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westwood's Message:

My tier 2 groups are no more than six and tier 3 is no more than 4. That way we can really give targeted instruction.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
TheGr8Catsby 10-31-2017 11:25 PM

We cap Tier 2 at 5 and Tier 3 at 3. Tier 2/3 mixed groups have the same cap as Tier 3.

I'm operating at capacity with most of my groups. I have one vacancy in two of my groups. I am 1 over capacity with one.

westwood 10-31-2017 07:16 PM

My tier 2 groups are no more than six and tier 3 is no more than 4. That way we can really give targeted instruction.

WGReading 10-30-2017 04:12 PM

Our reading teacher Tier 2 groups can't go over 5 students. We have intensive small groups in classrooms that are as large as 8 (in all grades K-5 because of the # of students with that level of need and the staff we have available).

We see students for 30 min/5 days a week so our reading teachers who teach full time have 8 groups of 4-5 & then they do Tier 3 work with Kinders on a rotation basis (both have 6 they are working with but they pull them 1-2 at a time). Their "student load" is around 40-45 students currently.

At Tier 3, I work 1:1 unless I absolutely can't manage it in my schedule. I've never worked with more than 3 in Tier 3 at one time.

Our resource/SPED teacher's pull out small groups are between 2-6 students depending on need.

3monkeys 10-30-2017 12:07 PM

My Tier 3 groups are no more than 4 students. My Tier 2 groups are no more than 5.

Lillybabe 10-29-2017 07:11 PM

My first year in Title I I ended up with group sizes that large. After year one I put my foot down and started setting group caps. There are always more students who can use more support but if you don't keep groups reasonable you won't help anyone. We were targeted assistance (I teach kindergarten at a different school now) and were expected to serve the bottom 20% so that was the cap I set. For example, if a grade level had 60 students I saw up to 12 students in that grade. There was some push back from colleagues but my administration supported me and we saw remarkable growth. The guidelines I've always heard for RTI groups were up to 1-3 for Tier 3 and 1-6 Tier 2.

luvtulearn 10-29-2017 06:55 PM

do you service in small group instruction? I believe my groups are large

Kinder - 8 students. . . pull out. . .way to large for K

1st grade--group 1 . . .8 students. . . pull out
1st grade --group 2 . . . 6 students. . .pull out. . . (ELD students, speech, OT, etc)

2nd grade --RTI . . . 9 students and the other teacher has 12. . .push in
2nd/ 3rd grade . . .group 2. .. 8 students. . .pull out . . .(ELD students , speech, OT, etc) pull out

3rd . . . 8 students . , .pull out

4th. . . RTI. . . 15 students. . .push in and 5 of the 15 are mainstreamed from special day class. Other teacher has 15 students as well.

5th. . .RTI. . . push in . . . 6 students .. . . the other teacher has 20 students in her group .

Even though I don't officially work with the students in RTI that work with the other teacher I am responsible for progress monitoring and their assessments.

This doesn't include a new group for dyslexic students I will be adding and a newbie group of 3 students who have never been in school before.

I would really like to know if there are others with these large groups?

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