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pausebutton's Message:

It sounds like you are doing all you can and trying to be consistent.

Would it help if the admin got involved...or would that be more of a pain for you? Some Ps are helpful but some are simply not.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
ma1151 02-21-2018 02:40 PM

Hello I am new to PT community but as soon as I started to read your post I felt an instant connection to your situation. I just took over a teaching position for a teacher who left on a medical excuse. The class is a 1 and 2 combo at a charter school. The students have been without a perm teacher since before winter break. This is my second week with the students and I am already feeling over whelmed by their behaviors. I have read through some of the other posts here and I am going to try some of the suggestions made until I find one that works for me. Maybe try the same approach and come back in a few days and tell us how it went for you and I will do the same.

Kishkumen 02-15-2018 05:53 PM

The video incentive is no longer effective. The only result is the "good" kids are now frustrated because their reward is denied. I'll give the call back signal and have three student respond, while five or six unknown students continue talking. The call-back expectations are repeated a dozen times, along with multiple procedure practices each day. Usually what happens is the same few kids will shout back louder, but half of the students don't even respond. I don't know who they are.

Every day I take five or six students into my classroom for their lunch recess. I have them write sentences as a consequence or finish the classwork they refused to do. I call parents every day.

Small-group instruction has ceased this week, because student volume is too loud for me to hear the students at the small table. I now spend that time policing the classroom, keeping individuals on-task and quiet.

The admin and four different coaches have tried to help me over the years but been stumped. I'm doing everything they've suggested but am not getting the same results. Asking for further help is simply providing evidence of my own inability, so I'm on my own.

Kishkumen 02-08-2018 07:03 PM

The video incentive is having some partial success this week. My rule is three good call-backs in a row earns a video. Even through it took us twelve bad ones in a row, plus lots of reteaching and practice, the class saw one yesterday and two videos today.
I try to put fun things in. The eight students who had turned in their writing assignment last week got to play board games during writing today. The rest had to continue writing and turn it in today, because progress reports go out tomorrow.
A little experiment was done today. I gave a directed drawing lesson as a break from math today. It was done on the back of a worksheet before everyone turned it in. Eleven students out of my 28 third-graders chose not to. They either drew something else or left the back blank. That means at least a third of my class is off-task during everything, even "fun" things

Loveandmercy 02-03-2018 06:13 PM

I can relate to your entry. Here is what happens to me. Maybe some of my ideas would be helpful.

Laughter diffuses my tendency to get into a power struggle with my students. I am not hearing that in your entry at all -just saying that I get that way and if I can get them laughing (and also seeing me laugh - humanizing the teacher ) it really helps them to focus.

I Use short 1 or 2 minute videos on YouTube as a reward on my Smart Board. (All short term rewards) So I say," If you can finish your paragraphs by 9:30 then we will watch a funny video! You can do it!" Then if they do it, I play "Ultimate Dog Tease" or one of the many hilarious Panda cub videos.Thereis so much on YouTube. It gets them laughing and I get a short break. Laughter is also helpful to ME. So I can lighten up! This also contributes to more effective classroom management because I am relating to them in a more relaxed way!

I use whatever is of great interest to the kids. Last year, I had a TOUGH class. This often worked. I remember I found some fabulous waterslide videos and the class LOVED them! One was the world's longest waterslide!

The only thing is this can not be used all the time. The key is novelty.

I read once about "Smacker Smudges." I bought a pack of soda scented Lip Smackers with different varieties. When I would want the kids on task I introduced Smacker Smudges. I would walk around and if children were on task, I would rub a little on the back of their hand. So they could sit and sniff grape soda on their hand! Or Cherry Coke flavor! Or Sprite! They all immediately quieted down and worked.

It helps me because I can fall into a habit of saying things like "Cmon guys, we have a lot to do today blah blah blah" and when I get that way (overly wordy) the kids just tune me out! (And it is no wonder.) If I can make it fun then I can get them to come back and focus.

Of course I teach 3rd graders. I don't know what kind of impression this would make on the 8th graders!!

I also play "Just Dance" videos on the Smart Board as a reward. They LOVE these!

I also announce a surprise word for the day. The first child to stand after hearing it wins a Stars Wars sticker! Or an Olaf sticker - something fun. I try to make the word silly. So I would say at announcements, "The word for the day is NUTELLA!" THen during Social Studies, if everyone is falling asleep because it is about history maps, I'll say that Gaspar dePortola brought his NUTELLA to the New World!!! They knock over their desks trying to be the first to stand up! It's fun to see who is really listening!

Then of course, If they can earn the letters to the word "R E C E S S" that I write one at a time on the board for good behavior, that is always motivating.

Hope this was helpful.

Good Luck!

Kishkumen 01-30-2018 06:10 PM

I've tried a new technique that seems to be effective: I pull three names at random (popsicle sticks) without revealing the names. But I announce I'll be looking closely at three students. if all three do the assigned work, the class gets 30 extra seconds.

On the other end, I've had to contact three different parents last week and two today due to behavior in class. Three or four Students have been held for recess in my classroom every day last week. Monday I just had one, but today I had three more. Four are scheduled for tomorrow.

Behavior keeps getting worse and worse.

Kishkumen 01-27-2018 03:46 PM

Other teachers are using Class Dojo. I'm considering it, but my old iPhone 4 is too old. In the meantime, I'm using a class points system, a clip chart, and the site-based behavior tickets for good behavior.

The admin is unable to help. I've done everything they've suggested without result. I'm afraid further requests for help would be seen as proof of incompetence or merely complaining.

pausebutton 01-26-2018 03:00 PM

It sounds like you are doing all you can and trying to be consistent.

Would it help if the admin got involved...or would that be more of a pain for you? Some Ps are helpful but some are simply not.

Tounces 01-25-2018 08:42 PM

Do you have Class Dojo? Maybe theyíd care more if their parents knew.?

Brown_Sugar3 01-24-2018 06:22 PM

Your class sounds exactly like my class. Iím am getting frustrated.
My class wasnít always like this but itís getting worse. I donít know how it can get better. Right now Iím finding myself counting down the days but June canít come soon enough.

Kishkumen 01-24-2018 05:51 PM

The procedures that I practiced at the beginning of the year, re-taught in November, and re-taught again after Christmas break are no longer effective.

Students are ignoring the call-back signal. Only two or three students respond, the rest keep right on talking. I've retaught the procedure several times, but it's only getting worse.

Students are constantly talking. They talk during instruction. They talk during small-group time. They talk when I am telling them to stop talking. They talk during silent reading time. I can't tell who is doing the talking, unfortunately, so consequences are rarely given.

I've been using Fred Jones' plan of giving students time to earn. They earn the time by following directions quickly, and spend it when they use up instructional time. If they have more than ten minutes saved that week, they get to spend it on a Fun Friday. It worked during the first half of the year, but it's no longer effective as of this week.

For example, it should take the students five seconds to get out their reading textbook. I'll state they should have twenty seconds, and any extra time goes to their time pool. They'll take thirty seconds. The class has collectively chosen NOT to earn extra time. It doesn't matter if I count backwards or stay silent. Half the class will continue socializing, fooling around, playing in their desks. They did not have Fun Friday last week and this week looks unlikely.

If I give the call-back signal and students are still talking, I'll start counting. I'll take that time away. Usually, I'll get to 10 or less before everyone is ready for instruction. This week I've been counting to over thirty seconds, each time. That will get me a few minutes of instruction time before everyone starts talking again, requiring another thirty seconds to get them quiet. Students consistently lose five minutes of earned time every day. They've now chosen not to earn extra time to make up for it.

It's been suggested that I simply wait for compliance. After thirty seconds, then what do I do? All that seems to do is reward students with more talking time. If you don't want to work, simply start talking, and teacher will courteously stop the lesson for you!

I give out positive reinforcement to students (clip up, give out tickets, etc). This worked earlier in the year but has become less and less effective.

I've practice procedures continually since the beginning of the year. Instruction time has been stopped to re-teach these procedures, but they are still losing effectiveness.

Conferences with students and contacting parents has never been effective, yet I keep trying it because other teachers claim it works.

When I finally determine who is talking repeatedly, I'll give them one warning, then they lose lunch recess. I hold lunch recess in my room daily. Monday I had two students. Tuesday I had six. Today I had another two. Tomorrow there is at least one more. Admin is no longer interested, as they've told me to stop sending office referrals for repeat behavior. I'm on my own.

I can only imagine that the consequences (positive and negative) are not effective, yet they work for other teachers at my site.

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