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bodhimom's Message:

OMG Luv I was wondering what the heck happened to you.

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Lakeside 11-28-2020 11:21 AM

I also just logged on to check in.

I didn't go back to subbing this year, as I'm homeschooling kindergarten for my honorary niece and nephew.

It's been fun to do the planning that I missed out on with subbing! (Of course, it's probably easier to plan with only two students. )

I do like the freedom to take off on tangents and follow their interests a bit more, rather than being on a strict pacing guide.

I hope everyone else is doing well, and it's nice to see the board is still up and running!

northcalsub 11-15-2020 04:57 PM

Hi all I thought I'd give my update on my teaching from home. Well after I pretty much self taught myself, with help from students, aides and others in the classroom , I feel I can be successful on each assignment no matter what grade level. What I have learned:
1 Lower grades, students mostly have cameras on ( our district does not mandate cameras on), kids are good about trying to respond to showing me their work, held up to the camera. Some kids do not turn on cameras so...I sometimes can call on them and they will respond. Parents in my district are not at all a problem. Days starts at 9:00-12:30 sometimes I am done earlier it depends.I have taught days for 1 hour,1 1/2 hours and everything in between. I still am paid a full day. I am sometimes hanging out while students finish their assigned day. All teachers have times for students to check in after lunch for office house, but I have only been asked twice to do this part of the day. When I was asked their were only 1 or 2 students or none that showed up.

2. grades 3-5 again, they are more independent, and I usually am showing them slides, and then they are off to work on the assigned work. Once I was able to figure out showing audio video in chrome tab,that took away my audio problems or log ins for different requests on the lesson plans for a direct instruction. All teachers have been very understanding in all grade levels about any technical glitches.

3 middle school and high school, I have to say after over 30 years, this has been my easiest year. The longest day is 9:00-1:00 if there is a prep then take off an hour. So I have averaged about 3 hours a day in the upper grades. In this district we are paid for a full day with distance learning. Students all have their cameras off. If I have any problems in the chat I disable it, I had a middle school teacher tell me to do that, and if need be remove a student from the meet.

So I do not go to a school, I sit at home in my slippers and get to use my own bathroom.There are times in the lower grades where I will improvise to draw a lesson out, piece of cake. Uppergrades work independently and have all they need in google classroom. I have had wonderful respectful students, it has been really nice.

I too have kept UI going I really never know if and when I will work.

Sweetsunset 11-15-2020 02:49 PM

Hi everyone! I also haven't been on this forum since the summer. After my last message that night I went to urgent care- left leg & foot became swollen, pain and vertigo. Nothing to be found, thank God. Busy with life and subbing mostly.

Happy to join in the conversation and read this forum again .

Our district is full remote learning.
I've been subbing on and off since mid August with zero training. Subs use Google meets. We go to school and virtual teach from the actual classroom that is meeting. As soon as we walk on campus- we check in thru an app on our phone, answer COVID related questions, masks on when around others, temperature is taken and then head off to the classroom, log in and start the school day.
I created a google form that students click to check in/submit to me for attendance. Cross check that before the end of class with the "people tab".
Campus is like a ghost town except for admin, office staff and maintenance. Teachers teach from home through Schoology.
About the class: I've also learned to have students send a greeting & answer a How are you doing/ feeling today question as soon as they log in using the chat box. Teachers usually have slide presentations. If it's my subject major, my regular teachers trust me to teach it. Assignments consist of independent or group work, slide presentations. I don't let student out early and they must answer a check out question or a quick assessment a few minutes before before end of class.
Subs only teach on synchronize days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
A-synchronize on Tuesdays and Thursdays- there are no jobs for subs. Students just check in & hear announcements.
Our school board has voted to go back in January either hybrid or continued remote- parents will choose. Our numbers have been going up in our county for two weeks now, and we are surrounded by counties all in the purple tier - so we'll see how that goes.

My sub distant learning experience has mostly been positive- I got used to it. I'm keeping only to two schools that I would normally go to. There are no shortage of assignment though. The admin secretary shared that district is having a hard time with class coverage- and this is from a six page list!
District didn't invest in training subs in how to maneuver google meets. So no wonder subs aren't accepting assignments. I've had virtual learning and teaching experience in different platforms, so I was able to jump right in- but I feel for all those subs who got left out . Our district isn't fighting unemployment so I'm still able to certify when I don't accept an assignment/ a-synchronize days.

In the beginning, I did have a couple of students bomb a class and post non subject related comments. After getting their name, I told them to exit. Reported it to admin. One was an ex- student living in Hawaii- prankster much! Students shared the link. That was a behavior issue that Admin learned to handle across all schools. But did they train me? Noooo! Haven't had that problem again though I think there is a way to kick them out, but I cannot find it on Google meets .

I miss standing up with the students and pledging allegiance to our flag though . Bcz every minute is accounted for- I can't sneak it in there.
If you made it this far through my read- I hope it made sense lol!
Have a great Sunday everyone!!

bodhimom 11-15-2020 11:10 AM

OMG Luv I was wondering what the heck happened to you.

Sublime 11-15-2020 10:33 AM

We got to "attend" the trainings the teachers attended but no one has bothered to actually train us in what to do if you want to sub and how to actually do the job. If a teacher is willing to train you, great. One school wanted me to sub and was going to set up a training for a few of us. I heard nothing. A secretary emailed me notifying me there were jobs on Aesop and when I asked if anyone would be willing to take some time to train me, she never answered the question. A sub friend has given me some tips and I'm playing with Zoom a little to learn. I just need one person willing to give me some details before I jump in.

Fractured 11-14-2020 05:12 PM

Only one district Iím in was doing virtual subbing. They gave us hours of paid training and now there are no jobs because teachers are just giving jobs straight to preferred subs and bypassing Aesop. The district basically lied and said there would be work. I know teachers that would like to use us as aides or whatever but the district doesnít want to pay us. I think my subbing days are over.

luv2teach2017 11-14-2020 01:25 PM

Hi all! It's been a long while since I've been on this forum. Like many, I got bumped out of my subbing work last March and spent several months on UI (I'm one of the fortunate ones who filed early).

In September, my district offered a bit of Zoom training for subs in prep for distance learning, and I got on board. I've kept pretty well occupied ever since. It's only half days right now, but I can pretty much work every day if I want. And I get to work from home! That's the best part!

It's been a learning curve for sure, not only for me, but for school and district staff as well as students and their families. I'm fairly tech savy, so the problem hasn't been the tech so much as all the irregularities in how teachers and school staff set up the materials and sessions for subs. Few actually follow district protocol, sometimes leaving me shooting out emails and making calls to piece things together at the last minute.

It's also been very strange teaching students who are at home and having that window into their homes and family lives. It requires a whole different level of awareness and sensitivity in doing my job.

My district, fortunately, has opted not to return to in-person instruction till January. So I'm not facing that choice just yet (I'm unsure what I'll do).

I'd like to know what others subbing remotely are experiencing.

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