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NJ Teacher's Message:

I thought it was very well done.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Teacherbee_4 01-18-2022 03:29 PM

I thought it was FABULOUS! I'm not a fan of musicals, especially musicals made into movies, but my mom wanted to go over Christmas break. I went with her, and wasn't expecting to like it. OH...MY...GOSH....What an EXCELLENT job they did! I have a feeling it will win a lot of awards. If it doesn't, I'd be shocked! Everything from the story, to the casting, to the music, to the dancing, to the costumes, to keeping with the original premise, was spot on.

1956BD 01-18-2022 07:45 AM

I really want to see it but I am not willing to take the risk right now with Covid cases so high. A young lady from Dance Moms that I always enjoyed watching is in the film. (Maddie Ziegler) I hope I can see it soon.

hiker1 01-18-2022 06:17 AM

I loved it. I loved the character who played Riff. He did an excellent job.

Haley23 01-17-2022 07:58 PM

I had actually never seen it, so I don't have anything to compare. I went with my parents when I was visiting for Christmas. I thought it was decent, B for me. My dad thought the same, my mom thought it was a C.

As a total side note, as someone who had never seen it, it was fascinating to me how many common quips/phrases came from that show. Things I grew up hearing all of the time. It must have been a huge cultural icon!

We also went to the movies when I was home for Thanksgiving. Both times, there were 2-3 other people in the theater. Lots of ads before the movie about "returning to the theater." Looks like not a lot of people are doing that!

My favorite local theater closed during the pandemic, then decided to remodel and was closed even longer. They FINALLY just opened a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited, but now with omicron out there the idea of going to the movies seems less fun...for me snacks/drinks is part of the theater experience, so masks don't work. If I'm just going to watch TV I'll do it for free at home .

NJ Teacher 01-17-2022 06:38 PM

I thought it was very well done.

GreyhoundGirl 01-17-2022 05:42 PM

I went with my parents. It was excellent. I like how they got unknown actors, and all Puerto Rican actors.

SusanTeach 01-17-2022 05:38 PM

DD and I went 2 weeks ago, too! We were the only 2 in the theater!

Great movie. I saw the original when it came to the theater a few years ago, and I liked this one equally as well. DD didn't realize it ended that way.

musiclover 01-17-2022 04:29 PM

I liked it too. My friend and I occasionally go to a movie. We can select seats before we go, and we choose a row that is empty or almost empty. It works out!

Violets2 01-17-2022 03:57 PM

I just got back from seeing this at the movie theater. What a great show! I did forget how it ended though but what a timeless storyline. Great to see Rita Morano in a new role.

On a side note, I was masked and 6 feet apart from others. Most people were masked as well.

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