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SubMan's Message:

I have a strict policy of no cancellations on my part. I tell people that I will not cancel a job to accept another. Right now I have 52 upcoming jobs between now and March. I typically book an entire month before the end of the previous month. December was completely booked before thanksgiving.

Schools/districts may cancel jobs on me and that is fine. There are more than enough sub jobs available that I don’t go with out work. If they do it too frequently I put them on my avoid list and will pick another job over theirs.

Several weeks ago a school cancelled an absence 6 minutes before report time. I pulled into a shopping center as the Aesop robo caller was calling me. I checked my email and saw the “you have been removed” message, logged in to Aesop and picked up a job in another district for $10.00 more than I would have made in the first one.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
dietcoke99 12-09-2018 03:23 PM

OK. If anybody is still following this - not sure if I'M following it after going to try to decipher my old posts about it, but...

-The student that grabbed me has been asked to be removed from the school (and if not would have been expelled).

-Principal sounded interested and thankful that I told him about the extension problem. Said he would fix it.

Sirsubalot 12-09-2018 02:40 PM

If I made it point to always make sure I have the best job available on any given day, I would probably cancel about 60% of all my scheduled jobs. If I did this, I would soon be sitting home.

I do cancel existing jobs, but it is very rare, and never within 72 hours of the start of the job.

I make sure I keep my Aesop pins separate since one of my districts sometimes forgets to cancel my jobs, and I don't find out until I get to the school that the job no longer exists, and that someone forgot to cancel it.

We only get paid 40% day when this happens, and it has therefore cost me about $700 over the last 12 years. The total lost could have been closer to $3000, but fortunately, there is usually somewhere else to go.

So it is of course a two way street, since the ones that forget to cancel lose nothing. Only we can lose if we cancel.

There was one occasion when I had only one job booked in advance for the week, and then I was offered a full week in a better class at my other Aesop district, so I traded one day for five, and the five payed an additional 25 dollars per day. I gave up $125 to earn $700, so cancelling made sense.

Otherwise, I might cancel about twice a year if the new job is much better than the one I have already.

The bottom line is that you can probably cancel once a year in the same district without a problem, but no more than this, unless you are ill.

dietcoke99 12-04-2018 05:05 AM

In the interest of full disclosure, I thought of something that I should add about the incident with the kid grabbing my hands (and wrists?) to get his phone.

I have been very piss-- at admin all of this time (since it happened last Thursday) about not doing anything about giving the subs the emergency extension, etc.

It dawned (donned?) on me THIS MORNING that I never told them about that! I had a reason for not telling them at the time, but it was stupid - then I forgot that I hadn't told them (am I really getting that old?).

Admin can't fix what they don't know exists.

So admin didn't know anything about how I couldn't find the extension, had to randomly call an extension, etc.

I think I did mention that it took a LONG, LONG, LONG time to finally get somebody at my door, but I didn't mention the wait in trying to get ahold of somebody by phone.

I'm going to get ahold of them today (I'm at a different school for 3 days) to tell them how important it is for subs to have the emergency number - next time the consequences may be dire. The emergency number needs to be given to us, and also taped to the back of the handset, hopefully. It will be interesting to see if they actually implement my suggestions...

I'll keep you updated.

Kailey123 12-03-2018 04:08 AM

Personally I would never cancel a job for any reason other than my own illness or other personal emergency. I've only had to do it once or twice in all my years of subbing. I have had teachers change their plans and when they email me to say they aren't going to need me on a day that's already scheduled I always ask them to cancel the job so that the cancellation is coming from their end not mine.

I take it back....I did just back out of a job, but in the end it was the teacher who canceled it anyway... It was a job that we'd scheduled weeks ago before she knew there was a field trip that day. I don't do field trips so I just emailed and told her that, and she canceled the job.

dietcoke99 12-03-2018 12:35 AM

I hope this topic fits, but I didn't want to start a new thread over a simple question.

I took today as a non-work day b/c I have to go to the DMV for the new fangled d.l. renewal.

I had that fiasco with the kid grabbing my hand/wrist last Thursday.

I'm now wondering if I have been banned from the school b/c of this, but I don't/won't know if if I'm not being called b/c of being banned, or b/c I'm on a non-work day?

If on a non-work day, will they still call me for jobs for tomorrow?

I tried to google it, but this wasn't addressed.

broomrider 12-02-2018 08:24 PM

"my go along, to get along" referenced being able to fulfill commitments most of the time as well as being amenable to the occasional bait and switch reassignment. Classroom management is very different from that and I didn't mean to trigger feeling about some behavior difficulties.

Woried Muray: I hope everything was straightened out and you were able to sub for the teacher who requested you. If such a thing happens again, you might consider explaining that you're already committed for the next day. You can suggest that the teacher only ask for a one day sub and that you'd be available to fill in for any days after the first day if he is still unable to be at school. He just needs to let you know before x o'clock on the first absence day as you'll hold off taking jobs until then.

YayaSub 12-02-2018 04:25 PM

What are you talking about? You asked what role secretaries really have since assigning sub jobs is often an automated process. You got an answer describing how secretaries do actually have a hand in assigning jobs.

I agree with the above. Schools I rarely go to don't know me well, and most of my jobs there are random ones I just pick up through Aesop.

The secretaries of the two schools I go to most often will call or text me. Sometimes they will check with me before posting a job to Aesop. Or they might ask me to do a bundle of jobs if teachers have scheduled trainings or other things that require lots of staff to be out over a few days.

I definitely make sure that I keep those relationships good because we both benefit by it.

dietcoke99 12-02-2018 03:15 PM

OMG I never said any such thing. Where do these things come from?

luv2teach2017 12-02-2018 11:48 AM

I've often spoken with school secretaries and learned a lot about how things work. Generally, it's the secretaries who enter the scheduled absences (due to teacher's scheduled time off or if there are school wide meetings or trainings for teachers). They can also assign subs to those jobs or cancel subs from jobs. (I'm guessing they can and do also block subs. ) The secretaries also are keepers of the "preferred sub" list for that school and will make manual calls to find last minute subs. They are some of the operators behind AESOP, SmartFind, or whatever system is used. They are at the controls. So I have made it a point to demonstrate a good work ethic, be helpful, reliable, and be on good terms with the secretaries. They are the eyes and ears of the school and can help you or hurt you!

SubMan 12-02-2018 05:57 AM

I have a strict policy of no cancellations on my part. I tell people that I will not cancel a job to accept another. Right now I have 52 upcoming jobs between now and March. I typically book an entire month before the end of the previous month. December was completely booked before thanksgiving.

Schools/districts may cancel jobs on me and that is fine. There are more than enough sub jobs available that I don’t go with out work. If they do it too frequently I put them on my avoid list and will pick another job over theirs.

Several weeks ago a school cancelled an absence 6 minutes before report time. I pulled into a shopping center as the Aesop robo caller was calling me. I checked my email and saw the “you have been removed” message, logged in to Aesop and picked up a job in another district for $10.00 more than I would have made in the first one.

dietcoke99 12-02-2018 03:06 AM

What we may consider a waste of time could be very important to them.
I must have been unclear. I didn't mean to imply that *I* thought it was a waste of their time - I mean that *the secretaries* probably see it as a waste of their time as the computer does the vast majority of it (at least in my district).

That's why it didn't seem like they were really the gatekeepers except in special circumstances [do you know a good sub?... etc.]. That's all - it just seemed weird to hear that so many times when AESOP does most of it - teachers put in sub requests, put subs on their priority list, probably take subs off of their list entirely (don't know about that one, though), all through AESOP without anything needed from the secretary.

I can see them being gatekeepers before AESOP, when secretaries did the calling, but it doesn't seem that necessary for a secretary to spend time on this (again, from THEIR point of view) except in extreme cases. It just seemed weird to me.


But I am wondering... Can you give us an (some?) example about how your priorities as a sub did not align with the teacher's expectations? I'm curious.


Broomrider, in the next post, talks about subs that are "friendly, go-along to get-along" subs.

I have been trying very hard to be like this with my new district.

I'm starting to second guess myself about the incident with the kid grabbing me (posted on a different thread).

Now I'm thinking that I didn't really have a choice when I took the phone, but when he stole another student's paper off of the front desk and was copying it, I could have just written it down for the t, like many subs *I think,* and maybe none of this would have happened - I would have been more "go-along to get-along" because I was going along more with everything being *smooth.*

Things would have been MUCH smoother later on. To me at the time, I had just had him almost yelling at me about taking his phone (only until the end of the period and then given it back), and now copying and stealing a paper, that I sent him to the office - that is what set him off.

I'm wondering if the other teachers (and/or admin) are thinking that I'm a trouble-maker, now as a sub. Now that I'm putting this in writing it seems pretty absurd because no other t or admin has said anything to me about how I should have done anything differently, but when I remember everybody on here talking about ensuring the *status crow," or whatever it is , I start to wonder, and I think about what I could have done (or not done) to have made it not happen. I also could have just given him the phone back when he kept yelling at me or even when he grabbed me (he never did get the phone from me).

I also think about the poster on here who said, "no news is good news," and as far as I know nothing has changed as far as my sub status.

Anyway, my insecurity is showing again, but I do wonder if I should have handled it differently, being a sub. Maybe I should have just given in so as not to cause the issue in the first place. This may be a good example of my t experience hindering me b/c I think I went into t mode when this happened (maybe). Maybe I should have handled it differently since I was a sub than if I had been a t?

I could have just given in to the kid and just not taken any jobs from that t again. Maybe that would have been better? The way I did it the vp had to get involved and possibly the p.

I don't know. I'm just afraid that I won't get any jobs at that school, again.
broomrider 12-01-2018 11:43 PM

can often help or hinder a sub. Depending on the school, they may be the ones to create the absence as well as call people to request them to sub for an absence before posting it.

Secretaries, in my experience, are often asked for a recommendation "Do you know a good sub? I'll be out a few days next week." They are more likely to recommend a dependable, friendly, go-along to get-along sub than one who has not shown up at the last minute several times.

Things come up, so it's usually good to keep both the teacher and the secretary in the loop when you have to cancel at the last minute.

Nijima 12-01-2018 10:47 PM

It depends on the the secretary.

I’ve heard secretaries talk about other subs. I’ve heard from teacher friends who heard secretaries talk about me.

What we may consider a waste of time could be very important to them.

I’ve gotten into discussions with my sister and sister in law (both teachers) about expectations and priorities. They were often surprised to hear that my priorities as a sub often times did not align with their priorities as a teacher.
Once I explained why, it made more sense to them. Since they didn’t spend much of their time with subs, a sub’s viewpoint wasn’t something they usually considered.

dietcoke99 12-01-2018 07:54 PM

I MUCH prefer to sub in science. One time the teacher that I worked with was putting me into the computer as one of those "I've already talked to the sub and he/she has agreed to take this job," or whatever it is.

She sent me a list of the dates and said that one of the dates didn't go through.

Turns out I had signed up for an ENGLISH class on the same day, at a different school, in a different district.

Honestly, I didn't even THINK to cancel the English job. Now I'm wondering if the t was thinking that I should? or would? or whatever?

In my mind I had agreed to take that job and that t in question could have asked me earlier (before I signed up for the other job).
I was like, "bummed, I've already taken a job at a different school," and that's why it wouldn't go through.

I do have a question, though.

Everybody on here talks about the secretaries being the gatekeepers and how some subs get more/less jobs depending on what the secretaries think. But I think most of us are on AESOP and doesn't it just inform the available subs, in order, or something like that? Unless an extreme case, do the secretaries, in the world of AESOP, still keep themselves that involved in the sub process? Sounds like a waste of their time, to me.

mrsd5 11-30-2018 05:02 PM

Once you are at the school, if it's the same school, you can talk to the other sub and see if they'd be willing to change. I did that once, and it all worked out. Otherwise, I regretfully tell the requesting teacher that I am already booked.

mooba1 11-30-2018 04:59 PM

Late to the party, but I’m going to chime in anyway. While I can see your heart and loyalty is in the right place, canceling last minute to accept another job could come back to bite you.

At the school where I sub, subs who cancel last minute, or those who grab a job and then cancel b/c they got a “better”offer, are known as “The Unreliables”. They are made note of and are not welcome at the school.

Now, in your specific case, it sounds as if you have a relationship w/ the preferred teacher, so it’s likely all will be fine as long as you don’t make a habit of canceling last minute, and it doesn’t sound as though you do.

luv2teach2017 11-30-2018 11:05 AM

Nijima hit it on the head. It's all about good impressions and reputation. Once you've gotten pegged as "unreliable", you are not likely to shake that label. And yes, the school secretaries are definitely the "gatekeepers". They take note of who is reliable and who is not. They're the ones who are stuck making last minute phone calls to find a replacement sub.

Canceling last minute is a really bad idea. Once you've committed to a job, try to keep that commitment unless it's at least 24 hours in advance and something MUCH MUCH better comes your way. If it's the night before or morning of, NEVER cancel unless you are ill or have an emergency.

Just tell the requesting teacher that you are already committed to sub for another class. They will understand and respect you for your integrity.

Nijima 11-30-2018 10:41 AM

One of things teachers complain about in my district is how subs tend to drop jobs at the last minute.
They often fail to remember they (the teachers) sometimes to the same thing though. I know there are subs who don’t feel guilty for dropping jobs for exactly that reason.

To be honest, it’s a double edged sword.

I have a business card that says requests are a priority for me. I will drop nonrequested jobs for requested ones, however....

You need to remember that teachers talk to one another. So do the secretaries at sites.

The secretaries are the gatekeepers at a school. If the secretaries think you are unreliable, they will drop you from jobs at their site that are not a request from somebody there. At the same time, a good reputation will get you calls from that site, even if you already have jobs and put you in demand.

I wouldn’t have done it. I would have politely declined the friend, said I would love to but I already have another assignment at another site.

I only would have dropped the original if the request was for a multi day assignment. If it’s just a 1 for 1, there’s no advantage for you.

In the future, I would be careful in those situations. Even if you were canceling a roving job, you might get the attention of the secretaries/admin.

Good luck to you

WorriedMuray 11-29-2018 11:20 PM

So, I was scheduled to work a sub job tomorrow for a teacher I've never subbed for before. At around 10:30 tonight, a teacher who frequently asks me to sub at another school, but same district, had his partner call me to let me know they were in the hospital and asked if I could sub. I told them that I would cancel my current job and then I would be open to take care of his class while he's away.

I canceled the job on Aesop, and then I got the message that I would no longer be able to find any work for tomorrow, as it generated a Non-Work day. I guess our district's cut off is 12 hours, so I missed it by 2 and some change.

From what I've read online, school site staff can overwrite this Non-Work Day and assign me a job, and I told this teacher that I would be at the school early to explain everything to the secretary and hope that they are able to assign me the job. And the sub coordinator in our district seems to like me, but I'm worried this will make me look bad.

The original job got booked within seconds, as they do in my district, so it's not like there's an unfilled position because of my cancelation.

Anybody have any experience with this? Should I just stop worrying and go to bed?

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