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readandweep's Message:

What Hayley said about EBD openings and SEL is being explicitly taught in regular ed in my district.

You also may be able to transition to something like SEL coach or tout those skills when interviewing for non-EBD positions.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
GoodEnough85 11-22-2020 08:03 PM

a lot to work with. Do talk to your supervisor.

With those two degrees and a willingness--an actual preference--to take on EBD, you are worth your weight in gold.

But, I wouldn't rush anything... Grants come and go. If the school district doesn't budget for the extras and eventually the position itself, that SW may be a short time gig.

Also, your bond with the students is great because you DO work with them on many levels. It is not the same as a social worker who checks in, chats a little, and goes away. Being in the trenches together is part of the bond and is irreplaceable. It can't be effectively separated and compartmentalized like that. I think you will find that, eventually, you will be providing in-person services and the SW will be handling the paperwork.

So my advice is to be patient and see how it works out.

Besides, you might like the new deal. As teachers and trench workers, we know we can't provide lessons and do assessments without making connections to our students. All teachers work to connect to some point. You will continue to do that. You also know a lot of the social-emotional comes out as we work together on other things. No matter how the district plans and structures their stuff, you will have plenty of face time with the kids.

Maybe this way though, the District can be the bad guy and you can be the Helper/Rescuer. If someone has to report something, or break a family's trust, or make a referral, it will be the District. You can still be a supportive ear for them. You will still be elbow to elbow with the kids and their families.

Kids are perceptive too. They can detect a phony far better than the average adult. They may need you more than ever now.

Cinderella00 11-20-2020 02:49 PM

I taught EBD for 6 years in an elementary setting. I liked it for exactly the reasons you state. I got to build relationships, and got to know the families. I wouldn't like it if they took that part away and just gave me paperwork.

I agree with a PP. Look for another position. You'll find tons of positions and offers.

readandweep 11-20-2020 08:36 AM

What Hayley said about EBD openings and SEL is being explicitly taught in regular ed in my district.

You also may be able to transition to something like SEL coach or tout those skills when interviewing for non-EBD positions.

Haley23 11-18-2020 08:11 PM

Make sure your supervisor knows your plans to seek a position elsewhere. Speak to her about this professionally, not in a "fine I'll just leave, then" way. Perhaps she may reconsider to keep you in the position.

If not, pretty much everywhere is desperate for EBD teachers and you'll have your pick of any job you want. I wouldn't teach EBD for a million dollars a year. I've gone on job interviews that weren't in any way for that (sometimes resource positions, and sometimes even gen ed positions) only to be told that I was the "second choice" and they can't offer me the position I interviewed for, but would I be interested in the open EBD position?

My very first "real" interview was actually a set up- when I got there they informed me they'd actually filled the position I was told I'd be interviewing for, but they wanted to still have everyone come in an interview because they had an EBD opening. One year our elementary program was only staffed with paras (not at my school, so don't ask how they legally got away with this) because they simply couldn't find a teacher all year long.

If there is no way the current position is remaining what you want, get your resume, cover letter, letters of rec, etc. ready and start looking for exactly what it is you do want. Make sure you interview them as much as they're interviewing you. You'll make new relationships with the students and families there. It's not like the students/families in your current position will be there forever anyway- I wouldn't let that stop me from seeking something new.

niceguy1000 11-18-2020 06:07 PM

Everything I love about what I do being given away to a social worker?

I'm an EBD teacher off site in a program for middle and high school students who can't succeed in self contained classrooms in schools. What drew me to EBD was the therapeutic aspect of what I get to do. I love maknig close connections with students suffering from mental health disorders and helping them to heal. I love having one on one conversations with them and helping them through feelings and thoughts that they struggle with. Because of my unique ability to do this as a paraprofessional I was highly lauded by my district and started off the first year as a pararprofessional in the first year of this unique off site program that started six years ago. Over the three years it was me and one teacher and a few years ago I finished a dual masters in EBD and another complete masters in SLD. Three years ago I was made the second teacher with my own off site room. The number of students that we have grew to the point that this year I have about twenty five students in my program. Most of them spend only part or half of their day with me and then are bussed either to or from their school. However, this year the district got a grant for a clinical social worker 30 hours a week. My supervisor, a coordinator and the mental health coordinator really want me to give all the connection making to her and be 'just a paperwork person' and do SLD assessments with the students. The only thing that makes me love what i do is the social emotional learning and connection making. I feel that becuase of this I will not be going back next year. This makes me very said because for the last three years I've been close connections with the students and families that have been with me for two or three years and now I will have to leave them.

My Coodinator really wants the social worker to take this over to appease the mental health coordinator for our district, to prop up his ego etc. Any thoughts or advice? Not to toot my own horn but I'm about the most skilled EBD teacher at SEL in the district and a male, and I work with the toughest kids very successfully.

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