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noclue's Message:

Thanks!! I'll check her site!

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noclue 07-05-2012 12:12 PM

Thanks!! I'll check her site!

grtlaks 06-12-2012 11:43 AM

I do almost the exact things as Bockiee. I have been doing them for a few years and they love them. I do them as an optional thing, not as a mandatory thing. The parents enjoy them as well. Once you get started making them, you get on a roll and the ideas come easy. Check out Christina Bainbridge's site, I believe she had a lot of good info on them at one point. Make sure you check the contents after they are returned, or you will lose items!

bockiee 06-09-2012 06:10 PM

I did literacy bags in 1st grade more to expose the students and families to more books than for accountability.

Some examples of bags I had were: Dinosaurs (3-4 books some fiction and non-fiction) an activity might be draw a picture of your favorite dinosaur and tell 2 facts about it. Then I might have several dinosaur figures in it or stuffed dinosaur etc.

Penguins (3-4 books both fiction and non fiction) fact sheet about the sizes of penguins, easy science experiments that families could do at home (walk holding an egg on your foot and measure how far you can go, put hand in ice water and then put hand in ice water that is in oven mitt covered with baggy, etc.)

With each bag I would try to have 3-4 books, some mix of fiction and non-fiction and then include puppets, stuffed animals (many from Kohls), plastic figures, science experiments, math practice, journals, writing practice (write a letter to a character, make a list, write the steps to_____, tell your favorite part, what would you do, etc,)

I had enough bags for each student to check out a bag and usually tried to have more than enough so the last student would have some type of choice, but you could just rotate them in ABC order so there isn't really any choosing.

Some of my bags were by theme others by author. The first year they were pretty basic and I added to them over the years as I found ideas or props. I had 2 other team memebers so if I knew they might have similar books (like we all did the same author studies and I knew they would have some of the books) I would pass along my ideas for activities or journal promps and they would do the same.

One thing we found useful was keeping a "inventory card" in the bag that told parents all of the items that should be included in the bag. When the student brought the bag back we could make sure everything was there. We kept a copy of it on our computer so if the card was lost we could still check to see that everything was in the bag and make a copy of the "inventory card" again. We also gave each bag a title and number.

At the beginning of the year parents and students signed a copy of a "book bag" agreement that stated that students were not to open the bag until they were home and parents were responsible for any items lost.

Hope that helps. PM me if you have any other questions.

readfirst 06-09-2012 11:58 AM

I'd like to hear more about them!

noclue 06-09-2012 09:49 AM

I think I want to do literacy bags for homework next year!! I have a gazillion books in my room. This year I let my kids "borrow" them to read at home, and I sometimes notice that the parents are just filling in the list that they were read, when they really weren't.

I'd like a more hands-on acccountable way of recording it this year, so I stumbled across Literacy Bags! Has anyone here ever used them?

Thoughts on them?

Ideas for activties? Thanks!!

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