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artladyhere's Message:

Yep we had sexual harrasement training and something else? Online and never thought once that I should get paid. That's a teacher's life for ya. Ha!

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Sirsubalot 08-03-2019 03:02 PM

Every year we need to take the " mandated reporter" exam which concludes with a 20 question quiz that requires 80% to pass.
However, the tutorial slides which have always taken under an hour have been extended to four hours this year. We now need to first listen to a two hour general presentation before we get to our specific additional two hour presentation.

It never occurred to me we should get paid for it, but if it was legally required, they would pay us.

NJSubteacher 08-03-2019 08:49 AM

This seems to fall into a gray area where I work in NJ. One of my districts required us to watch two short videos on harrassment and bullying, and take two short quizes after each video (unpaid, but only took me about 30 min.). We were given a special login code and password, so the district knows how each sub performed on it. However, even though the certificate at the end mentioned it expired after only a year, we were never instructed that we had to go back and do it again each year. I never did and no one ever mentioned anything to me, until I spoke with a couple other subs about it, who told me they still complete the tests each year to keep their "bullying and harrassment certs" up to date. I was shocked to hear that some subs kept up with it, without being instructed that they had to. I wont bother with it again unless the district asks me to. I think they have been so desperate for subs, they became very laxed when it came to this petty garbage.

artladyhere 08-02-2019 08:15 PM

Yep we had sexual harrasement training and something else? Online and never thought once that I should get paid. That's a teacher's life for ya. Ha!

broomrider 07-30-2019 07:17 PM

Check point two in this listing of illegal off the clock work demands:
along with the phone number to report violations.

I don't know if this is a pay site, I didn't post any questions but it might be worth a shot to ask about required unpaid work. Labor lawyers appear to be on call.

YayaSub 07-30-2019 06:38 PM

I agree with those pointing out that I am stuck doing this. I am going to try to compete it during lunches or possibly preps since they are allowing one month to complete. It is the principle of the thing that annoys me, but it's not worth the squeaky wheel getting the boot over it.

SubMan 07-30-2019 04:56 PM

It's like this...

You want the job so you fill out their online application (2 hours) and go to the interview (3 hours). You've invested 5 hours of your time and all you have to show for it is maybe, just maybe, you'll get a job offer out of it. Had I not spent the time and filled out the application and gone on the interview I know 100% that I would not be considered.

Pennsylvania has online mandated reporter training that is incredibly boring; so boring I kept nodding off. I took me (minus the naps) a solid 5 hours to retake it. Why? Because of a "new" module covering human trafficking and slavery. This new module was only a few slides that lasted less than 15 minutes. I previously completed this training in October 2018 and had to redo all of it because of the additional module. I redid it because it was for the district where I get most of my sub jobs. If I didn't do it they would have taken me off their sub list.

For years Pennsylvania has had Act 48 (continuing professional education) for teachers. Subs are on their own when it comes to taking and paying for this requirement. Can't or won't do continuing professional education? Then the Pennsylvania Dept of Ed. makes your teaching certificate inactive. So they have you between a rock and a hard place if you want to continue to sub.

Fractured 07-30-2019 07:50 AM

This comes up every year. I only get paid to do the quizzes in one district where I have a sub Union, but I pay dues. You can usually get around the videos and just take the quiz. Most are easy to pass if you’ve seen the video before, or are just dumb questions. Pain the in the ass though.

whatever 07-30-2019 07:10 AM

The school has you over a barrel and they know it... It's like:

If you want paid sub work, complete the modules.

Skip the modules (since they are unpaid,) don't get paid sub jobs.

You are kind of stuck if you want to work there. Me being a rule follower, I'd probably give in and do the modules/trainings in hopes I might learn something AND that it would lead to jobs.

There are exceptions to that paid trainings rule... I am not an expert...but there are some loopholes--I would think that the school's lawyers found the loopholes.

subasaurus 07-30-2019 07:00 AM

Unfortunately, I have never been paid for my online training in my many years as a sub.

That would be pretty awesome though, considering the fact that the tests we're forced to take are poorly worded and confusing.

Best of luck to you.

CC96 07-30-2019 05:39 AM

My districts have required this for years— every year— with no pay— I am pretty sure “rocking the boat” would not be helpful in staying employed with them.

gradymidget 07-30-2019 03:57 AM

Unless you are under some kind of contract I agree with you. You should be paid if they want you to complete the training modules.

YayaSub 07-29-2019 07:07 PM

I just learned that I am expected to complete online training modules. This is the first year subs have had this requirement, and it's about four hours of material. My understanding has always been that labor laws require nonexempt employees to be paid for any work outside their usual hours unless the work is "optional." Anyone have insight on this?

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