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BioEducator87's Message:

It's obviously your department chair if you keep getting unsatisfactory/needs improvement but your principal gives you great evaluations. She/he must sees you as a threat. Do not let it get to you.

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Testyteach 05-16-2018 02:03 PM

and it sounds like your department chair has it in for you. There needs to be some way that this person doesn't get to evaluate you. I mean if that's the only evaluator that's bringing you down, than it obviously looks fishy. This is such a crock that you have to go through this unfair and flawed evaluation process. I myself have cut back on how I live so if something like this happens, I can say "see ya," and head for the hills. I have never felt very secure in the teaching profession even though I've been slinging the hash for almost 18 years now. It is such a stressful job and it only seems to get worse. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you battle on through's so very wrong!

BioEducator87 02-22-2018 01:57 PM

It's obviously your department chair if you keep getting unsatisfactory/needs improvement but your principal gives you great evaluations. She/he must sees you as a threat. Do not let it get to you.

GreyhoundGirl 02-15-2018 07:50 PM

It sounds like the problem is with your department chair since shes consistently marking you significantly lower than your P.

Is she marking you lower in the same domain each time or a different domain? Is she giving you specific ideas to improve? In my district, admin needs to give specific suggestions for improvement.

Also, Id talk to your union. See if they have any ideas or suggestions. Also, I dont know what kind of relationship you have with your P, but if you trust him/her maybe ask for suggestions for how to have a successful observation. IE: What are they looking for (for example, I know mine is looking for higher order thinking questions).

midwest 02-11-2018 06:55 PM

Hey-- Ive been teaching 17 years and 14 in this district. With the new model of evals its been a challenge. in 2015-2016 school year I was evaluated. 2 were all excellent/proficient and one from my chair was all needs improvement/unsatisfactory. Due to this one for 2016-2017 i was put on a professional development plan. my eval that went bad had a LOT of issues and the union got involved. At the end of 2016-2017- I completed my PD plan and was observed. 3 went awesome.. all proficient/excellent and again one needs improvement/unsat. in 2 of the 4 domains again from my department chair.. BUT something went wrong and I had to be on a plan again because she screwed up.. SO this year Im on a PD plan again. I had 4 walk throughs all awesome.

Principal eval went great! out of 18 categories.. 13 are prof/excellent so 2 domains are proficient. 1 is Needs improvement BUT 2 of the areas i w2as dinged because of following my chair's directions so I will discuss that,.

problem: my chair did an observation and everything was Un sat or NI even though I did what everyone else does in how we teach this lesson. I had my 2nd evaluation and 2 domains excellent. 2 domains all needs imrprovement.

I have 1 more observation left. I need to make that one proficient.

Its a lot of pressure. I think if it goes well Im ok. if not Ill be on a remediation plan. not sure if its until this year is over OR for next year. Im going to try to get it for next year but then I can be fired if I have any issues. talk about pressure to perform especially since meeting with the union they feel they can argue so much of the issues with the ratings I have been given.

any advice? how can I not let the pressure get to me? What if I am let go? how do i get another job? i need to make at least 90K.... Thats going to be SO hard@ I can not believe after 17 years ( and Im not one that just got lazy)..... this is what Im facing because of my chair.

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