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grammie I's Message:

I agree with you.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
pausebutton 02-19-2014 09:12 AM

A weekly packet is similar to what I do in second grade, but the first grade team at my school just gives a monthly calendar of brief activities similar to this website:

Maybe the parent was expecting something along those lines?

weighingin 02-16-2014 07:20 AM

If busy families would just set it up when kids are young to read while in the car on the way to wherever (if don't get carsick), or read to themselves in bed (with a stack of easy readers next to bed and an early bedtime , as well as whenever there's 'nothing to do', such that the kids develop the HABIT of reading, school would be much easier for said kids.

The kids win, the parents win (an instant 'babysitter' --there's nothing quieter than a houseful of kids happily reading)--why is this so hard to realize? Reading novels is FUN. When did reading for pleasure get such a bad rap, as it has for too many?

I give this message to my students' parents all the time. Happily, some are listening.

grammie I 02-13-2014 04:31 PM

I agree with you.

jady_marie 02-12-2014 09:55 AM

It does not matter how much or how little you send home, there will always be complaints. I do not understand. We live in a world that says education is not doing a good job and a country that complains about being behind other cultures in education. How do parents expect their child to get ahead if they are not willing to take 30 minutes a night at home to contribute to their own child's education? I understand that families are busy. My family is busy too, but parents must choose what is most important. Many parents choose dance, tv, video games, etc and sacrifice reading.
You teach first graders and to learn to be great readers they must practice reading, words, and spelling at home. You are not giving too much work. We just live in a lazy world that expects children to learn by magic that only the teach can do.

AD 02-12-2014 09:36 AM

It doesn't matter how much homework you send home, because for some it's always going to be just right, not enough, or too much.

I would ask myself-can the child handle the amount? Is the homework beneficial? What is the goal for sending the homework home? Should every child be able to complete the homework independently (meaning, has the content already been taught and learned)?

I send home spelling words once a week (10 words). Not because I want to but because it's a requirement from my district. And reading is expected. I tell parents a general guideline is 10 minutes per day.

I don't send home any math or worksheets. My experience has been that the kids who need the extra practice don't want to do it or need a break from school, and the kids who don't need the extra practice do it quickly and return it to school.

Homework seems like more of a hassle than it's worth. My son is in first grade this year, and I am so glad I don't send homework home (he's in my class). He does well and the homework would be easy for him, but he doesn't need the extra practice, and he needs time to just be a kid and play, be outside, etc...

I'd really consider the homework and decide if it's really beneficial and necessary.

SpeedLimit62 02-10-2014 05:20 PM

It is NOT too much work. I send home a lot more than that and have never had an issue. I just like you send it home a week in advance. I wouldn't have her work on it at school either, it's homework for a reason. If the work isn't completed, just don't penalize the student. Tell the parent that you expect their child to try their best but if they cannot complete it all that is okay.

Perhaps the parent does not speak English and has difficulty helping?

Do you give homework that practices skills already learned or new skills?

If the homework is practicing already learned skills, the child should be able to do some of it independently.

Mrs. R :) 02-10-2014 04:51 PM

I agree with Munchkins about modifying the homework, but also think you could offer to have her start the homework at the end of the day. If DEAR isn't mandated by your school, perhaps all the students could start the homework as a choice. But you would arrange it that this student must start the homework. Some research suggests that the only beneficial homework for K-2 children is a nightly reading assignment. Again, just more food for thought.

pkthru3 02-10-2014 04:37 PM

Thanks for the suggestions.

Munchkins 02-10-2014 04:21 PM

The reason is because the others would expect to do the same thing. I would meet again and modify the assignment as needed. Maybe she only needs one or two spelling assignments. It sounds reasonable, but maybe weekends are too busy to begin the work? Be flexible and all will be fine.

pkthru3 02-10-2014 03:04 PM

I do know who the parent is. I have asked her before what is it that her DD is struggling with. The parent came in for a conference, I went through the homework with the parent. I will offer to help again. Maybe the student can work on some of it, while I take attendance and toward the end of the day during D.E.A.R time.

Mrs. R :) 02-10-2014 01:59 PM

Some students struggle with homework for a variety of reasons; family life, learning challenges, and parents not understanding the homework. I am not saying this is the case for you, but perhaps there is some other reason the parent gave the feedback. Too bad you couldn't find out who the parent was so you could follow up with them to offer support.

Buzzworthy 02-10-2014 09:11 AM

Matter what type of homework you have or how simple. There will always be a parent that complains about the amount.
I do weekly calendars. My students have one question per day to answer then practice their spelling words. It should take 10 minutes or less each night. Then they may read if they want to earn BookIt certificates. I had 2 parents repeatedly complain last year. Boohoo! If they are going to complain let them, this is tp prepare them for the upper grades when they have nearly an hour each night. I haven't changed any of my homework policies.

pkthru3 02-10-2014 05:44 AM

Our school recently sent home surveys. One parent stated that 1st grade sends to much homework home. I send home spelling words and a tic-tac-toe, the students are to choose 3 assignments for their spelling words, high-frequency words from the weekly story, focus skill from the weekly story and focus skill for the grammar. It is about 4-pages in length. I send it home on Friday and it is not due to the next Friday. Is this too much homework?

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