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mhugs's Message:

Beautiful day for a walk. Socially distancing with DD for a walk later this morning.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
klarabelle 04-06-2020 09:12 PM

Love the story of Stella's adventure.

Risa 04-06-2020 05:59 AM

Thanks for taking me on your early morning walk! Your writing style is captivating!

LazyLake 04-06-2020 05:38 AM

I enjoyed your story. That was some "adventure" for you both!

It's so nice to have a pet at this time and always, not only for company, but for love and comfort. I'm sure it's a mutual feeling for all of us with pets!

mhugs 04-06-2020 05:38 AM

Beautiful day for a walk. Socially distancing with DD for a walk later this morning.

lisa53 04-06-2020 05:32 AM

I took my early morning meditation walk down to the brook on my property this morning, accompanied by Stella the cat. She was having a grand time exploring, and found a precarious thin log stretched from bank to bank, about 6 feet above the rushing stream. Of course, she did what is imperative to cats: she crossed.

The area where she ended up is a wooded peninsula that connects to the town park, so she would only be in danger of finding herself in the park if she got lost...but I don't think that is on her usual travel list, so she might be really confused if that happened.

She happily explored the shoreline for about ten minutes, and then started looking longingly across the water. She climbed a tree that leans precariously across the brook, about 30 feet above the water. I think she was hoping she could jump back to my side from the most flimsy overhanging branch, but she thought better of it and started to meow piteously. She descended and explored some more, up over a little ridge. She is pretty well camoflauged, so I couldn't pick her out till she got back to the shore again, walking back and forth, meowing.

I called her from the "bridge", but she ignored me and kept meowing.

I ran back to the house and got the treat bag and rattled it. Before I was even in sight of the log bridge, she came running out of the bushes, rubbed against my ankles, and looked hopefully up at the bag of treats.


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