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This board is for sharing those funny things that happen during the school day or for those times where you have been inspired by a student, colleague, or individual. Kids say the most surprising things! Let's spend some time uplifting and sharing laughter as we strive towards excellence in Education!

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08-03-2022 host (Staff)
showing appreciating
by: talewis08, 03-04-2012

What kinds of things does your administration do to show you that they value your efforts and appreciate you?


Thank you
by: lumiere, 03-12-2012

I have been having a really rough year. Today, one of my parents came in just to tell me thank you. She said that her child has hated going to school the last few years. She said that this year he loves going to school and when he comes home he can't wait to tell her all of the things he did that day. I told her this was the best compliment she could have given me. It made all of the hard days/ nights worth it.


by: cruxian, 03-03-2012

My class started out evenly matched between boys and girls but go figure the girls are the ones who have moved away and the new students are all boys. My two naughtiest boys get all upset over where they are in line and all my old tricks to deal with the situation haven't helped. Today they were literally pushing each other because they were so upset. So I sat with the one who had started it and said I just didn't understand what was up with this. We're all going to the same place and the difference between first and last in line is probably a minutel, we don't start stuff until everyone's inside the room, and acting that way just means he has to wait until the end anyway. I told him that I was going to have to spend the next few minutes deciding whether to call his parents or the office since this wasn't our first discussion and someone was eventually going to get hurt. I waited 30 seconds and he turned to the boy he pushed and genuinely said, "I'm really sorry I pushed you. I guess it was kinda stupid to be that upset about it. I don't want to fight about it anymore." He's 8...and I do believe he meant it becuase of the tone of voice and the fact that it was completely unsoliticited. He's never apologized on his own!


Kids say the funniest things
by: Carolyn, 03-11-2012

One of my second graders looked at the rings on both of my hands and asked me if I was married to two men!


Love the Lightbulb Moment!
by: ESDTeacher98, 03-02-2012

I love the lightbulb moment when a kid says Oh, I get it--that's so easy now! I saw it today when a kid came to me for help and I just let him talk himself into understanding the fractions and his face lit up and it was wonderful. He had it right all along and finally found the right perspective to look at. What a good Friday!

Share your lightbulb moments!


by: iTeach314, 12-26-2011

Just graded this week's math was over Multiplication x2 and x3 (up to ten) and word problems. 12 out of 13 of my kids scored 90% or above! I'm so happy. Maybe I am doing something right! These kids just earned back their Mad Minutes Ice Cream Party that they lost due to excessive behavior issues. Seriously.
I teach second grade btw.


The story of a brave girl.
by: Dilia, 11-30-2011

This little girl gives us a great lesson. Never give up in life. She is a fighter.


by: Dilia, 03-14-2012

I don't know if it has been posted before but I saw it and thought of posting it.


Touched by generosity
by: Tessa_Rue, 11-19-2011

I work in a extremely economically strapped district (aren't most of us, sadly). Our fellow teachers across the state heard about our situation and did a drive. As a result, all of the teachers in our district were able to pick out much needed supplies. I was so touched by the kindness and generosity shown by others, when I know it is tough all over.


Relief at last
by: ESDTeacher98, 11-14-2011

I had posted last on the vent II message board about feeling burned out and bummed about my students not being the best listeners and too loud. I'm feeling better about them today. Over the weekend (it was a 3 day weekend), I was invited on a trip for the weekend. I decided I deserved a trip and would not take any school work to do. I had a great time and did not feel even the slightest bit guilty for not lugging my school bag with stuff to grade with me.
As a result, I did not have as much corrected work as usual to hand back. I explained to the class that I do not give them weekend homework b/c I expect them to work hard all week, and for me, even though I work hard for them all week and I still work hard every single weekend and I decided to take a trip this weekend (as I'm sure some of them did as well) and I did not grade as much as usual, so their returned work folder was a little thin today. Several chimed in at that point and said, "Good for you--you deserve it!" I was so touched--these are elementary kids and they realized how how I am working for them and could think outside of themselves and care about me, which is one of the life skills that I always try to foster each year.
I went on to explain that I knew they were interested in the results of their test last week and I did grade that. They thanked me and they were excited about that. I did apologize for the spelling test not being ready to one student and she said, no worries.
I think I'm finally starting to get some relief for my burnout misery!
Thanks for reading and thank you to all who posted advice on these boards for teachers to take care of themselves and that the work will be there for you when you are able to do it after taking care of yourself. What a good day!


She passed!
by: Mr Sensai, 12-03-2011

the 9yr old orphan girl I tutor for free passed the 1st level of her EIKEN test! (a very important test here for English)

EIKEN is backed by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and all 47 prefectural boards of education. Test results are accepted for admissions and course credit at approximately 2,200 high schools, colleges, and universities. Outside Japan, a growing number of institutions recognize EIKEN test results for international admissions.

She pretty much tackled me upon seeing me tonight and was the happiest I have ever seen her! She said her parents would have been proud of her! She also said she wants to get to the top level of the test!

I felt awful I did not bring a cake or gift but I said I we will celebrate next time! She said she wanted a chocolate cake and green tea ice cream!

I feel so great that I was able to help her with the free tutoring and it's very rewarding to see success!


1st grader made me laugh
by: mhugs, 11-13-2011

Towards the end of the day, one of my little boys was coughing the dry hacking cough. In all seriousness he said, Mrs..... I have a fur ball.
Maybe it was just the moment, but it sounded so funny.


kid story
by: 3rdgradequeen, 02-02-2012

I think it's ok to post this here...

So today one of my 3rd graders was chewing gum during book buddies (which she wasn't supposed to be doing). After a while we noticed that her book buddy was chewing gum, but the 3rd grader wasn't. We found out that the 3rd grader gave her buddy HER chewed gum. YUCK! At first I started talking to her in a stern, "teacher" voice, but I quickly realized that she had no idea that what she did was wrong. I believe she was trying to be nice and share. In the end I told her she couldn't share anything that was already in her mouth. This was another first for me.


Boost today
by: teachininfl, 11-08-2011

At my school, they decided to move all classes up as they were. So that means that my entire class went to one particular teacher. I was first year last year so this made me EXTREMELY nervous. She would see ALL of my shortcomings and my class was ROUGH. I had a bunch of tough kids and I felt bad for her that they didn't break them up.

Well...we have our first report cards next week for the year. She told me today that ALL of my babies (that what she calls them...I guess they are still mine) are on or above grade level in reading. She said that she would be extremely happy to take my class again next year if I do with them what I did with this one. That really made my day!! I'll take any little bits of positivity where I can get them!


I'm free!!!
by: ILoveMyCello, 11-03-2011

If you read my earlier posts, I had a horrendous last year after being kicked out of a school district when I was hired to LTS for my Mom during cancer surgery. Well, I am so glad this happened this way. I was hired in four other school districts and offered a LTS position in kindergarten which I graciously turned down because I'm not the most confident with the little ones. I am much happier being away from drama. While Im not in my own classroom yet, I'm happier and doing much better.


chickens: laugh for the day
by: sbmom, 10-13-2011

When visiting with a young man about why he had rated all our subjects/activities with a smiley face except 'I like school' he said, "I do like school but I'd rather be home petting my chickens."


Cute kid...
by: twin2, 10-04-2011

We were doing Science experiments with paper, straws and paper clips relating to our motions unit. A child, new to our school this year raised his hand and said, "We didn't get toys in my old school."


Glee Tonight!
by: ladybug12, 09-20-2011

I'm so sorry, wrong board!!!


Can't believe it :) My job well done.
by: basketball777, 10-25-2011

I've never posted on this board before

Anyways, our school got a site visit by our school district's Program Improvement Intervention team person. They basically come by and critique schools in PI, etc. We got a very short notice, etc. They pick classrooms at random and basically grade you with a monitoring tool, everything from teaching methods, your wall decorations, your materials, your lesson plans, a writing proficiency center, and ask the kids what they are learning(objective) etc. The teachers' attitude is that "nothing good comes from their mouths" and that they are basically full of a lot of criticism.

Well, a side note is that I am teaching the below grade level kids with a replacement core curriculum. It is basically a remedial intervention and they are not even exposed to on grade level standards at all, and it's supposed to fill their holes with standards from previous grades, etc. It has a lot of reading, spelling, phonics, high frequency words etc. I am teaching it for the first time, and just figuring out the program. I started it the other day! A few of my students didn't have any textbook or workbook yet and were sharing. A few of my kids are pulled out for resource, and join us 45 mins into the program. I also haven't had time with just getting the materials, and all my meetings after school, to even up a reading focus wall or anything, so my room isn't as decorated as other people. It's hard to get this group of kids, because they are very low, unmotivated(and no role models), and even some behavior problems and you have them altogether in 1 room for the whole 2.5 hours of LA. The other poor teachers end up with the ongradelevel kids, but with 40 kids in the room for 2.5 hours. So it is very contraversial using the program in the district. It counts as a form of differentiation, yet it feels like tracking.

Anyways, the district compliance person came into my room with the principal. I felt myself shake a little when they entered. The principal being with her made me feel more comfortable(I am close to her). Anyways, although I had never used the program before I was using the leveled theme book for the week, and pleasantly finding my students highly engaged. It then had a cause and effect lesson that went with it, which you would think would be way beyond their comprehension, but I was also surprisingly finding them very pleasantly engaged with it! They stayed 20 minutes or so.

I was told today, one day later, by the resource teacher, that the PI person was upset that the resource kids were pulled from my classroom, and that the special ed teacher needs to do inclusion everyday and be in my room supporting them and modifying the curriculum. So we got dinged for that.

But then the resource teacher told me that the PI person really liked my room and what I was doing. She said I had a model classroom and an ideal classroom! I was so suprised to hear that. Then, later today the principal caught me alone in the office, and also mentioned to me that the PI person was just "blown away" by me. And that everything was superb and great, including my lesson plans. I can't remember all the positive things she said.

Anyways, I am so happy! This gave me some motivation because for one thing, often I feel like I want to quit lately(burntout feeling). I was moved grades and I like it, but sometimes I find the discipline to be a problem, plus I was a little disappointed that I got stuck with the remedial intervention curriculum instead of teaching my grade level standards. Anyways, I feel so good about myself that the school district official people approved of my room. It's very scary when the people come here, because then they announce to the whole staff what is positive or negative in each grade, and what needs to be improved. Sometimes it's just a whole list of what needs to be changed. This was just a pleasant surprised that they really liked my room! Just proud of myself. I also feel a little bit better about teaching the lower kids with this weird curriculum too So anyways, I will hug myself for a job well done


Comfort & HOPE is these difficult times we are facing!
by: Combow, 09-18-2011

A Businessman Learns a Lesson by Jamie Robert Vollmer

"If I ran my business the way you people operate your schools, I wouldn't be in business very long!" I stood before an auditorium filled with outraged teachers who were becoming angrier by the minute. My speech had entirely consumed their precious 90 minutes of in-service. Their initial icy glares had turned to restless agitation. You could cut the hostility with a knife.

I represented a group of business people dedicated to improving public schools. I was an executive at an ice cream company that became famous in the middle 1980s when People Magazine chose our blueberry as the "Best Ice Cream in America."

I was convinced of two things. First, public schools needed to change; they were archaic selecting and sorting mechanisms designed for the industrial age and out of step with the needs of our emerging "knowledge society." Second, educators were a major part of the problem: they resisted change, hunkered down in their feathered nests, protected by tenure and shielded by a bureaucratic monopoly. They needed to look to business. We knew how to produce quality. Zero defects! TQM! Continuous improvement! In retrospect, the speech was perfectly balanced equal parts ignorance and arrogance.

As soon as I finished, a woman's hand shot up. She appeared polite, pleasant - she was, in fact, a razor-edged, veteran, high school English teacher who had been waiting to unload.

She began quietly, "We are told, sir, that you manage a company that makes good ice cream." I smugly replied, "Best ice cream in America, Ma'am."

"How nice," she said. "Is it rich and smooth?"

"Sixteen percent butterfat," I crowed.

"Premium ingredients?" she inquired.

"Super-premium! Nothing but triple A." I was on a roll. I never saw the next line coming.

"Mr. Vollmer," she said, leaning forward with a wicked eyebrow raised to the sky, "when you are standing on your receiving dock and you see an inferior shipment of blueberries arrive, what do you do?"

In the silence of that room, I could hear the trap snap. I was dead meat, but I wasn't going to lie. "I send them back."

"That's right!" she barked, "and we can never send back our blueberries. We take them big, small, rich, poor, gifted, exceptional, abused, frightened, confident, homeless, rude, and brilliant. We take them all: GT, ADHD, ADD, SLD, EI, MMR, OHI, TBI, DD, Autistic, junior rheumatoid arthritis, English as their second language, etc. We take them all! Everyone! And that, Mr. Vollmer, is why it's not a business. It's school!"

In an explosion, all 290 teachers, principals, bus drivers, aides, custodians and secretaries jumped to their feet and yelled, "Yeah! Blueberries! Blueberries!"

And so began my long transformation. Since then, I have visited hundreds of schools. I have learned that a school is not a business. Schools are unable to control the quality of their raw material, they are dependent upon the vagaries of politics for a reliable revenue stream, and they are constantly mauled by a howling horde of disparate, competing customer group s that would send the best CEO screaming into the night.

None of this negates the need for change. We must change what, when, and how we teach to give all children maximum opportunity to thrive in a post-industrial society. But educators cannot do this alone; these changes can occur only with the understanding, trust, permission and active support of the surrounding community. For the most important thing I have learned is that schools reflect the attitudes, beliefs and health of the communities they serve, and therefore, to improve public education means more than changing our schools, it means changing America.

Please forward THE BLUEBERRY STORY to teachers, parents, politicians and everyone interested in education.


had to share =)
by: Susan Teacher, 10-24-2011

Yesterday, I must have run over something (with the new tires I just got on FRIDAY!!!). I was picking up my MIL in a town about 35 minutes away from home. When I arrived at my destination, my TIRE light came on. I got out and saw my back driver's side tire was almost flat. UGH!!! Now I didn't have the slightest idea what I was going to do. I went in the Burger King where I was meeing my SIL. I must have looked very frustrated because this man came over and asked what was wrong. I told him about the tire issue and asked if there was a place nearby to pump it up. He told me not to worry about a thing, there was a station right next door that had an air pump. He told me to meet him over there. I did and he pumped it up. Then he told me to back up a little so he could try to find the problem. He found where the air was quickly coming out. He said, "You wait right here and I'm going to go next door to the auto place and get you a plug." I tried to offer to go and pay and he said no. He was back in a flash with a plug kit. He preceeded to lay down on the HOT HOT HOT and dirty cement and plugged my tire. Then he put more air in it and it wasn't leaking anymore. I tried to offer him money to pay for the plug, air, and his time but he'd have no part in taking the money. He told me he would never think of doing that and I gave him a hug and thanked him over and over! I asked him his name and he told me if I was ever in that town again and had a problem to ask anyone for the man named John Cooper with the bald head. () I was then on my way, and the tire is fine today and I am just thankful that he was in the right place at the right time and I was at a place that had a shell station with air and an auto place that had tire plugs!

Isn't this just how it should be?? People helping people just because they want to!!

Now, it's my turn to pay it forward!


I feel very loved
by: missenglish, 09-02-2011

Last year I taught a group of really low kids (Remedial English). Since I did well with them I asked to have them again. (For English I) I got a couple of them, but most went to the teacher next door. When the teacher saw me, she said "Your babies really miss you. They keep talking about you and asking why they can't go next door with you."

I also had various students I taught last year come in my room today, give me a hug and tell me they missed me. Even two girls I swore hated me. I asked them "oh, you like me now that you don't have me.? They said "we always liked you."
Aww. It's so nice to have kids actually remember me. I was new last year year so this is new to me. I am surprised by their actions because I have a reputation for being a harda$$. I rode their behinds last year, but finally they see why I did it.


Teacher of the Year Speech
by: goodwork, 08-05-2011

Wanted to share this motivational kindergarten teacher with a beautiful message.


by: learn, 08-07-2011

I am looking as well for a quote to use on my Introduction letter to parents, but our theme this year has to do with nutrition and being healthy.

Any ideas?


looking forward to this next year
by: elemedteacher, 07-08-2011

I am really excited for this new group coming in. The K teachers did so well this past year that these kids are ready for 1st grade! I met them in May and they were wonderful. I do have one hard kiddo, but he didn't show anything that day I met him.

I know it's beginning of July, but around mid-July I look forward to getting back.

This next year is going to be GREAT!


Kids like school!
by: elemedteacher, 07-08-2011

I was talking to a friend of mine whom I just found out that I taught her niece this last year. She said that her sister would call her and say that her daughter (my student) loved going to school! That makes me feel awesome and it's totally worth it! I didn't realize that this student was loving school so much. She was never a behavior issue or anything.
Just goes to show what kind of impact we have on students without even knowing it.


Walking on Water
by: sweetnin', 09-08-2011

As I was working with a small group of second graders at the reading table, we came upon a water strider in our story. I asked my students if anyone knew what a water strider was. No one did. So I explained that it was an insect that seemed to walk or stride across the top of the water. After a long pause, I noticed a girl with a pensive look. She finally looked at me and said, "Wait. I thought you had to be a Christian to do that." I tried so hard not to laugh!


A shout out for teachers non renewed
by: Soulsis, 06-16-2011

Last year I was let go out of the blue on last day of school. Being that it was a private school .. I didn't have many options to fight my termination .. Which is another story in itself. I was so depressed because I couldn't ever imagine anything better than where I was and what I was doing. But God truly was looking out for me. I was immediately picked up by a great school (public) that turned out to be a great fit for me. I am happier than I have ever been with this job...I have realized a lot about friendships and what is really important in life by being around more positive type people (. Not snobs). So as hard as it is..embrace this change in your life...God may have a much better opportunity just waiting around the corner....


Skit needed for Talent Show
by: HollyGirl, 05-25-2011

I just read a post about poems for Poem in Your Pocket Day....I thought what a cute thing it'd be to have kids perform a poem some how for the talent show. What would be a clever way? Single person or group? Act it out or simply say it? Anyone got any ideas??


Blue Angels
by: mrfinntastic, 05-12-2011

My fourth graders have given surveys to the entire school body and turning the data from each grade level into bar & pie graphs. We are going to hang the results on a massive bulletin board at our carnival this coming weekend. One of my weakest students has been struggling all through out these 2 weeks and his graphs are unintelligible (easily the worst handwriting I've ever seen in my life). Too make matters worse my principal brought in admins from other schools in our district to observe my room.

So all the students in my room are merrily hanging their beautiful culminations of 2 weeks hard work, and 3 very important adults are walking around the room praising everyone but my boy. I'm sitting with him trying to stem the tide of tears but I know he's about to burst.

Out of NOWHERE a squad of US Navy Blue Angels fly directly over the top of our school. This weak student is absolutely OBSESSED with the the blue angels. It is all he has written about in English all year long. I had completely forgotten they were in town for an air show. His attitude does a complete 180 and he says to me "If the Blue Angels never give up than neither will I!"

I just got off the phone with his mother (a close friend). We're going to take him out to the air show this weekend and work on his project. I think he couldn't care less about not being on a bulletin board at this point.


This week my students
by: jewelybelle, 05-07-2011

have inspired me. Currently, I am working in a resource classroom as a "teaching resident", aka, a student teacher.

When my students found out a few weeks ago that this was teacher appreciation week they started planning a surprise party for my master teacher and have been working so hard on it. They have created a banner, organized bringing food, and gotten permission from administration to hold their party in the cafeteria. They asked me to bring cupcakes and so I stayed up until midnight last night to get all the cupcakes baked and frosted. And I have to say I was happy to do it. I only hope that I will be as well appreciated by my own students someday.


Positive post
by: Who me?, 06-22-2011

The beginning of the school year was tough for me, and for the kids as well. They came from a class with zero discipline, so it felt like I was the meanie all the time. Kids were unhappy, and I was mad all the time. I was surprised about how much effort I had to put in with just discipline, let alone teaching last year's curriculum in addition to my own.
Fast forward 8 months: My kids have learned, are well behaved, I love them, and they finally love me . We have a relationship of mentor and learner.
One group made a me a card and a paper towel flower for teacher appreciation week . Misspelled words and a brown paper towel flower that is falling apart are the best gift I've ever received. I know it was made with love, and given with love as well. I'm a happy camper


Because it's almost summer...
by: purplecrayon, 04-28-2011

I only just discovered The Vent, but I've noticed there are some heated discussions, SO in the event that it's almost summer, I thought I might post some funny "vents" that have happened in the last couple of weeks. Feel free to post some of your funnies (which help to remind us, as much as our kids can drive us crazy, we love them!)

Yesterday, a visiting 5th grade student (from another class - I was helping another teacher with dismissal) told me I was his best friend (this was right after I explained to another student that teacher's are not necessarily student's best friends). I told him that my husband was my best friend, so bummer dude. He tried to press the matter when other students started to help him realize that my best friend would be someone I would marry. He turned bright red, took this knowledge with good spirits and laughed when I told him maybe if I were 11, he'd have a chance. tee hee.

Today was "take your child to work day" so we had fewer students. We named our miniature circle a "Mircle" Oh the funny things kids come up with!

I've got more, but this post is getting long, so I'll let you share your funny kid comments.


Boosting Confidence
by: Whit17, 03-24-2011

I am currently a writing instructor for grades k-6. I love all my students and they are all awesome but I have noticed that my 4th- 6th graders seem to have no confidence in their selves at all and seem to be VERY LAZY! I would love to do some type of activities with them or maybe have an after school program. Any ideas????


You know you're a teacher if...
by: sweetnin', 06-15-2012

you come home from school wearing a roll of masking tape on your wrist like a bracelet.


by: Porkys mom, 03-07-2011

I work with the lowest 15 in 4 of our 2nd grades. We had been talking about making volcanoes, got the "blank" look. It turned out they had no idea what I was talking about, so toady armed with a box of baking soda and a bottle of vinegar I had a great lesson in sequencing and writing directions. Then the 3 boys who are in my class taught their classmates how to make a volcanoes. It was a great lesson thatI didn't plan on working out so well. "I love it when a plan comes together"...A-team


I got a pleasant surprise today.
by: Mrs.Lilbit, 03-26-2011

We were asked today to nominate coworkers for a prestigious award--kind of like teacher of the year. It is my first year at this school and I don't really feel like I know enough about my colleagues to nominate one over another, so I didn't. Later, ballots were passed around with three teachers names listed and we were told to vote for one. My name was on the list! I was so surprised that someone nominated me. Later, a coworker told me that another teacher won (an excellent, deserving teacher) but that I came in a very close second--I hope I didn't miss by one vote because I didn't vote for myself. I'm just so honored that my colleagues think so highly of me. Two years ago, a horrible principal gave me terrible evaluations, made me feel like the worst teacher in the world and did not renew my contract. I feel a bit vindicated now.


Looking for a GREAT Quote or Saying!?
by: KrisAnn, 03-14-2012

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a great quote or saying to put on my introduction letter to parents. One quote that I really like is "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". Any ideas?


great observation
by: missenglish, 02-23-2011

At our school we have a school board member that comes by and makes classroom visits, which is nerve wracking for everyone. (Especially me! I've been teaching a little over a year and I am pretty new to this school)

Observation went really well though. I received "yeses/always" for every category and a 100% in classroom management.

I have all rough, low level groups this year and being recognized for handling it is wonderful. Two brand new teachers have been asked to come observe me to see classroom management techniques. I am very flattered.

I guess I know I am doing well, but hearing it from others is always a plus.


Oscar Wilde quote
by: snacktime18, 01-26-2011

“He lives the poetry that he cannot write. The others write the poetry that they dare not realise.”
-Oscar Wilde


Funny Teacher/Teaching Quotes
by: snacktime18, 01-19-2011

Here are some of the funnier teaching quips and quotes I have run into over the years. Some of them poke fun at out great profession, but we have to be able to laugh at ourselves. Enjoy.

If you promise not to believe everything your child says happens at school, I'll promise not to believe everything he says happens at home.
-Anonymous Teacher

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils."

— Louis-Hector Berlioz

"Smartness runs in my family. When I went to school I was so smart my teacher was in my class for five years."

— Gracie Allen

"As long as teachers give tests, there will always be prayer in schools."

— Unknown

"You know how to tell if the teacher is hung over? Movie Day."

— Jay Mohr


Toughness Quotes
by: snacktime18, 01-18-2011

Here are a couple good quotes on Toughness that I have enjoyed.

"Brave men are all vertebrates; they have their softness on the surface and their toughness in the middle."
-Gilbert K. Chesterton

“We must combine the toughness of the serpent with the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
-Winston Churchill

“You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction.”
-George Lorimer


So Sweet!
by: TeachLoveRead, 05-26-2011

One of my 3rd graders is a competitive gymnast and invited me to come see her compete this past weekend. So, despite a week off school for icy roads (and the fact that I slid out of my subdivision in 4 wheel drive), I headed an hour south of where I live to see her compete this past Saturday. What can I say, she and her mom are wonderful! She did a great job, and when we were making our way from the gym to the awards ceremony, she ran from her team, right past her mom, and gave me the biggest hug and smile I have ever seen! I said, "Sweetie, I think your mom would like to hug you too." She placed first overall in her age group, too! It was worth a half tank of gas and the admission ticket just to see her excitement at having me show up!


Testing went good
by: Mr Sensai, 02-06-2011

Only one kid struggled with a 77% though he failed one section due to a careless mistake I think. The rest nothing lower than a 92% !


A Smile by Don Head
by: snacktime18, 01-20-2011

Here is a fun poem for today to remind us of the power of a smile.

A Smile

May brighten up a cloudy day
Can make you feel good
Sometimes a hurt will disappear
Here’s hoping that more would
Heart welcomes what the eyes can see
An attitude could change
Inside warms from its glowing beam
No matter what the range
Like sun, but won’t affect your sight
Nor will it harm your skin
Can instantly bring happiness
Shine starts out as a grin
A smile can do all of this
Reflects a person’s grace
Less work with fewer muscles used
Makes an attractive face
And last but not least, one more thing
Kind of contagious too
Puts it back on the viewer’s face
When it is seen, it’s true

-Don Head

Have a great day everyone!


More Inspirations
by: snacktime18, 01-12-2011

This board needs to be mosted on more frequently. I am going to try to make sure there are a couple threads per week on here of stories, quips, quotes, jokes, etc.

Here is the quote for today.

"Every artist was first an amateur."
-Raloh Waldo Emerson

I am also going to post this on the new teachers board. Enjoy, more to come!


Enough already
by: Antique Tchr, 12-29-2010

of the highly-caloric, fat-laden, scrumptiously-delicious holiday foods. Anyone have a really good soup recipe? I want to venture beyond my two tasty stand-bys: potato soup and chicken vegetable. You can PM me the recipe or share here.


Putting a smile on my face
by: GreenSub, 12-26-2010

Not that this is a huge thing, but I am a Title reading teacher and rarely get gifts from kids. I don't mind not getting gifts; the majority of my kids work hard for me, respect me, and like me as a teacher. It is fun when I do get a present though. I just got one from a student whose family recently suffered a tragedy. I thought is was kind of amazing in the first place that the one gift I get is from a family that doesn't have a lot and is suffering. Then he told me I was the best teacher.
I share a room with another teacher of his and he was leaving one for her as well. She was not in the room, so he asked me if he could do a Secret Santa thing. So he made a tag that said, "To you from your seckeret santa" (He wanted to make the sign so I let him misspell the word). He does not plan to tell her. He made me smile.
Again, not a huge thing, but sweet and made me smile.


A Breakthrough!
by: Mr Sensai, 11-18-2010

Today one of the students (age 6) who is very smart (but also very shy) and never talks in class (in Japanese or English) raised their hand and answered a question! The whole class this student became a chatterbox! I was shocked and Mom was very shocked as her kid never speaks much at home.

I feel today was a success.


Had a great week!
by: fredlish, 11-06-2010

I'm not sure which board this belongs on. I just need to say that I had a really good week this week. It's not every week that I can say this. In fact, I feel like I've really been struggling this year. Finally, I'm seeing the light; my hard work and prodding of students to be more than they think they can be is working.

I've spent a lot of time on the vent board. It feels so good to have some positive.


"not the boring kind"
by: Balletrocks, 10-20-2010

I've recently started posting a daily schedule on the board at the front of the classroom. Some of the kids do actually read it. We were in the midst of making salt maps recently, when one student read the daily schedule. She asked, "When are we going to do social studies?" One of the boys replied, " Oh this is social studies - just not the boring kind". I'm inspired to continue to not do the "boring kind" of social studies.


Sharing the love
by: busybee4, 10-15-2010

While working with my Tier 2 and 3 kids the other day, I had given them a cvc word and picture match game I made for them to use at home. I added a note inside the zip lock storage bag reminding them to play the activity at home to practice reading their words. My three little friends began telling me how loving I was to make them such a nice game. They also said they would save my note and the bag because it was like having a bagful of love and bagful of caring that they can keep with them forever as their own eyes shone with the innocent love of seven year olds. They were so sweet!


Quotes on Humility/Humbleness
by: usechalk, 10-31-2010

Hello, here are a few quotes on humility that I really enjoy. I read these and they really get me thinking and sometimes kick my butt. Hope you enjoy and get some thing out of them.

"To be truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them." -Montesquieu

"None are so empty as those who are full of themselves." - Lofton Hughes

"Humility is to make a right estimate of one's self." - Charles Spurgeon

"Nobody stands taller than those willing to stand corrected." - William Satire


Winner or Whiner
by: snacktime18, 11-14-2010

Hello everyone, I came across this the other day in my files. After thinking about it and realizing a few things about myself, I brought it to my class. The kids responded well and we had great dialogue. This is for you as teachers or to help with some of your students

The Whiner says, "I don't know and I'm sure nobody else knows either."
The Winner says, "Let's find out."

When a Whiner makes a mistake, he says, "It wasn't my fault."
When a Winner makes a mistake he says, "I'm responsible, and I'm going to see what can be done to set things right."

When a Winner makes a commitment, he honors it.
When a Whiner makes a promise, he keeps it if he doesn't change his mind.

A Winner feels responsible for more than his job calls for.
A Whiner says, "That's not my department."

A Winner says, "There ought to be a better way to do it."
A Whiner says, "That's the way it's always been done. Why change?"

A Winner paces himself and rarely bites off more than he can chew.
A Whiner has only two speeds - hysterical and lethargic.

A Winner says, "I could be a lot better, and I'm going to try to improve."
The Whiner says, "I'm not as bad as a lot of other people."

-Sydney Harris


Great op-ed piece!
by: JulieG04, 09-20-2010

Susan Engel is my new hero! Reading this made my day--someone with actual proof of what we've been saying for years!!!


feels good!
by: RJean, 11-04-2010

I was in the hallway yesterday just after the bell rang and one of my students(6th grade) was walking with a girl I didn't know. My student said hi to me and I of course replied and told her to have a wonderful evening.

I got two steps away an her friend says "You have HER for a teacher?"

So of course I turned back, smiling, and asked how she knew me (big school)---she told me her name and I knew.... I had her brother last year when I was working with a different group of teachers (we group/team)...he was not the sweetest child, he got in a lot of trouble with me - usually for being unprepared or distracting to others, and his parents always had issues with things we did. This girl told me she was on my old team.... and her "parents were bummed" when they heard she wouldn't have me (and she seemed to be too by the look on her face).

Aww! So even when the parents complain... they don't always think we are super horrible


first day blues
by: basketball777, 09-10-2010

I got over them pretty quickly,
when my student gave me a Big box of chocolates in a pretty gift bag on the 2nd day of school!

I am guessing her mom was soo happy that the little girl liked me so much on the 1st day of school that she gave me that gift.

so sweet and never had something like that happen before made my day, really. glad to know kids like me a lot


cute story about reader
by: basketball777, 09-16-2010

So cute:

Little boy who can hardly read anything in my 3rd grade room..he goes to resource and speech... and sits there being disruptive or doing nothing most of the time(even with easy work) felt successful today.

I was certain he must be able to read *something*. I found Green Eggs and Ham. I started helping him read the pages(which he struggled with sightwords, and such, but still could read it a little ). It was so cool to see that once he got started he kept going! Discovered he could actually read something! I think this was a big surprise for him. He doesn't read at home he says. He only read one word for me from the first grade reading test.....

He likes to read to me.
So cute how he kept saying to the boy next to him, "What's that word?!" And the boy would tell him....
"what's this?" "their" "whats this word" "their again!" whats this word "their again!" (see how he needs sight word help)
So cute to see this, and funny


Parent Praise
by: Carolyn, 08-27-2010

Years ago, I lived in a small community that had a very small elementary school where I worked. I moved away from that community after having taught fifth grade there for 4 years and accepting a new job about 60 miles away.

Today I went back to that community. We ate in a restaurant for dinner. While I was sitting at my table, a woman suddenly approached me. She said, "I remember you! You taught my son when he was in fifth grade! He's now a senior in high school."

I nearly dropped over. Wow. A high school senior!!!

Mom went on to heap me with praise and tell me how wonderful I was for her son. It was one of the nicest things any parent had ever said to me. It was wonderful receiving so much gratitude.


Make a difference!
by: Dilia, 07-27-2011

A lot of you have heard the story but I would like to share the video.
Since school has begun for almost all of us I would like to wish that we have the strength and the courage to be teachers and that we can make a difference in someones life.



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