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Amberlee's Message:

I've never even heard of that before. I wonder what prompted your county to install the buttons. Good thing you had a decent sub orientation

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
subczy 10-19-2009 11:18 AM

you did a bad job. It all worked out. It is tough when they are that young and so defiant. It's stuff you'd expect an older hcild to think of. I think you did fine.

In some of the other responses they discussed the phone...Our dist is supposed to have emerg. plans and phone list by each phone, but over time those things get taken down, moved, etc. (The high school is th eonly one that gives you a phone list in your folder) and so what I have started doing is programming the main number to all our schools (12 schools) in my phone and I keep my cell on me at all times. So many times I also w/ the kids outside such as w/ the lesson or in gym and I like to have that phone w/ me. I recommend you do that too b/c even fi they do have the list by the door, you weren't by the phone when this happend you were in the doorway and so having your cell on you would have helped I think.

Overall, I think you handled that well. Sometimes we can just do what we can do.

lovetosub 10-18-2009 04:36 AM

from lunch break, the restrooms, etc., but I don't think it's that uncommon at the high school level. We get kids who try to take advantage of the situation, and no, very rarely, never in writing, am I told about the "needs" of particular individuals. Occassionally, if the teacher is in the building or the neighboring teacher is nice, do they give me a clue as to who I should be keeping an eye on in regards to behavior.

If they are gone longer than 15 min, and since I cannot leave the classroom under any circumstances, I call the office/security in tell them who is missing, for how long, and where he or she were supposed to have gone.

Once I had a young lady return from lunch break 20 min after she was supposed to. She claimed she was in the nurses office but didn't have a pass. I told her to go get one and she threw a fit, saying it's a pain to walk back down there, etc.. I said fine, you're allowed back in the classroom, but I'm going to have report you as having skipped 20 min of class. She left, without a word, and then returned 5 min later with a pass, threw it on my desk, and sat down with a Hugh Attitude for the rest of the class.


ciounoi 10-18-2009 04:17 AM

That's happened to me before, too. This particular class had a lot of behavior issues... one boy just ran out of the room although I forget the reason why. I was not about to leave my classroom since I didn't trust about 5 kids in there farther than I could see in the dark, so I called the guidance counselor and got him to track down the kid for me. I wasn't too worried about the kid's safety because it was an open-concept school - EVERYONE got to see him roaming around! Since then, all my kids have stayed in their respective classrooms except for one girl I had to chase around the school, but she was special needs and gets a pass.

Amberlee 10-17-2009 08:31 PM

I've never even heard of that before. I wonder what prompted your county to install the buttons. Good thing you had a decent sub orientation

Nuclear Sub 10-17-2009 06:43 PM

Amberlee's Message:

oh man! How delightfully cryptic. I hope your teachers leave you notes about where this 'white button' is, and what this 'white button' does.
During orientation, all subs were informed about what the "white button" is and what it does. They are located in all classrooms in my county. It is not difficult to locate it along the wall. I know how to use it. Just press it, then wait for the principal to start talking on the intercom.
Eric7100 10-17-2009 02:35 PM

Around here, the 4th graders are 9, turning 10. The fact, as you said, that this child is 11 years old and still in 4th grade, says something about him right there.

kjuda 10-17-2009 02:05 PM

Exactly. The day I had a little first grader develop a high fever and start vomiting I sent another child to the office to get the nurse. After she left another kid tugged on my sleeve and said "why didn't you just use the phone, Mrs. J.?" DUH! Because there wasn't any information on how to call for assistance. They must think we all read minds! When I was leaving for the day, the secretary asked me why I 'saw fit' to send a child out for help...after all "there's a phone in the room". SHEESHHH....

Amberlee 10-17-2009 01:18 PM

"I'd press the white button"-- oh man! How delightfully cryptic. I hope your teachers leave you notes about where this 'white button' is, and what this 'white button' does. The classrooms I've been in I'm lucky to even have a phone inside some of them. Let alone be told the way to contact the office with it. Do I dial 1? 0? 3473887?

Nuclear Sub 10-17-2009 11:12 AM

You did the right thing. :-)

If there was no teacher in the hall available for help, I would ask the kid what is going on and where he is going, not in a nasty tone, but to try to beckon him back inside. I would also advise him that I would be calling the principal if he didn't cooperate.

If resistance ensued, I would press the white button which gets the principal talking on the intercom system inside the classroom.

yoohoo 10-17-2009 09:29 AM

it has happened to me too!!! I was subbing in a small school (elem.) grade 2--and this kid just ups and walks out on me--he wanted to get a drink of water..Lucky for me the "bubbler" was right outside the door.

I caught him and explained to him that we can't do that because then everybody would think it's ok to do this---needless to say--he gets up again a little later on and walks outside the room again--again I had to chase him down--meanwhile--like you, I have 20-25 students going to the door to see what's going on; again I tell him that was not good and to ask me first---10 minutes later he walks out again---finally, I ask a neighboring teacher to watch my class and I walked him to the principal's office and explained to the secy' the situation (the principal was somewhere) and she said she would handle it...the rest of the day went smooth--the kid was to do his work with the principal...WHEW!!!!

So a couple of days later I'm back at the school, and I had a few minutes to talk to the teacher and he stated that this student was having a hard time adjusting to the new environment; doesn't have many friends; starts fights at a drop of a dime...etc...

You'd think the reg. teacher would have been decent to put this little note in the plans too. NOOO!!!! Let's just say, whenever his job popped up---I didn't take the class

3of3 10-17-2009 07:18 AM

I was subbing for a fourth grade class, the teacher was working on campus. A boy in class (relatively new to the class I was told) was having a hard time sitting next to his desk partner. One minute they'd be buddies, the next driving each other nuts. I asked the boy if he would like to work at the back table and have his own space. He said he would. The next thing I know he gets up and walks out of class. Fortunately I was able to get him back to the door without me leaving the class. He would not come back in the classroom, just wanted to take off. I told him to at least wait until I wrote him a pass to the office. On the pass I wrote "refuses to work, walked out of class"-as I was giving him the pass I spotted the teacher and called her over and she tooked it from there. Meanwhile the rest of the class is rushing the door to see what's going on. After restoring the chaos, it occurred to me that if I hadn't seen the teacher and the boy kept walking I would be left no option but to report it to the office and let him go. Is there anything else I could have done if he refused to return. I've never had an 11 year old walk out of class before..

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