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RedHen2016's Message:

Hello! I taught for 8 years before leaving for illness. I didn't go back because my dream of having a child had come true. I have not taught in 3 years. I am 40 years of age now. Can you all give me pros and cons for returning to teaching?

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Testyteach 01-19-2019 09:08 AM

You are spot-on with the cons. I'm beginning to think pros are not worth the cons. It makes me so sad that this is what the teaching profession has become.

basketball777 12-30-2018 07:04 PM

I’m 38 & lost my job 3.5 years ago(resigned but was nonrenewed from a district that’s notorious for nonrenewing) I haven’t been able to find a job & had 18 interviews. I did briefly work in a rough school/district & left after 12 days! I used to be a top teacher. Luckily I’ve been able to spend some much needed time w my little girl. I do sub a little bit.

Out of loop w STEAM/tech/modern teaching
Stress from Evals!
Stress from being at schools constantly monitored w walk thrus
Some districts provide poor curriculum & then u have to supplement w a lot of teachers pay teachers
Too time consuming & not enough prep time in day
Work place bullying present some places
Hard to get job at a decent school
Lack of admin support w behavior in some schools
Too much emphasis on types of questions you need to ask/protocol on latest in Ed trends
You can easily be nonrenewed for no good reason in my state
Too much paperwork
Not enough support when handling parents
Too low pay
Too much monitoring lesson plans etc in some districts
Hard to have a good balance w family life...

Pros: it’s fun, not boring, enjoyable to work with kids, vacations

RedHen2016 12-25-2018 05:22 PM

I am struggling with the thought of going back, finding work outside of education, or just being a stay at home mom. I am leaning on going back into the classroom.

Hpylife 12-24-2018 04:27 PM

Hello! I'm 46, almost 47. I had a hiatus from teaching for about 10yrs...went back after an illness (I had cancer, now in remission). Congrats on having your child!! I had not taught in 10yrs, so I had to get recertified--had to take 3 classes get my certification renewed.

Pro's: Health Benefits covered almost 100%, being that person that makes a difference in a childs life, watching those "lightbulb " moments, when you have amazing coworkers and you work well with them, being a safe haven in the chaotic lives of many kids, advocating for students, holidays off, summer 'off', weekends and evenings "off, making a difference in our future....etc..I could go on and on for this one..

Cons:I teach second grade and we are not differentiated at my school so planning for 6 lessons each day is tiring and I constantly feel that I have not taught a lesson to the best of my ability. I wish we were differentiated so I could focus more on one topic instead of spreading myself so thin. I am one of the oldest teachers in our building so sometimes feel a bit left out of the loop, I get tired faster, I don't like feeling unable to ever catch up with changing curriculum, pay isn't great and where I am we have not gotten a raise in5yrs!!, I dislike having to gain my masters without much of a pay increase--I have no interest in doing admin so I'll be in the classroom...stress of having too much to do and not enough time weighs heavy on me, large class size--I had 32 last year and this year it is 34. Barely enough salary to cover my living expenses with minimal leftover to invest or splurge on things. I would really love a job that I can go to, work a full day and do my best, then leave at contract time and not worry about it--no more lugging home lesson plans or staying up late planning at all hours,,,not enough time in the day at work to plan for the next day or grade/check work,etc..

I am constantly working to figure out a way to eventually be out of the classroom within 5yrs and doing something else. The lack of decent salary has me working towards that--however the health benefits are worth a lot to me so I stay for now.

RedHen2016 12-17-2018 06:50 PM

Hello! I taught for 8 years before leaving for illness. I didn't go back because my dream of having a child had come true. I have not taught in 3 years. I am 40 years of age now. Can you all give me pros and cons for returning to teaching?

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