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Opal's Message:

[QUOTEIf a kid thinks nothing of throwing a chair, they're certainly going to think nothing of coughing on someone else.[/QUOTE]


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GoodEnough85 06-30-2020 08:06 PM

I teach MS/HS self contained and a have ten yo in there due to his behavior-

I found out that my morning is just 3 kids with additional two kids pushing in for 50 minutes each at different times... The three main kids all have autism. One is nonverbal. She will pick at her nose, ears, mouth and butt. We make her wash hands all day and sanitize frequently. We did this prior to Corona as well. She is relatively compliant but it is an all day job.

The two others with autism have some of those habits to a lesser extent with the same consequences. I am lucky the sinks have warm water in my room. None of those three will likely wear a mask successfully. But they are used to washing hands a lot.

In the afternoon, it is rougher... I have those three plus several others (up to 9 the last hour of the day.) Not ideal but there is nowhere else to send them.

I feel okay(ish.) I am not panicking at the moment. They do not do it to be malicious. They are just doing what feels good...necessary??...whatever. They are not doing it to be mean or ugly, just like scratching an itch when it happens. We have worked on this since I met them--as a hygiene issue, as a social convention, as a gross factor, as a life habit.

My concern is that we have not yet hired a para. I am concerned that no one will want that job under the circumstances...

Opal 06-30-2020 07:27 PM

[QUOTEIf a kid thinks nothing of throwing a chair, they're certainly going to think nothing of coughing on someone else.[/QUOTE]


Haley23 06-30-2020 11:49 AM

I would be surprised if this happened in my area. Whenever anyone at the state level (governor, state department of ed, even the epidemiologists, etc.) talks about wanting to go back to in person one of the number one things that gets brought up is that children with disabilities need to be at school with professionals. I suspect students in sped will be in school even if other students aren't. Even when we were in full on lock down, some rural districts were providing in person sped services and the governor praised this over and over again/constantly brought it up in his briefings.

We have a self-contained Autism program at my school. The students will absolutely not distance. I also don't see mask wearing happening. Their teacher is very young and not at all worried about the virus. She asked our P if she could run her class at school last spring (P said no, but I'm not sure if that will continue for this year). Another building has a severe/multiple disabilities unit and I would guess based on my interactions with that teacher that she feels the same way ours does.

As far as students intentionally sneezing/coughing, etc. on others, I honestly worry about that even with our gen ed population. We have a lot of students in my mild/moderate program or even some that don't have IEPs with severe behaviors. All of the new regulations and uncertainties are only going to make those behaviors worse. If a kid thinks nothing of throwing a chair, they're certainly going to think nothing of coughing on someone else.

readandweep 06-30-2020 06:41 AM

Opal you could be describing my class.

Also throw in that the parents were over having the kids at home by April.

I filled out my survey with my concerns in detail including my administration's inability to deal with these behaviors properly. I also contacted my union.

Whenever we have had placement issues in the past, there has been a specific administrator who cries confidentiality and LRE over anything relating to students' past behaviors ("give them a chance.") I really hope they don't try that.

Are we going to have to an FBA on how kids touching/sneezing/spitting on others has increased with Coronavirus?

Seriously, I fear that could happen.

Opal 06-30-2020 06:21 AM

I also work with kids that will intentionally cough near or on me or will refuse to wash hands...forget wearing a mask...also same kids as others posted that cannot/will not keep body fluids in a tissue or hands to themselves.

I think one kid is going to be homeschooled..super anxious about everything and covid has tipped his apple cart

SDT 06-30-2020 05:42 AM

It does not look like students will be required to wear mask in my area, so that wonít be used as a basis for sending them home. In addition, even if students in general are required to wear a mask, no person who canít independently manage a mask should ever wear one. This applies to my entire class.

Your other point as the one that Iím concerned about. The kids who spread body fluids whether intentionally or because they lack control/ability to control that could place others at risk. Personally, I donít believe that those children should be in class. If they are, I want to know if other parents will be made aware of this and what liability I have if another student gets sick.

My kids are multi disabled and medically fragile. These things are issues with a couple of my kids. I also think this will impact in our emotionally disturbed classrooms. I think we will see it be an issue with a student has to be restrained and I also think some students will intentionally use this behavior to manipulate situations.

We received a survey about our concerns for returning to school. I rode all of this and very clearly. I also stated that based on my past experience in this district I do not trust the people in charge to ensure that our needs are met. Iím hoping someone will look into it, but I doubt it.

readandweep 06-30-2020 03:26 AM

A comment in a thread below is making me wonder.

Does anyone else feel like we will have to keep kids home who absolutely cannot social distance?

Does least restrictive environment really trump health and safety?

I am talking about kids that dig in their noses, go down their pants, touch others' privates and go after any food that is not theirs - under normal circumstances. And kids with sensory issues that will not wear a mask and home will not work with them to wear a mask.

IMO these behaviors are only going to get worse if we have to even attempt social distance.

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