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Shell's Message:

I just got a Smart Board. I would love some good ideas for using it in kinder. Thank you!

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iteachk2010 08-18-2019 09:54 AM

Our Smartboards are older, but we use them all the time. My district is phasing out Smartboards in Grades 2+ and using those for replacement parts for the Smartboards in K/1. I forget what the other grades are getting, but it is not as interactive.

My students and I use our Smartboard throughout our day:

  • to listen to books being read (Check out Story Online. If there is a book I want to read, but no one has a hard copy, I can usually find a YouTube video.)
  • to watch short informational videos to build background knowledge for different science and social studies topics.
  • to introduce different math concepts and practice counting we sing along with counting song videos and watch videos on math concepts like 2-D and 3-D shapes (Check out videos by Jack Hartman and Harry Kindergarten.)
  • to practice sight words we sing and move along with sight word song videos. Check out HeidiSongs and Jack Hartman on YouTube. Jack Hartman recently teamed up with Jan Richardson to create videos for individual sight words that follow her method for introducing sight words. My students love to sing along with The Sight Words Song Versions 1 and 2.
  • for brain breaks, yoga, exercise... Check out Go Noodle
  • to play interactive games that come with our curriculum materials. I also found some Pink Cat Studio games that my students like.
  • to share student work with the class. Students use the Hovercam and it displays their work on the Smartboard. They explain their thinking and we can give feedback.
  • to display any workbook pages we are doing on the Smartboard. Some curriculum sites have digitial workbooks to display, but I prefer using the Hovercam so students see the exact same page.
  • to model something for the whole group (using Hovercam). Everyone can easily see it on the Smartboard.

You can use your Smartboard to take attendance. Have students drag their name or photo from one side to the other side. Some teachers have students order their lunch in a similar manner.
You can do your morning message and daily calendar activties on the Smartboard, too.

You can display a timer on the Smartboard to help with time management.

I have not used Class Dojo, but I have heard of teachers displaying that on the Smartboard.

I used to use SmartNotebook to create activity files, but I haven't used it in a very long time. We are a GAFE school district and are all Google so I use Google Slides to create most of my stuff now. I make animated presentations. i.e. Blending CVC Words-the letters appear as we blend the sounds and say the word. Then picture appears to confirm the word. I have made simple activities where students interact by dragging text or pictures.i.e. Show 5. Students drag counters to empty ten frame. i.e. Sort Shapes-students drag the shapes into groups like 2-D/3-D, Rectangles/Not Rectangles...

I display graphic organizers like K-W-L charts, webs, T charts on the Smartboard and fill in as we move through lessons.

Check out the height and position of your Smartboard. If it is too tall and students have difficulty reaching, you might want to get a small bench or build a step for your students to use. Our Smartboards couldn't be lowered because of the chalk tray (too much work to remove them) so I had a little step for my tinier students to use so they could reach.

If some students have difficulty dragging items, they might find it helpful to use a tennis ball.

Make sure substitute teachers and students know to only use the Smartboard pens to write on the board.

We noticed there were glitches sometimes after updates so tech would revert us back to previous versions when that happened. That seemed to work.

Have fun and enjoy your new Smartboard!
Shell 08-18-2019 04:44 AM

I just got a Smart Board. I would love some good ideas for using it in kinder. Thank you!

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