don't you just love kids?
by: QueenBee2011, 05-23-2012

I loved this!
My students were doing a creative writing project. I told them to choose adjectives that were not used "all the time". So one little boy came to me to show me the beginnings of his essay. He wrote, "The trees and plants were very foxy".
I looked at him and said, "I'm not sure I understand. What do you mean by Foxy?" He said, "You know Foxy, another word for pretty". It took everything in my power not to laugh. The trees and plants were very foxy.
I just love kids, don't you?


I thought this was cute..
by: missenglish, 03-09-2012

So I was in the store the other day and I overheard a boy (maybe about 10) ask him mom, "Why is John so mean to you mom?" The mother replies, "Well, I guess because he is a teenager." The kid says, "Well, when I am a teenager, I won't talk to you like that or be mean like him. It isn't right." At this point, I smiled at the kid and walked away...

Maybe there is some hope yet. I teach high school and rarely do I ever get a truly polite kid. So many kids are so rude/disrespectful/defiant/etc. (Please don't get me wrong - I love what I do, but not the nasty attitudes)

Anyway, it was just so great to see such a nice kid.. made my day.



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