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teach123's Message:

Thanks for all the advice, links, and suggestions. I am still undecided but have a lot to consider.

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teach123 05-12-2019 05:17 PM

Thanks for all the advice, links, and suggestions. I am still undecided but have a lot to consider.

Phyllis 05-12-2019 07:12 AM

Sbkangas5 05-11-2019 05:42 PM

I love K and hope to be there for a long time! But it is a completely different world than the rest of elementary. I feel like it's definitely a love it or leave it grade. Visit the kinder board - there's a good thread with lots of info on the beginning of kinder.

Zia 05-11-2019 02:35 PM

teach123, visit the K board. There is a recent thread by Munchkins you might wanna read.

Zia 05-11-2019 06:18 AM

I forgot one big thing! It varies by school/district of course, but I never have papers to take home to grade, online systems to enter grades, etc. I work contract hours--no night or weekends.

My first year, yes, I had stuff I had to do after hours--there's a ton of prep in K. But I don't re-invent the wheel, either. I also have a FT aide in my room and she does the on-going prep stuff. I realize that isn't the case everywhere, but she makes my job 3487474754 times easier!

anna 05-11-2019 06:13 AM

I've done the upper grade to kinder jump and loved the change. Kids want to be in school at that age and are enthusiastic about everything . I went home with a smile most afternoons because I didn't feel like a task master nagging kids to pick up their pencil and begin working . As others have written,kinder is another world. It's fast paced and you do need to be highly organized . Check the grade level team to be sure they would be a good fit for you.

Zia 05-11-2019 05:43 AM

Even though there is no standardized testing, I think there is more pressure on th K teachers than anyone else.
It completely depends where you teach. My Kinders have more testing than any other grade level. And, the super fun part, other than the not-reliable but mandated online testing, most of it is performance tasks which is a 1:1 setting for the most part. I can do some of it in small group, but most of it is 1:1.

I love K! The kids come in pretty feral in August and the first few weeks are devoted to domesticating them. Seeing how far they've come as people and as students is exhilarating.

Patience, yes, being 100% on during every second of student contact (there is no downtime with littles), finding them hilarious and charming are definitely required traits! Classroom management is vital in all classrooms, but in K? It is absolutely crucial. Parents are typically more involved in K than any other grade, so it's not just students you have to build relationships with, but also parents. Some need a lot of hand holding!

K is also what I call the first line of defense. When a kiddo has an issue, you are likely to be the first one to identify it. You are the person to break the news to parents, "Something ain't right here," and that can be very difficult.

Kinders are so excited about EVERYTHING! It's a pro AND a con! But their enthusiasm is contagious. I have zero plans to ever leave K. It's a weird world full of boogers, tattling, loose teeth, and eagerly watching seeds sprout and caterpillars form a chrysalis.

I wish you luck whatever you decide.
chalkdusty 05-11-2019 03:48 AM

When I first started teaching, I had a colleague who went from 4th to K. She stayed there for many years and loved it. She retired from the district at K.

I did some long term observation and subbing at K. It takes a lot of energy, patience, and good planning to be a K teacher. Their attention span is so much shorter than 4th. You are building the base upon which all else is built. Even though there is no standardized testing, I think there is more pressure on th K teachers than anyone else. There is a special place in heaven for K teachers (and middle school teachers) in my opinion. I have all the respect for my K colleagues.

teach123 05-10-2019 06:23 PM

I have the option to move to kindergarten this year. I have been in upper grades my entire career and am feeling burnt out. I am debating this weekend what to do. We do have other openings but they are jobs similar to mine. I know I would enjoy something different, I'm just not sure this is the right time to move. I like the Independence of the bigger kids but am tired of the testing and pressure to do well. I know K is a challenge in different ways. If anyone has advice, please share.

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