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Tapdancesub's Message:

Today is our first day back, I had 3 requests for this week. I had to say no to all for them because I have jury duty. Didnít want to cancel at the last minute.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
MaineSub 01-09-2019 03:53 AM

Is anyone in a great mood because they finally get back to school?
Some of the kids are/were!
Tapdancesub 01-08-2019 12:29 PM

Today is our first day back, I had 3 requests for this week. I had to say no to all for them because I have jury duty. Didnít want to cancel at the last minute.

mkesub 01-06-2019 05:55 PM

You all have long Christmas breaks! I was back at work on January 2nd. I was glad to be back since it means money, and because I do actually like my job.

Personally I always go away somewhere during winter, and that helps it not seem so long. I think that's the best thing of this job -- that we can take time off. If we can afford it, that is. I manage by going somewhere cheap, usually Central America. This year I'll be volunteer teaching in Nicaragua during most of February.

I guess what I'm saying is, if you don't have a Spring Break, could you not just give yourself one? Or a long weekend or something? If all your districts had the same Spring Break you'd have to have the week off, and you'd be losing that money anyway...

mrsd5 01-06-2019 04:24 PM

Only working two days this week, Tuesday and Friday. Grandson's daycare provider is at Disneyworld. DIL had bronchitis and used a bunch of sick days, so I volunteered. They had to find someone for Tuesday, because that job was a request from several weeks ago. Want to go back, as I've spent too much together time with the husband. He's a farmer, and there's nothing to do this time of year since we sold the last of the hogs last April. Subbing middle/high school is way less stressful. !

Sirsubalot 01-06-2019 03:51 PM

One of my three districts has a different Spring break, so I can only take a break if I am willing to lose money.

I am only booked for Wednesday and Thursday so far, but since I am in a down mood, I will likely be more particular, and only take a good offer for tomorrow.
There is a 50/50 chance I will not work.

No jobs of any kind are available yet for tomorrow.

I had 87 straight days with offered jobs to start the year, then none for the three days before break.

I have been off for 19 days, so I need to get my brain in gear.

mooba1 01-06-2019 03:47 PM

No Spring Break? Yikes!! I thought all schools had a break in the second semester, but obviously not.

Like subasaurus, Iím neutral on this one. Iím retired, so donít rely heavily on sub pay, but it certainly helps out, and aside from previously scheduled jobs sprinkled throughout the remainder of the year, pickings are very slim right now. Hopefully things will pick up when school resumes this week.

In general, Iím not a fan of winter, but the month I really dread is February. Christmas vacation is a distant memory, MLK Day just a teaser, and Spring Break is barely visible in the distance. Meanwhile, itís rainy, cold, and dreary, and the kids are stuck inside for recess. Bleah. Always glad to see March 1st, b/c it means there is light at the end of the tunnel.

subasaurus 01-06-2019 03:09 PM

Hi sirsubalot,

Good question. Surprised you don't get a spring break. Odd.

On one hand I'm happy to get back to work, because as every sub knows, vacations are NEVER paid for us. It's easy to go broke over break.

But on the other hand, the jobs I like are quite lacking after the break for me. I don't find many assignments worth taking until a few days after. ("Slim pickings," as my wife likes to call it.)

I don't take aide or elementary jobs if I have other options. Not my thing. And there are barely any jobs available right now for me.

So I'm torn. Neither a good or bad mood. I'd like a reasonable assignment, but I also need to pay my heating bill.

I wish you good luck, sir!


One thing is for certain: Winter is my least favorite time of year due to the bad weather. Nothing is worse than slipping and sliding through the morning commute.

Sirsubalot 01-06-2019 02:20 PM

I have always hated the final day of winter break, especially when it is a Sunday, and there is no spring break to look forward to this year. No week off until early June.

Does anyone feel the opposite of this? Is anyone in a great mood because they finally get back to school?

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