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ricethought's Message:

I wish there was a way teachers could give feedback for me. I always leave my email and phone but I never get any contact. As a new sub, it would be wonderful if they could tell me what i did that was good, bad, or could be different. I have a lot of self-doubt (trying to lessen it). There are some classes that I LOVE but have not gotten another job from. Maybe that teacher isn't absent often or I miss it online, but my first thought is always, "Maybe I didn't do a good job..."

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luv2teach2017 01-30-2019 08:43 AM

Another my current district, the schools have a Guest Teacher Review form where they can rate how you did. They then send it to HR. See if your schools have that and maybe request a review at the end of each day? In my district, it seems to be misused mainly by non teaching staff to log complaints against subs, but the form is really designed for an objective critique.

FrostByteT 01-29-2019 11:50 PM

Back when I subbed, the only feedback I would get was from repeated requests to sub (either from teachers directly or office staff). One time two teachers almost got into a verbal spat over whose room I was covering (they both wanted me to cover their room).

luv2teach2017 01-19-2019 11:39 AM

It would be nice to get feedback, but no matter where you work, you'll find it's just not a priority for most people.

I think the best way is to talk to the teacher face to face and ask. I don't go out of my way to do that, but occassionally I 've bumped into a teacher I've subbed for who will tell me what a great job I did and ask me to sub for her again. Getting asked back is the best feedback!

You can also leave your email address on the sub plans and indicate that you'd welcome any feedback. Also leave your phone number and name and indicate that you'd love to sub for her again. If she contacts you to sub again, you can then ask for specific pointers.

The saying goes, "no news is good news." If you don't hear back, please don't be discouraged. Just do your best and try to learn from your mistakes. When you run into snags, think about ways to do things differently the next time so that you can improve your skills and strategies.

Talk to and observe experienced teachers and subs, and get pointers and tips when you can. And please be patient with yourself. It's a constant learning process for us all.

dietcoke99 01-18-2019 09:53 PM

it's not the teacher's job to teach the sub.
I don't get this. I was a teacher for 10 years, and neither I nor any other teacher I have ever had any contact with thought that leaving feedback was somehow "teaching the sub." Am I reading this wrong or something?

I always gave feedback, at least the 1-5 part, and never even thought of this as "teaching the sub." Are we "teaching the teacher" when we give our feedback to the teacher? Our job isn't to teach the teacher, you know. What am I missing, here? Am I having a brain-freeze?
Guest 5512 01-16-2019 05:49 PM

The application that my district uses (Subfinder f/k/a Aesop) invites teachers to leave feedback, but it is not required. Iíll admit I never do it, since Iím swamped with completing mandatory tasks. I donít have time for tasks that are merely optional.

So bear in mind that lack of feedback probably has nothing to do with you personally, and more to do with the fact that teachersí workloads are overwhelming!

Also, we have a shortage of subs, so I donít request anyone by name - Iím just hoping someone (anyone, please!) will pick up the job. Especially if itís an unplanned absence due to illness.

Having said that, please accept apologies on behalf of myself and all teachers operating as I do for our failure to articulate our appreciation. You have stepped in to maintain instruction and safety for our students. Thank you! You are very much appreciated! Job well done!

MaineSub 01-14-2019 05:05 AM

Those who've commented about the difficulty getting feedback are pretty much on track for a number of reasons... the big one being it's not the teacher's job to teach the sub. (The lack of training for subs is, for now, a different topic.)

New subs often hear the advice to "show no fear" and "fake it until you can make it." There's some validity. Keep working on trying to lessen self-doubt. Create your own feedback system by analyzing your day with questions like "What really worked today?" and "What was the best thing that happened?" I'm not diminishing the value of objective feedback but rather suggesting you should be able to answer those questions accurately. And reward yourself for your accomplishments. (If I'm feeling like an adult beverage at the end of the day, I can't have it until I've identified at least one good thing I did well.)

It might be different and more difficult in a bigger school but I seek teacher feedback in somewhat unstructured ways. I hang around at the end of the day... and will occasionally wander into to a neighboring teacher's room who's still there, asking if she/he needs help straightening up before I leave... (they usually don't) and I'll try to work in a question or two like "Did we bother you much today?" and "Do you mind if I ask...?" Sometimes it's obvious the teacher doesn't have time, but I've had hour-long conversations with some. I've actually gone back to the room I subbed in the day before to say "Hi" to the teacher and kids... (don't interrupt class). If I have time in the morning, I'll do a quick check before going to my assignment for the day.

I'm also a big reader... not only can that be a learning experience, but you also get feedback when you read about something and realize "Hey! I do that!"

You can change self-doubt to self-reliance.

dietcoke99 01-13-2019 04:11 PM

I am probably naive, but it didn't even cross my mind that the SCHOOL would "fire" YOU, I thought that you might have fired the school.

Sirsubalot 01-13-2019 03:17 PM

Our personnel manager told me that their school offered me another chance because I was a " nice guy." I said no thanks.

One of the teachers moved on to middle school, so I see her on occasion and just avoid her.
The other was an ARSD teacher who had an aide who really hated me. Teacher just believed the aide.

The personnel manager also told me that if we get three complaints, we might be released.

I have four complaints, but still get a boatload of offers from this district.

They cut our rate by 10 dollars about 10 years ago, but have never given a raise in the 14 years I have been with them, so due to shortages of subs, they put up with bad apples such as myself.

dietcoke99 01-13-2019 02:24 PM

two from the same school
Do you still work for that school? Just curious.
Sirsubalot 01-12-2019 03:20 PM

It is an unfortunate reality that the positive feedback you get is unofficial, but the negative can be official.

I have gotten lots of positive feedback over the years, but none of this shows up in your personnel file.

I have, however, had four teachers complain about me, two from the same school. At this school, there was even a meeting with the Principal about me, and of course this IS in my file.

I have also worked for about 1500 teachers, so four complaints is not too bad; it is expected based on the law of averages. But it also means only bad stuff is in my file.

whatever 01-12-2019 10:38 AM

subbing is kind of learn as you go and the feedback is on the "no news is good news" plan.

It is tough for those who like an outside assessment of our work. Take heart in doing the best job you can in each class you are placed.

Sublime 01-12-2019 10:06 AM

Ha! Getting feedback from teachers is not part of this job. Feedback is when you return to the school and the kids say hi to you or hug you. Feedback is when you get thru a day and you've done your best, the kids have worked, and nothing awful has happened. Feedback is when you get a phone message saying, "Thank you so much, you did a great job, I will call you again and recommend you", and never hear from that teacher again. It's when after years (for me) you finally start getting requested by certain teachers.

You really have to feel satisfaction for yourself and be confident in learning a little more after every time you sub. If you like the job this will happen as you learn and adapt and build confidence. It's not always easy but keep at it.

kahluablast 01-12-2019 05:44 AM

Some places to give teachers opportunity (or force them to?) to give feedback, but often - just like in other situations, you are more likely to receive the negative feedback than positive.

I have read some of your other posts. Reflection is always good, and often the best that you can do. Maybe as you become to be known better, you will get a better feel for how you are doing and what you can do to improve. My advice, being a regular teacher now (I started off subbing like many of us) is to follow plans to the best of your ability. Don't you worry about whether a teacher is going to give a grade or not. Not your problem. Just do your best with what you have. Work on finding ways to manage classes. Many ideas are out there. Some subs do a "earn a letter to a word" and if they earn the letters they get a small reward- 2-5 minutes of free time maybe or a good note on the board about how they worked.

I read where you are going between elementary and middle school. I think that would be really hard! You do work differently with different levels of students. Figure out where you fit in, and if the jobs permit, stick with that age group. I only did elementary - and tried NOT to take kinder jobs!

22! You are young still. Are you looking to get a teaching job, or is this a temporary thing until you find something else? What does your future look like?

ricethought 01-12-2019 01:32 AM

I wish there was a way teachers could give feedback for me. I always leave my email and phone but I never get any contact. As a new sub, it would be wonderful if they could tell me what i did that was good, bad, or could be different. I have a lot of self-doubt (trying to lessen it). There are some classes that I LOVE but have not gotten another job from. Maybe that teacher isn't absent often or I miss it online, but my first thought is always, "Maybe I didn't do a good job..."

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