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TeacherPK6's Message:

Sometimes I ask them to wait a bit if I am directly teaching, but in general I let them go. Also, we have a bathroom in the classroom so I've told them that they don't have to get permission during center time when I am working with other groups.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
1elateacher 11-11-2017 02:58 PM

I let them go. I have bathroom passes so only two at a time can leave the room. I encourage them to go during independent work time, center time, or Go Noodle brain breaks. I don't want to deal with accidents.

Chimneygrl 11-11-2017 12:45 PM

I use a bathroom sign and when it is up they can use the bathroom. It is mostly during center or independent work time. We have a bathroom in the classroom.

Smurfyteach 11-08-2017 06:16 AM

I think I am quite strict but not with bathrooms. That is cruel. They are little. One day you will understand.

Schroe 11-05-2017 04:09 PM

Let them go to the bathroom...many aren't developmentally ready to "hold it," particularly the boys. If I notice a pattern with a particular child I will speak to them privately and ask if everything is OK. There might be a child or two who are avoiders but I have found that the majority tell the truth; they might have tummy trouble or their first meal of the day was our snack time and they really need to go.

MrsWok 11-01-2017 03:04 PM

The parents at my school would FLIP out if I denied the bathroom. I let students go as needed but it does cause a lot of distractions. I need to figure out a different system.

jov 10-22-2017 06:05 PM

Limiting bathroom visits would never fly at my school. Plus, 6 year old bladders can be tiny! We bring the whole class twice a day and then kids can ask to go as needed. Like others have said... if I'm in the middle of a lesson, I will ask if they can wait 5 minutes or if it's an emergency. One ADHD boy asks every hour. I let him go since I think he just needs to walk and stretch. I just tell him to come back in 2 minutes and he always does.

Catdog12 10-22-2017 05:42 PM

with my DD. She told me that my 6 year old GS is being told he can only use the restroom TWO times at school!

Oh, H&&& no! My DD has emailed the teacher to find out what is going on. I know for a fact that he uses the restroom at home a lot.

TeacherPK6 10-17-2017 06:43 PM

Sometimes I ask them to wait a bit if I am directly teaching, but in general I let them go. Also, we have a bathroom in the classroom so I've told them that they don't have to get permission during center time when I am working with other groups.

MissAgnes 10-17-2017 06:22 PM

Our day starts at 9:00, and they don't go to lunch until 12:50. That's a LONG time to wait!
If I am teaching, they cannot go. If it's independent work time, then I will let them go. The exception is during math. We have a whole class bathroom break after recess (right before math), and I tell them to go then, because I won't let them leave class during math.
I keep track of who goes, and there are some who have to wait until breaks (recess/lunch) because they abused it.

Mrs. S. 10-17-2017 03:53 PM

I do what Munchkins says. Only 1 girl and 1 boy can be gone at a time. If they ask when I am directly teaching, I ask if they can wait or is it an emergency.

I usually have a few that abuse the privilege and I tell them, they have to ask me every time. After the novelty wears off, they usually only go when needed.

I also send them before lunch so they won't need to go during lunch.

word girl 10-17-2017 02:37 PM

I do the same as what the previous posters mentioned. I ask that they wait until I'm done with any direct teaching.

I also clearly state what are the "best times" to go - first thing in the a.m., snack, lunch/recess, end of day. I also remind the ones that need reminding - "Now is the time to use the bathroom if you need to."

If they still ask, I let them go. Most don't abuse the privilege.

Incidentally, I noticed a lot of students needing to go A LOT at the beginning of the school year. I think that over the summer they're not used to having to wait or go at set times. So the minute they get that urge, they have to go.

Now that we're in the routine, that has lessened greatly.

Munchkins 10-17-2017 01:22 AM

That's my answer if I am teaching. I've had kids have accidents because they are too shy to go. I just transitioned from group breaks to "go when you need to but try not to go when I'm teaching." For the most part it's fine. They out a pass on their desk and go across the hall.

When I'm teaching and they ask and I say. "I won't say no" I tell them to go quickly if they can't wait.

I try not to say no, because they are little and I want to avoid the embarrassment of accidents.

ElizabethJoy 10-16-2017 08:00 PM

Yes, I let them go.

If I'm in the middle of telling them something super important I'll ask them to wait two minutes.

If someone seems to be abusing the privilege, they might need special rules of their own (or a visit to the doctor) but I've rarely had that problem.

I think not letting them go at all is too harsh, and could cause unnecessary discomfort or humiliation if someone wets themselves. I'm not going to take that risk.

I do teach little ones though. Perhaps older children would benefit from slightly different expectations. I still wouldn't make it a blanket no, however.

Coopsgrammy 10-16-2017 08:33 AM

In first grade, I try to always say yes. Many just don't have bladder control yet. I do ask they wait until I am done presenting a lesson unless it is an emergency. I occasionally have a child abuse the situation, but not often.

Missbex 10-16-2017 12:23 AM

Do you let students go to the bathroom in class time? I say no and make them wait until recess or lunch. What is your policy?

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