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apple annie's Message:

I would ask for a meeting with your principal and tell him exactly what you've said here. If you are really okay with leaving mid year, that is.

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Guest 5512 01-01-2019 09:54 AM

Teaching is difficult because we feel responsible for so much, yet have control over so little! Every new teacher feels overwhelmed- veterans, too! - so give yourself some grace, self care, and tons of forgiveness.

Try to find a colleague who lifts you up and makes you laugh.

I survived a particularly difficult year by reading the thoughtful and funny comments here on PT. Itís good to know you are not alone.

I will keep you in my thoughts as we begin the new year and hope that you find some silver linings amid the disappointments.

live2educate2 01-01-2019 08:11 AM

I totally agree with your response. I admit the whole set up is overwhelming for me as a first year teacher. In all truthfulness, it was thrown together without much thought at all. Logically, I can see dividing the students up and giving me my own students versus this shuffling back and forth. I am debating on resigning as this is too much for me to handle.

Guest 5512 12-30-2018 03:37 PM

It sounds like a difficult student population and admin is attempting to divide and conquer with smaller class sizes. Do what you can - you are only in charge of you - and hold your tongue for now.

As you gain experience, you will gain credibility with your colleagues. Focus on your classroom. If others see that you are having success, they will come to value your opinions.

If students who are supposed to go to your room go to the other teachers room instead, then give consequences. But also reflect on what you need to do differently. Try to give the students a reason to want to come to your class

teabreak 12-23-2018 11:22 AM

I'm not sure what model this is and how it is effective, but unless you are purposefully parallel teaching, this is not a co-teaching model and seems a waste of time for all involved. Since you can't change the schedule, you and the other teacher need to get together and set common parameters on expectations of school and class work. If you both are not willing to compromise, then this arrangement won't work.

I would include admin in on this brainstorming as the scheduling seems to be their idea and they may have a better way of letting you both know how it should look. With admin there, ask what "look fors" they want. What are the expectations and final outcomes.

apple annie 12-23-2018 03:33 AM

I would ask for a meeting with your principal and tell him exactly what you've said here. If you are really okay with leaving mid year, that is.

live2educate2 12-21-2018 03:29 PM

Hello Everyone!

I started teaching last month and this is my first teaching position. My background is office/administrative work but I wanted to become an educator.

Fast forward! I am thinking of not returning after Christmas break. I originally applied for a position for a 7th grade English teacher but when I went for the interview I was told by the administrators that they were "reorganizing" things so they decided to place me in a co-teaching position which is a new thing to me and the co-teacher I'm with.

What could possibly go wrong, right? Well, fast forward again! I was told I would observe the teacher I would be co-teaching with for a week and then I would get half of her kids with the goal of us splitting the curriculum.

We have 7 periods at school. I have my own classroom and half the kids in each period come to me for an entire week and then the following week they go to the other teacher and the group she has come to me. We do this for 9th and 10th graders. I was also told I would be doing the same thing with another grade as well.

Since the students rotate, I only have half the students on my roster so the co-teacher and I have to get together every other week to enter attendance and grades for weeks that the students are not on either of our rosters.

She has mentally checked out. She allows the students to do whatever (eat, on phones, run around class, leave class, go to other teacher's classrooms, wrestle, play, etc.). She keeps her door closed because of this behavior and as you can imagine it's extremely loud in her classroom.

She doesn't teach the students but says she's been a teacher in other districts. She says she has over 10 years teaching experience. She literally has told me that she doesn't care and has expressed going back to school to do something entirely different.

When the students come to my class for the week, I spend so much time correcting behavior and trying to teach that I'm mentally drained.

She's had them by herself since August and they've done nothing and aren't required to do anything in her class. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Things I've asked her to enforce (if my student skips my class and wants to hangout in her class that she sends them back to me) she told me she probably wouldn't enforce it.

I honestly don't know what to do. As the new kid on the block, I don't want to bad-mouth another teacher or run to the administration. I don't understand how the principal doesn't know how bad it is since he is required to do observations and surprise visits.

The co-teacher told me she's thought about changing but it wouldn't be overnight and she couldn't work in an "A" district because of the pressure. I know the school district is a failed/failing school but I wonder how does a teacher like that stay employed.

I am thinking of not returning because the added stress of being a new teacher and tied to this teacher/situation will probably cause me to develop mental/health problems. It will be a fight and I don't know if I have that in me. It has been stressful and draining for the few weeks I've done it. Also, I am afraid I will say the wrong thing to her out of anger and frustration and cause a rift between the two of us.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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