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miketeacher's Message:

Any advice? Resources? Ideas? for blending the CAFE and Daily 5. I am starting this next year for the first time.

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cteacherrun 06-22-2015 07:09 AM

You've gotten a lot of great ideas! Focus on building strong Read to Self. The Sisters suggest that the intermediate grades from Read with Someone because chapter books are so long.
For fourth graders, I have also added a weekly "Write About Reading" that is not a choice. Students write in a journal about the book they are reading independently. I check it over to see how well kids are applying the CAFE strategies. You can grade it, if you want.

teaching30 06-14-2015 04:22 PM

Remember, you are conferring while D5 is happening. BE EXTREMELY PATIENT AND DILLIGENT IN THE BEGINNING! I really follow the D5 book and do the anchor charts, the modeling, and practicing. I do only read to self for a couple of weeks to build stamina and make student understand how important it is to do it the correct way so that that each is respectful to the next with the Read To Self anchor chart. I agree the the previous post, with CAFE it is important to begin with Comprension. after all, if we can't remember what read, why read? I differ slightly in my second most important, but I believe it is because of the age difference. You are dealing with 4th graders. I am teaching 3rd graders. Many are still learning to read and need accuracy. I hit this hard especially if comprehension is not going well. Fluency. Also plays an important roll because if they can't "accurately" pronounce a word and are stuck on it, the "fluency" is now off. That will totally destroy the comprehension. Expand Vocabulary is a great one for my high students. You will have students strung all over the CAFE board.

I am excited for you and remember when I began 6 years ago how excited I was. I was frustrated from time to time and the learning process continued until I felt I had it where I wanted it. If you get stuck, frustrated, need help, this is the place to come. I wish you all the luck and success with this wonderful way to help students become better readers!

dianemcq 06-14-2015 03:03 PM

Focus mainly on the Comprehension skills, followed by Expanding Vocabulary with a smattering of Accuracy (chunk letters) and Fluency (reread text) being the main ones. Finding words with Greek and Latin word roots and developing word meanings from them is an excellent skill for your highest level readers.

My students have loved whole class theme journals...I have about 12 with all different themes such as Pets, Band-Aids & Boo-Boos, and Notes to a Friend (students write back and forth to each other) and they are a big hit...and carry over from year to year so students can read entries from prior students. They're great to use at the beginning of the year when you are building writing stamina.

Choose a few authors whose titles you promote in class, then read a few of those titles yourself. My fourthies love Kate DiCamillo, Lauren Tarshan (not sure of the spelling...writes the I Survived series), Gary Paulsen, Dan Gutman, Beverly Cleary, etc.

When conferencing, make sure you jot down the page number the student is currently on. It helps you know if they're making progress the next time you meet with them.

Bananagrams is by far my students' favorite word work activity. They are allowed to play no more than once a week but it's a great game for building vocabulary. I limit it to three students at a time. Because our spelling word lists are usually very easy (we have a basal program), I ask students to also use their science, math, or social studies vocabulary words for word work.

miketeacher 06-14-2015 03:37 AM

Any advice? Resources? Ideas? for blending the CAFE and Daily 5. I am starting this next year for the first time.

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